How to quickly cure the symptoms of psoriasis and to achieve a long remission

Psoriasis is very difficult to provide therapy delivery and the strong physical and moral discomfort. Many patients ask how to heal psoriasis quickly and permanently. Unfortunately, this is impossible. There is a scheme of the treatment and of the universal medicine, which can guarantee the improvement of status. But when appropriate and resistant to therapy, can achieve the reception of remission.

the treatment of psoriasis quickly

How to manifest the disease

The eruption, when the disease is often located in the neighborhood of the knees and elbows, affects the skin under the hair. Of the point represent the rounded plate, the surface covered with thick scales. Color formations varies from pink to bright red. They raised above the skin level and are mainly located symmetrically, at times, may focus on a specific part of the body, when this has a peculiar bands.

In the initial phase, the size of the cards is only a few millimeters, but as the disease progresses, they may reach 10 cm or more. General characteristics dry, peeling, and prone to hemophilia.

The disease can affect the skin in part, when there are several points of different sizes, or almost entirely, with the outbreaks if you apply the largest part of the body.

Treatments-methods of treatment

According to statistics, the list of the main techniques of psoriasis treatment is in order (for reduction measure of efficiency):

  • Follow a diet, which consists in the rejection of food, causes the worsening of the disease.
  • One way of hardware cleaning of the blood (plasma exchange) — the methodology employed in the establishments serious illness. The method is very effective, but it is valid for a long time, the spots begin to appear again after 1.5 to 2 months.
  • A spa treatment, mud therapy and climate change help, sometimes quickly to cure the symptoms of psoriasis. The third part of the patient feels great relief after moving to the city with the cleanest air and moist maritime climate. And patients, who for various reasons can't allow change, try the entire holiday season to perform in a sanatorium near the sea.
  • Salt bath part of the treatment, but can be applied at home. Natural sea salt (without aromatic and other additives) contains minerals that improve the condition of the skin covering when the psoriasis. In addition, hot manganese bath resolve flaking and itching, quickly normalize the sleep of the patient. Course of treatment: 3-4 times per week before bedtime.
  • Selective phototherapy is a way of impact on the affected skin the ultraviolet radiation. The method helps, it is not for everyone, but for some it is possible for a couple of months of regular radiation to cure the psoriasis, made of a long remission.
  • A dry sauna, a sauna and a steam bath helps the unit, but it is a harmless method of treatment, therefore, is recommended as an alternative, if the other ways turn out to be ineffective.
  • Acupuncture is a technique of the impact on bioactive points of the body through fine needles. A way ineffective, but a part of the patients says that he helped to delight you forget the disease.
  • Bioresonance therapy is a new therapy technique that allows a long time to get rid of the symptoms of psoriasis. Modern method, but poorly proven in practice.
An active lifestyle that includes any physical activities moderate, improves the general state of the patient, increases immunity, and psychological comfort. This, in turn, reflects positively in the dynamics of treatment of psoriasis.

Internal integrated therapy

the treatment of psoriasis fast medications

The full treatment of the disease always has three objectives: to resolve the cause of the exacerbations, the elimination of the symptoms and keep the immunity at an adequate level. Unfortunately, this approach does not help to completely heal, but only to a maximum of prolong the period of remission.

Internal therapy involves taking the following medicines:

  • Enterosorbents help to GRADUALLY release the impurities and toxins, improve the performance of the blood, which reflects positively on the state of skin integument.
  • The injection of medicines with sodium and calcium (calcium chloride, calcium gluconate, sodium thiosulfate) apply short course, in conjunction with other therapies activities.
  • Antihistamines prescribe edema, itching, and allergic reactions. In addition to antipruritic, they exert a sedative effect, improving sleep of the patient.
  • Hepatoprotectors support the function of the liver, contributing to its purification of the toxins.
  • The antibiotics of different groups are called when forms of psoriasis complicated to attach secondary infection.
  • Injections of corticosteroids are necessary when severe, are carried out in a hospital environment.
  • ) Are highly toxic means, negatively affect the liver and kidneys. They only apply to forms, risk of life of the patient.

