Instructions for use Psorimilk

Features of application of the cream Psorimilk

In addition to the high efficiency of action, cream for psoriasis Psorimilk also has a way of application:

  • The medicine can be used exclusively for the external use of the application, and in case of contact with eyes or other mucous membranes requires rinsing them with water.
  • Apply the cream need a thin layer throughout the square of the areas affected skin, distributing the contents of the box.
  • Apply the product preferably three times per day, but if this option is not available, the processing of the precipitation over the body needs at least morning and evening before going to sleep.
  • It is important to pre-washed dead on the place with warm water, without the use of soap or detergent, the other for the body.
  • After that you caused cream Psorimilkyou must wait 15 minutes for the tool was able to fully penetrate the skin.

The main features of the application of the cream Psorimilk of psoriasis

The sooner we start to deal with manifestations of psoriasis with cream Psorimilkthe faster you will see the effect of the application. To completely eliminate the symptoms of the disease, it is necessary to use regularly a drug over a period of 15 to 20 days. If after this period of time that you in the skin still has some type of redness, you can apply the cream still 7-12 days. After all the marks on the skin finished, you can stop using the tool. Also, experts recommend that, to apply the cream and the risk of relapse of disease of the skin is minimized. If every day to apply the cream Psorimilk at the first sign of relapse, in order to avoid a strong defeat of the skin.

This tool is made exclusively from natural ingredients, so it has no contraindications and can use it in all people, regardless of sex and age group. The only restriction for the application considered a personal intolerance to any ingredient, which is part of the cream.