Psoriasis treatment at home: the fastest way to

Of fast and secure way that healing can occur if the patient to follow the doctor's recommendations and comply with a series of rules, individually developed for it.

the treatment of psoriasis at home

The treatment of psoriasis at home it is composed by several highlights.

Factors of success of the therapy

All the people who have been exposed to psoriasis, the dream to get rid of it forever. It is a chronic disease, against which there are no drugs that are able to cure fully.

Each method of exposure is focused on recovery of skin diseases of the integument and the maximum long-term maintenance of remission. Because for the treatment need to research best practices, suitable for each and every case of the disease.

If you want to cure psoriasis at home, you follow several key rules that ensure the highest quality, safe and long-lasting results.

  1. A global effect. Only this method helps to combat the disease more effectively. Most of the people prefer to treat psoriasis in the house, and in rare situations it is necessary to compulsory hospitalization. To get rid of psoriatic plaques, we must rely on the assigned a complex of medicines and methods of treatment. It includes all kinds of medicines, ointments, physiotherapy, sunbathing and PR. a List of options for the physician to handle individually. Universal schemes do not exist.
  2. When the psoriasis symptoms manifests itself weak, then fight with rashes can be mild, safe means. Do not hurry to go to some strong medication. Is not required in the initial phase. If the psoriasis is released, so the only way to get rid of tumors is the rate of hormonal funds.
  3. The hydration of the skin. Regardless of what Grandma's recipes and pharmacy drugs you will use, the psoriasis who've already made in practice the skin. She needs constant hydration. Do not forget to regularly use special creams and lotions.
  4. Calendar of course. Home treatment will be more effective, if you follow strictly the schedule of the receipt of the drugs, procedures, sunbathing, and other components of adjuvant therapy.
  5. 2, and more ways at the same time. Practices of folk medicine, too, but with the combination of various recipes together, you may not get the desired effect. Each method apply one at a time to see which tool helped you, and what caused side effects.
  6. Breaks between courses. The same insurance folk remedies of psoriasis apply the course, after which it is necessary mandatory a break. It usually is 2 weeks to 6 months.
  7. When psoriasis treatment at home is necessarily accompanied by periodic visits by a dermatologist. It is necessary, so that the doctor controlled the disease and was able to time adjust the schema, delete ineffective way and add a new recipe.

Some patients forget that the methods of folk medicine are part of adjuvant therapy, and are not self-middle. Only with the proper combination of different techniques it is possible to achieve dynamic positive and suppress the activity of pathological cells of the skin. Achieved stable and long-lasting remission.

Important instructions

The fight against psoriasis in the popular house means, some of the patients forget about hidden threats of self-treatment. If you do not PRwill consultorias with your doctor and not take the exam, during treatment, there is the risk of having unpleasant consequences and the side effects. In theory, an effective treatment involves a long list of dangerous symptoms and complications.

For the traditional medicine it was only to please, you must understand the media and know your own body. Note-if multiple traps, with extreme caution, should treat people that are struggling with psoriasis in the house.

  1. Intolerance. Each organism is unique, because when you use the same people of medicines the reaction is the opposite. Some people have the idiosyncrasy of the people of revenue and its individual components. If you do not know about it, they run the risk of redness, itchiness, and strong burning. Do not start the fight with psoriasis, that process immediately the entire surface of the affected skin. Start with a small area and see the reaction of the skin. And better yet, pass the tests and make sure that the substances do not have contraindications, and what are the components that, necessarily, must be suppressed.
  2. Cooking. Even professionals of modern medicine rely on some grandma recipes. Its effective components contribute to the recovery. But the problem lies in the preparation of drugs. In some ointments, infusions or decoctions have to spend for several hours, and sometimes weeks. More, the slightest deviation from the composition is able to affect the accuracy of dosage and turn loose the unpleasant consequences.
  3. The low efficiency. We have already said that each body is unique. There is no guarantee that each of the recipes will be effective and helps to deal with psoriasis. Recipes from grandma are not the drugs of conventional medicine, or is, the greatest part of them has not passed clinical trials. Therefore, your application is comparable with the experiment. He is able to transform the success of restoration, and the worsening of your state.

If you will responsibility for your treatment at home and only use a proven and secure, in the near future, with the start of the treatment you will see positive results.

When some supposedly popular curator reassures the patient, which is to get rid of the flake to consort forever with the help of your wonderful tool, I do not believe it. It is normal for the charlatans who try to profit from human pain.

No domestic or modern medical methods are not able to cure psoriasis. The most expensive and the most recent methods is also directed to the suppression of symptoms.

Popular tools

The quicker you get treated, the greater will be the possibility to suppress the disease in the stage of its development. Advanced cases trust only to experts. In conjunction with an efficient in traditional medicine, the therapy can give the result.

popular tools

Among the most popular tools that help to cure psoriasis at home related:

  • the sodium bicarbonate;
  • limestone;
  • grease;
  • propolis;
  • the tar.

To apply them independently, or made with the addition of other components, such as ointments, lotions and other means of outdoor application.