In addition, ensure they are assigned to a multivitamin month course, two times a year.

Outdoor tools

These medicines taking time to reflect on the form and degree of severity of the disease.

In mild cases showing the method of non-hormonal ointments and gels, the more severe the growth hormone therapy can include continens tools.

The most common failures of medicines are:

  • Based medicines purified solidol. They normalize the processes in the deep layer of the epidermis.
  • The ointment with salicylic acid work as keratolytics. They soften and exfoliate flakes.
  • The medicines that contain zinc oxide . They dried, relieve the inflammation, soften the skin, to ensure its protection.
  • Cleaning the base of birch tar has antipruritic, regenerative and keratolytic action.
  • Creams vitamin to inhibit the growth and proliferation of keratinocytes, thus, reduce the peel and the amount of eruptions.
  • Medicines oil .
  • Hormonal ointment quickly improve the skin condition when psoriasis due to the high content of KSG. However, a long and uncontrolled for the application of leads to atrophy of the skin of the integument in the local application and the dysfunction of the adrenal cortex

Unfortunately, the outdoor tools enable you to only eliminate or reduce the symptoms of the disease, but are not able to cure him. Only a combination of various techniques and the approach to treatment of each patient help to achieve a sustainable remission.

Alternative medicine

The therapy of psoriasis folk methods is appropriate only if the disease is not accompanied by pathological changes in the joints (deformation of the fingers, night pain), a violation of the general condition of the body (heat, or weakness). The area eruptions should not exceed 3% of the entire surface of the skin.

The treatment of psoriasis at home should not be performed if the disease is widespread form.

Here are some very effective revenue, improve the condition of skin with psoriasis:

  1. Grind in a mortar and pestle, fresh calendula flowers, the root of celandine and propolis (10 g), add the herb st. john (20 g) and 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil. Apply the mixture 3 times per day in a specific area of defeat.
  2. Lubricate the spots of tar, wash tar soap and water. It is better to perform the procedure before going to sleep, because the tool has the peculiar smell, which is carried out some hours after rinsing. Start with 10 minutes, and then bring the exposure time up to 40 minutes.
  3. Beat 2 chicken eggs, and half a tablespoon of acetic acid, and a tablespoon of vegetable oil. To lubricate the focus of the before going to sleep.
  4. Pry celandine with the root, wash, chop and squeeze the juice. The lubrication locally at each point. Perform the treatment during the whole season of flowering.
  5. Boil 1 tablespoon of dried agrimony 250 ml of boiling water. Rest for 1 hour and drain, complemented with the water until you get the initial amount, take 50 ml before each meal.

Sometimes vegetable tools work much more effective than pharmacotherapy, therefore, this treatment has a right to exist. In any case, the tactic of therapy to pick up individually by the method of trial and error. But when the serious forms and a large area for the defeat of the treatment it is recommended that, in the special conditions.

The most effective medicines

the treatment of psoriasis quickly folk media

Quickly to get rid of the symptoms, you can, with the help of drugs:

  1. With the which are present: the doctor, grease, celandine, cabinet of tar and elecampane. It is a combination of components has a strong keratolytic and anti-inflammatory effect, providing a rapid improvement of the patient's condition and long-term maintenance of remission. The drug hydrates, disinfects, soothes and regenerates the affected skin
  2. The ointment to the base of betamethasone. It is used for the treatment of psoriatic plaques. She resolves hyperemia, itching, swelling, inflammation due to the content that corticosteroid hormone (betamethasone). The medicine should only be applied by appointment of the expert, since it has serious side effects. When the long-term treatment can occur pathological dryness, burning, and atrophy of the skin of the integument.
  3. A tool based on KSG (causes cancer aceponate) use only in the case of a rapid progression of the disease. It is advisable to apply bags of once per day.

The proper treatment is possible after a thorough examination of the patient. It is a long process, which sometimes will not give the result, therefore, it must occur under the constant supervision of a physician.

Only a specialist can determine the effectiveness of the techniques and pick up a way that will provide the patient with a long remission.