Psoriasis: causes, diagnosis and treatment methods

It is a skin disease is always serious, after all, the profound implications of the disease may be, those who do not have unpredictable. One of these diseases is psoriasis. Thus, a term called a chronic disease of the skin and nails, and later implementation stages — to articulate and even the liver. Sometimes, you may find the psoriasis on the scalp. Different this disease is called scaly stealing.

the treatment of psoriasis

The first symptoms of psoriasis is a peeling of the skin, as well as the appearance of scaly rash on the elbows, knees and nails. But before I talk about the symptoms of the disease, we will learn about the causes of psoriasis, but also about possible methods of prevention.


The causes for the emergence of psoriasis can become a series of factors.

Let's look at the key:

  • Disturbance of the metabolism, is poor and quality problems of food, malnutrition. Often attributed to such a reason of psoriasis girls, abusers of diets and newfangled modes of energy. Be that as it may, the body must receive a normal amount of vitamins and minerals. There are people, the body that the particular vitamin simply do not notice much more to them, as no one, know, how this is reflected in the skin.
  • The excessive use of drugs, and oily, very healthy food. In this case, we have to fill the body of trace elements, and is not always appropriate. In medicines, even such apparently harmless, as vitamins, there is only a certain group of more vitamins, sometimes several groups. But any diet can never substitute such pills. Even if your body is going to fall is very large, the number of all the vitamins at once, so he would take it as a signal for a more active participation in growth and development. Very quickly begin to grow new cells, and this process occurs when the psoriasis in question.
  • When broken, the work of the gastrointestinal tract — put simply, the problems with the digestive system. Usually, this occurs due to malnutrition. It turns out that the stomach wall becomes much thinner than before. Therefore, all toxic substances that enter the body with food, you can't fully killed the gastric juice — they go beyond the gastrointestinal tract. Thus, toxins enter in the blood, which transports it to the liver, and the kidneys, and that not turns into the most negative impact. This can serve as the reason for the appearance of psoriasis, and the cause of worsening of the disease.
  • Say that the from a continuous tension of the nervous system can get sick of anything. Perhaps, so be it and so it is. Psoriasis is also refers to the most direct way. The tensions of the nerves, prolonged depression, all affect your skin also. Occur different types of biochemical reactions, the consequences of which is just psoriasis, because immunity weakens and becomes unable to protect the body against the entry of harmful substances.
  • A number of other diseases that lead to a severe decrease of the immunity. These decisions include sinusitis, otitis and others. That is, the essence lies in the fact that these diseases a little bit of everything drain away the vitality of the man — the body's ability to disinfect the toxins becomes too small. If a person already sick of psoriasis, which manifests one of the diseases, she will accompany the rapid development of psoriasis and transfers to the later stages. Therefore, the treatment needs to practice immediately. Cause psoriasis may also infectious diseases, whose development occurs due to streptococci.

Often the psoriasis occurs exactly in adolescence, when children are not watching their diet and eating at any place.

the causes of psoriasis

All of this is properly called on the health and status of the immune system.

The methods of diagnosis of psoriasis

Nowadays, psoriasis has become a fairly common problem, as well as the methods of treatments and methods of diagnosis, has also advanced. For the professional dermatologist to determine the psoriasis is very easy: if you hide this disease practically is not able to. It is easy to distinguish between the chronic skin disease of the banal dermatitis or eczema. The peculiarity of the initial to diagnose the psoriasis is not, but if you were found suspicious during the inspection, the man is assigned to a series of analyses that needs to go to a more clear performance of the doctor about the stage of negligence diseases.

There are three stages of psoriasis:

  1. Progressing — that is, one in which the disease evolves constantly, extend over large areas of skin. Especially, it becomes noticeable when the buyer and lesions of the skin — around them immediately is formed on the area of peel, the skin turns into scaly surface. It must be said that to cure psoriasis, at this stage, it is not possible, but to treat it and maintain a state of disease — is needed.
  2. Fixed — if on skin appeared skin rash and there are areas that fall, so that the skin again and again removed the scales, but not the development is not seen. If the disease is a problem that is not very visible, you can leave it alone: the more he advances not. However, nowadays, there are methods through which you can get rid of psoriasis by phase. Whatever it was, but, occasionally, it is worth to consult a dermatologist about the state of the skin and nails.
  3. Frozen — the gradual disappearance of the disease without external interference. Unfortunately, these situations occur infrequently, but all the same. At that stage the skin begins slowly but surely recovering. This problem may occur in connection with the power supply mode or even of the unknown and unexplored today, reasons. But, again, do not forget to visit a dermatologist — which continually analyzes a state of disease.

