The treatment of psoriasis at home

Winston Churchill, himself suffered from psoriasis, he promised to put the monument of pure gold to the person who will determine the cause of the disease, and to find an effective means for its treatment. Unfortunately, the candidates still do not. However, there are tools that can reach to the reception of remission. Many of them you can apply at home.

What is this disease?


Psoriasis – a repeat of chronic disease the current, the main manifestation of which is a rash in the form of spots and peeling of the skin. Sometimes accompanied by a loss of lymph nodes, joints, muscles, bones, neurological disorders. Pursued therapy foresees a set of measures of exception factors stimulating and removal of the symptoms of the disease. There are quite effective methods for the treatment of psoriasis at home.


This disease is essentially an abnormal reaction of the body to exposure to external stimuli, causing the top layer of the cover of the skin wilt more quickly than should occur in norm. Typically, the duration of the cycle of cell division is 3 to 4 weeks. When the psoriasis is reduced up to 4-5 days.

The causes of the disease is still not clarified. Currently, the professionals are more willing to theory about the hereditary nature of psoriasis. In other words, the basis of its development is not a reason, but a whole set of:

  • the genetic predisposition;
  • violation of metabolic processes;
  • immune changes;
  • disruptions of the endocrine system;
  • neurological disorders;
  • the stress.

When all the existing variety of theories about the origin of the disease can say with accuracy: psoriasis is not contagious and impossible to be infected.

The symptoms

Psoriasis occurs in the form of flashes. On the whole, there are three stages:

  • The progression.
  • Fixed the stage.
  • The regression.

The onset of psoriasis sharp. On the skin appear small, bright red spots, thereby increasing the periphery and reach the size of a coin. Mingling among themselves, form psoriatic arthritis plate. More often than not the rashes are located on the scalp, elbows, knees, front of the surface of the legs. About 1/3 of the cases appear the itching and the feeling of tightness of the skin.

Precipitation when psoriasis have three characteristics, having received the name of the psoriatic triad:

  • The phenomenon stearic the point: on the surface of the skin are white grayish flakes, with the ease of detachment when poskablivanii.
  • The phenomenon of the film: the friction reveals the soft pink surface.
  • The phenomenon of map bleeding: to smooth the exposed surface appear droplets of blood.

If you are experiencing symptoms of psoriasis, you should consult a dermatologist. After his diagnosis, prescribe an appropriate course of treatment. Simultaneously, performing the treatment at home.

How to perform the home treatment


Today to cure psoriasis is to always, in health, not in the house impossible. The goal pursued by the therapy is the control of its current. Extension of the phase of remission is accomplished through oral medication and tools of target location for the relief of symptoms. This is:

  • therapeutic ointments, creams;
  • lotions;
  • shampoos;
  • infusions of plants;
  • the bathroom with the addition of herbal infusions;
  • UV-radiation

The principles of initial therapy

For the successful treatment of psoriasis at home, you must follow some rules:

  • Regularly use drugs, clearly following the instructions.
  • When insignificant manifestation of symptoms can be limited easier means of extracts of plants (for example, aloe vera). Serious disease it is necessary the use of hormonal medication.
  • With the help of special creams to maintain a normal level of hydration of the skin.
  • After loosening the bark with care and very carefully delete the loose adjacent. Removal of crusts, contributes to more intense absorption of treatment creams and lotions.
  • By following the prescribed charts sunbathing and procedures of UV-therapy.
  • To get rid of the manifestations of psoriasis, it is necessary to use simple tools. At home it is not recommended to use various medicines and ointments simultaneously, as well as the type of approach makes it impossible to figure out the efficiency of a particular medicine.
  • Between the courses of treatment need to take a break of 1 month for up to six months.
  • If the patient has psoriasis, a child, first it is necessary to determine the triggers and delete them. Sometimes, the treatment of the disease is sufficient to just follow a diet.
  • To refer to your doctor or specialist centres, especially when the manifestation of the symptoms of the disease. Interested in new developments in the area of psoriasis treatment and consult professionals about the feasibility of your application.

Internal therapy

To cure psoriasis in home, more precisely, be able to alleviate the symptoms, along with the application of ointments is recommended to take the tablets. This treatment is more effective than just the location.

When the worsening of the disease, prescribe an antihistamines. If the patient suffers from the interruption of sleep, you can use sedative drugs with the action area.

Psoriasis can be accompanied by violation of the normal functioning of the digestive system.

When you join an acute infection need to take antibiotics: penicillins, cephalosporins, macrolides. Its application in the home environment, such as the receipt of all other remedies, perhaps only by recommendation of your doctor. Pain caused, resulting from complications of the inflammatory process in psoriasis, can be resolved by non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

As and that it is still possible to treat this disease? Recently, a lot of popular make-if each chinese drugs. This capsules, and ointments that, as stated in the manufacturers, they have miraculous properties. Many of them are not registered in the RUSSIAN federation and distributed illegally. Traders claim that the composition of the tools includes uniquely chinese herbal. However, laboratory studies show that in most cases, these medications contain corticosteroids, and its uncontrolled reception, even with the exaggeration can not be called harmless.

The treatment of psoriasis in the head


In the home can be quite successful to cure psoriasis of the scalp. How to do this? Ready-to-use shampoos, ointments or use the popular media.

Important rules that must be observed during the initial therapy:

  • Do not treat the hair and scalp.
  • To avoid damage to the skin (scratching, perforations).
  • After the softening of the skin shampoo to delete only vaguely adjacent flakes.
  • To control the process of exfoliate the skin on the head should be washed with a special shampoo as often as you want.
  • Treatments do not rub it on the hair and the epidermis.
  • During the clear head shampoo beat up the state of foam and leave for 5-10 minutes, after which rinse.