  1. For the purposes of treatment, grease and tar cause only the affected psoriasis, patches of skin. It is important to keep the tool literally 10 minutes, then rinse. The therapy involves increasing the duration of application of 10 to 40 minutes. Each day they add literally 2-3 minutes, not more. Wash best soap and warm water, and then apply moisturizers. Do not treat more than 14 days. Then, you can take a break of a month and the rate of repetition;
  2. Sodium bicarbonate is among the most common components that are added in popular medicines. One more simple recipe is made up of baking soda and warm water. Obtained mixture is applied on the skin and kept for a few hours. If you make a compress, use it in 500 ml of water 3 tablespoons of soda;
  3. Another popular form of treatment Grandma methods based on the use of copper sulphate. Cut up tool mixed with gray in proportion of 50 to 50 grams. Here even the need to make 150 grams of animal fat, and 25 grams of tar and celandine. All of this simmer in water bath for 15 minutes. When the tool has cooled down, remove them lubricate the skin, of not more than 1 time a day;
  4. Propolis, as an effective folk remedy, applied in the form of ointments. For your kitchen, take 50 grams of powder of propolis and 500 grams of butter, which was pre-melted. The components are mixed and remain cool. Before you apply the ointment in the form of a compress on affected skin it is best to treat hydrogen peroxide. The compress is applied for 10 hours. Can be applied every day for 3-4 weeks.

There is a huge amount of recipes to prepare for which are appropriate and ready for components and easy to find at home. There are more complex drugs.

All medicines application for in-house, based on the achievements of folk medicine, they are divided into external and internal. Adopt the oral, and the second is applied on damaged areas of the skin.

Internal revenue for the receipt of

Before you cure psoriasis through adjuvant therapy, the doctor will perform necessary tests and analyse the results of the examinations. Thus, it adjusts the appropriate medicines and individually is able to do his treatment.

Totally depend on grandma's methods is not worth it. The effect is achieved with a combination of effective means to get rid of psoriasis.

Consider some of the most useful and simple to prepare.

  1. The laurel leaf. Fast enough, a recipe of broth, which you drink 3 times a day for 100 ml during the week. In 2 cups of water need to take 20 grams of a spreadsheet and break it into small pieces. Pour boiling water and PRavarice 10 minutes. When the broth cools down, it need to strain. The medicine is ready to eat.
  2. A combination of herbs. The recipe of broth composed of: the flowers of chamomile (4 large tablespoons), the herb st. john's and tri-color violet (3 tablespoons), casting murtinho in the amount of 2 tablespoons. The difficulty is that, before each acquisition of new have to prepare a broth cool. 1 tablespoon of the mixture needs 1 cup of boiling water. The adds extract (as much as the mixture of herbs), and insist 30 minutes. Must be drinking in the morning.
  3. Celandine. Need, literally, a teaspoon of herbs, which is poured 200 ml of boiling water. Insist drink need 30-40 minutes, it is not for less. Drink before breakfast, lunch and dinner, 30 minutes before meals. Respect the dosage, as it is a toxic plant.
  4. Barley. A simple recipe to prepare which you will need 2 large tablespoons of barley flour and 1 litre of hot water. Components insist in a thermos 4 hours. Before use do not forget to strain it. More than 5 times per day to take is not recommended. A portion is from 75 to 100 ml.
  5. The sea buckthorn oil. Nothing complicated this treatment not. You only need to buy the oil and take it every day. Loose receive is 1 teaspoon. More than 1 time per day taking not worth.

Adding these broths and tinctures correct and balanced energy, you are able to during the short space of time to achieve an excellent result.

Revenue for outdoor applications

Because psoriasis affects general features, the tools do not work as effectively as medicines for external use.

Line offer a wide variety of ointments natural the safe use of plant components. And many of them were developed according to know the efficiency of the people of medicines. So a series of recipes of medicine not conventional, served as a basis for the creation of modern drugs pharmacological.

Using folk recipes for outdoor applications, you would be able to reduce the manifestation of symptoms, getting rid of the unpleasant sensations and to accelerate the action of oral drugs.

Let's look at some of the popular ointments, creams, and trays:

  1. The egg, the vinegar and the butter. 1 egg, take the cup of oil and vinegar. The components are mixed together and stick in the fridge for 7 days. I have the ointment process psoriatic plaque is 5 to 8 times during the day.
  2. The pork fat. It serves as the base, where they add a pungent stonecrop, pre-missed through a meat grinder, and 2 tablespoons of camphor. All of this is pre-heated and mixed. After cooling, the ointment ready. Apply more than 3-4 times a day is not worth it.
  3. Lotion with the basis of celandine. Efficient tool that came to us from grandparents. The lotion is obtained by centrifugation of fresh celandine. Gently, with the drug, because it is toxic, and excess dosing of a negative impact on the state of the skin. Help only in the initial phase of development psoriatic eruptions.
  4. Baths herbal. To prepare the drug to the bath-grandmother advised him to use the combination of the classes, chamomile, sage and celandine. They take in the same number, and pour the hot water in the proportion of 1 to 10. The tool infused 30 minutes, after which it must be poured in filled with a bath. The pleasant sensations of procedures is also an asset to restore the skin of the integument.
  5. Marine bath. For such a procedure is also appropriate normal and the salt. A simple recipe, that ugliness. Mark a bath of warm water and fall asleep there a package of salt. When she dissolves, just lie back and enjoy 15 minutes. Such procedures may be every day, but not more than a week.
  6. Compress of garlic. Clean several teeth of this hydroxide product and crush them. Garlic porridge full of boiling water (200 ml) and infused 2 hours. Received the tool in use as a compress. Animals of several score a goal in a day.

It is a small part of the revenues that fill-in grandparents and great-grandparents also. Some drugs that have already been hundreds of years, others were opened recently.

Try not to experiment, to try different medicines. Pass the examination, see your doctor and determine the list of locks, and permissions resources. Be healthy!