Another method that allows you to examine the patient's skin the most, is around the skin cells with a putty knife. Then, the cells are treated under the microscope and analyzed by experts.

Sometimes, for more accurate data on the availability of psoriasis, should perform this procedure, as the biopsy.


After that, the doctor will receive the most accurate information about the state of the skin of the patient, you will see the detailed construction of each layer of each stack.

If you are thinking about how to determine psoriasis in yourself, then you should know some of the main indications. We have already mentioned about the appearance of flaking and peeling; also signs of unhappy diseases are bad and the sleepiness and well-being throughout the day (especially if the parallel that you are the patient of any chronic illness), vertigo, deterioration of the skin all over the body in general (that is, the dryness, the irritability, increased sensitivity). When the first symptoms, see a dermatologist or family doctor, in vain, to self-medicate.

How to evaluate the many manifestations of psoriasis, so we present to you types of psoriasis:

  • psoriatic erythroderma,
  • normal,
  • reactive arthritis,
  • pustular
  • exudative.

Each of them is assigned, separately, the treatment, assign it can only be a specialist.

The genetic nature of psoriasis

Now many people ask: is transmitted psoriasis on the heritage and what is the likelihood of this?

Yes, psoriasis is perfectly possible to obtain the genetic level. And this disease can manifest itself-if not immediately at birth, and much later. In some cases, the person sees all your family tree and not find it there psoriasis patients, but the gene of this disease can sit in the human species for many generations and suddenly appear in person in the family. This was proven in the cases, when, for example, in the family, the child gets sick, and after some time, the disease appears one of the parents. It is unlikely that this is a coincidence — only the illness of a long period passed from generation to generation, and now goes to the outside. In fact, in such cases, there is a great likelihood that the next generation psoriasis will manifest.

More than half of the patients, psoriasis patients, there are in the family of relatives, a time that also suffering from the disease. In any case, we should take care of your health and prevention of psoriasis, and if it so happen, that the person is already sick — he should do everything to avoid the progression of the disease and its distribution throughout the body.

About the methods of treatment

Methods of treatment of psoriasis there are several. Some of them are less common, the popularity of any of the above. The way to treat selected after the analysis of the situation in general, according to the state of health of the patient and, once more, the stage of negligence diseases.

If the development of psoriasis only begins to treat her with the need for ointments and gels.

So, what is the ointment to treat psoriasis? Some advise to make tinctures and ointments own hands, but it is best not to put your health at risk. After all, aggravate the psoriasis is very easy: leather in period of the occurrence of the disease is very sensitive, and immediately perceives the slightest sign of irritation, reacting with the increase of the shell.

A question, which invariably occurs when you select the ointment: with hormones or without? Now we'll explain the difference. Hormonal ointment they give very fast effect: for a short period of time, disappear the symptoms of the disease, improving the general well-being. But the doctor when a recommendation this type of tool, the obligation to warn the patient about what such ointments occurs addictive. And it is addictive is not simply a process in which the body fails to understand the drug: after some time, you may experience serious health problems. Also information about this available in the instruction manual.


Hormonal medication, usually, have a lot of contraindications and side effects, ranging from the violation of hormonal regulation in the body and even severe alterations of the blood circulation and the appearance of problems with the cardiovascular system. The great demand of the use of the ointment to israel production, they are famous for their quality and efficiency.

A method of non-hormonal drugs act a little weaker, but still effective.

Treat psoriasis can and tablets, that are classified in the same way.

Much of the process of treatment depends on the sensitivity of the patient to the way or another medication.

Whatever the tool, you're not even prescribed, sooner or later the body it get used to it, and we will have to increase the dose or take something stronger. The most effective are considered the tools that are introduced to the inside with the help of a dropper or injections, but this is assigned already in the very execution of stages of development.

Get rid of psoriasis is not possible, but this disease should always keep track and try every way to eliminate the symptoms.