For the treatment at home well established, the following tools of psoriasis on the head:

  • A gentle shampoo containing coal tar. They have a peculiar smell and a little bit of coloring the hair. With some tools coal tar, it is recommended to leave for a few hours, and then thoroughly rinse.
  • Shampoos with cadmiae-pyrithione. With your help it can be treated easily psoriasis. Zinc reduces the number of dead cells of the skin, reduces the loss of hair. Many of these tools also contains allantoin, which soothes the scalp and accelerates the healing process of wounds.
  • Shampoos with chloroxine and sulfide villages. Quite effective when the light during the psoriasis.
  • The tool with ketoconazole. It has action antifungal, relieves itching and skin flaking.

Children's shampoos. Due to the lack of toxic components, odorant and dye in the composition and with your help it can be maximum safety, treat psoriasis at home:

  • Ointment with anthralin. Anthralin is one of the most popular forms of treatment for psoriasis. Reducing cell proliferation, this substance reduces the expression of symptomatology.
  • Corticosteroid solution – you can heal psoriasis quite severe, however, in some cases, causes the deterioration of the symptomatology. Its application in home recommended only by a doctor. The maximum duration of the course is 2 weeks.

What do you advise folk medicine

  • When psoriasis of the scalp remedies more use natural oils: olive, peanut, mineral, bark, rosemary, cupressus. For the softening of the skin, rubbing it in for the night, wear the wig, and in the morning wash medicinal wash. It is very useful red and white clay, juice of onion, the juice of the nettle.
  • Well help the following tool: take a teaspoon of grape and almond oil and 2 tablespoons coconut. Add the honey and brandy (tea scoop) and a few drops of essential oils: lavender, eucalyptus. Mix lightly to warm up, hold in the bath water, once applied on the skin of the head. The mask needs to keep at least 2 hours.
  • Psoriasis on the head can be treated with sea salt. How to do this? Before washing your hair for 5 minutes massaging the skin of the head, rubbing the salt. To improve the efficiency of the procedure of salt recommended to saturate a few drops of essential oil (rosemary, the bark of the tree, eucalyptus).
  • That it is still possible to treat psoriasis on the head? A good result gives rinse the hair with water with the addition of essential oils. In a quart of warm water need to add 10 drops of oil. Use received the tool as a rinse.
  • Another recipe: mix burdock oil, tincture of calendula and 2 gems. Apply it on the scalp, through 2-3 hours of washing.


In terms of costs for the treatment of psoriasis can use herbal infusions. In many cases, they are quite effective and reduce the manifestation of symptoms of the disease.

What it is possible to treat psoriasis?

  • When the location of a in the skin of the scalp, often use the juice of leaves of gold uca. He rubbed at his scalp, and, after shampooing rinse hair decoction of plants.
  • Roots sarsaparilla' (20 g) for 8-10 hours insist in a liter of water, then boiled for 20 minutes and filter paper. A part drink hot, and the second drink during the day. The course has a duration of 20 days.
  • To lubricate the affected area with ash branches, rose hip oil, in equal parts, mixed with petroleum jelly.
  • The infusion of elderberry black (2 h. l. + 5000 ml of water) taken three times per day, in the middle of the cup. According to the same scheme of drinking) water.
  • The finely chopped young baskets of sunflower pour in the white wine and continue to insist on a period of 2 days. Cooked the tool strain and use to wet the inflamed stages. You can dressings and keep them 2 to 3 hours. In lesions of the facial skin podsolarskolnothNY infusion use for washing your face.
  • When psoriasis of the nails are very effective herbal baths with infusion of hthe allland, nettle, elecampane, classes, st. john's wort, calamus.

The diet

An important requirement effective home treatment for psoriasis is the fulfillment of a special diet. The diet should not delete:

  • chocolate and cakes with the chocolate cream;
  • coffee;
  • acute;
  • citrus fruits;
  • products that contain preservatives, dyes, flavourings;
  • fruits and vegetables of red color;
  • soft drinks;
  • the alcohol.

You should also reduce the consumption of meat, the eggs, the sugar, stop smoking.

After the disappearance of symptoms can gradually begin to consume some of the products prohibited, by observing the response of the body. When the increase in symptoms product should delete.

The prevention of exacerbations

To avoid the relapse of the disease and deterioration of symptoms, the psoriasis patients, who must adhere to some important rules:

  • To protect the skin against exposure to chemicals and other factors aggressive. When you run the job in the house to put bags of gloves.
  • Do not stretch and do not rub the skin during washing.
  • Give preference to the soul: the bathroom often lead to an increased dryness of the skin. When you receive a water bath should not be hot. It is recommended to add herbal extracts.
  • Use treatments or neutral soap.
  • Do not remove the Horny skin with force.
  • To avoid the penetration of infections in the body, as well as injuries and other damage to the skin. When they occur immediately to start the treatment.
  • When the location of the psoriasis of the scalp use soft combs with teeth rounded.
  • Limit the time of exposure to the sun. To protect from exposure to the sun to use the tool with UV-filters.
  • Do not use the narrow shoes, hats, clothing, watches: they disturb and injure the skin, resulting OSlожnotнию progression of the disease.
  • To maintain the normal level of humidity in the air and warnings dryness of skin use of special allows humidifiers air.
  • Avoid the stress: they increase the severity of the symptoms of psoriasis.
  • During the treatment at home do not forget about the possibility of a negative reaction in drugs and notсоhетandемOSть of some of them. Before the application of any tool to consult with an expert.