The use of herbs in the treatment of psoriasis.

The herbs that when psoriasis work more efficiently? The most popular are: Чистотел, Succession, Fabaceae, Hops, Sage, Caléndula, Agrimony.


Save yourself from the painful itching, effectively eliminates the flaking of the skin. The sap of the plant has an anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, заживляющее action. In the treatment of psoriasis at home the grass is used in the form of compresses, smeared with fresh juice from the plate, add the broth in the water for the bath of the sun.

Contra-indications, side effects

When the intake cleaning on the basis of Chelidonium can cause inflammation of the digestive system. The grass that is often the cause of the allergy. It can't be used when epilepsy, asthma, angina pectoris, during the period of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

A succession of

The therapeutic properties of the plants resulted from its unique composition. The herb contains a large amount of oils innovative making occurs when the psoriasis is an inflammation, is conducive to rapid healing of the patients stages. A succession also has anti-bacterial properties. When the intake of the infusion helps to clean the liver, regulates the escape of exchange processes.

Contra-indications, side effects

When the internal gets an infusion of plants can cause irritability, nervous excitation, panic attacks.


licorice Has anti-inflammatory properties, improves the infiltration of metabolic processes, exerts an action laxative, and accelerates the elimination of waste from the body. For external use relieves irritation, itching, purifies the epidermis.


Contra-indications, side effects

The Fabaceae, it is not possible to apply to hepatitis, cirrhosis, diabetes, renal failure. She increases the pressure, therefore, is not shown when the hypertension. It is also not desirable for the application of licorice during pregnancy.

The hops

The infusion of the buds has a calming effect, relieves the pain, inflammation, normalizes the gastrointestinal tract. the hops

Contra-indications, side effects

Tool should not be used if you have gynecological diseases: cysts, polyps, tumors, endometriosis. Contained in the шишках estrogens may cause growth and rebirth. The application of infusions and broths, sometimes causes an allergic reaction such as skin rash, inflammation of the mucous membranes.


The herb effectively helps in psoriasis, including the head. The tool base to relieve inflammation, stimulate the local immunity, have antibacterial and antifungal action. In injuries of the scalp, broth salvia use as a rinse. In addition has a therapeutic effect, the tool stimulates hair growth, gives shine.

Contra-indications, side effects

When the application of herbs against psoriasis you must consider the possible negative impact on the body. Thus, the sage is not recommended under reduced pressure, diseases of the kidneys, with discount thyroid function. Are breastfeeding, since it is contained in the plant substances that reduce the production of breast milk. With prolonged use, the grass is not possible, the appearance of symptoms of intoxication.Caléndula


When the ingestion of the infusion of the flowers has an anti-inflammatory, bactericidal action, supports the work of the liver. The application of grass outside accelerates the healing of damaged tissues, disinfects the skin, relieves inflammation. When psoriasis use an infusion of plants and baked on its base of ointments.

Contra-indications, side effects

Caléndula can not be taken within a simultaneous intake of medications with a calming effect and barbiturates. Treatment infusion plants is not shown for children up to 12 years and adults when cardiovascular diseases, hypotension, in the acute phase of the diseases of the organs of the digestive apparatus (gastritis, stomach ulcers). An external application based on Caléndula , sometimes causes the allergy, increased itching, irritation.


Reception to inside of this herb in psoriasis promotes cleansing of the blood, strengthens the immune system, it has action emollient, improving the metabolism, calms the nervous system. For external use infusion and decoction of plants have an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial action.

Contra-indications, side effects

Internal the receipt of funds from burdock leg undesirable tendency to constipation, the individual intolerance of the plants and during the period of pregnancy.

The bathroom

Very effective psoriasis treatment bath, with the addition of medicinal herbs. From these symptoms it is well eliminate a pine, of linen, of a bathroom. In the initial period, it is recommended to take under the summary fiche on health control, and then move on to the self-healing. To prepare the bath use plants dehydrated or their extracts.

The rules of procedure

For foot bath, has 10 litres of water, to sit up – 25-30 liters, to full – 200 to 250 liters. It is recommended to use tile or enameled, hot tub. When you receive a full bath the patient should lie completely relaxed, подложив under the head with a towel. The water should cover the whole body, except the upper part of the chest. After curative treatments should rest for 30 to 40 minutes.

Coniferous bath

To prepare, it is more practical to use a solid or liquid хвойный extract. Coal briquette or 100 ml of the extract was dissolved in a glass of water, then adjusted to the desired volume. Great water temperature – 36-38 degrees, the duration of the procedure – up to a quarter of an hour. Enough for a nice effect can be achieved when you receive the full course of 15 to 20 sessions.herbs

For therapy baths can be applied pinheiro kidney. In 3 liters of water, you will need 150 grams kidney. Your need to boil the water bath for about 30-40 minutes and pour into a container. Pine and bath of good help, when ладонно-подошвенном psoriasis.

Recommended procedures for the infusion of the branches of the pine trees. They, simply, pour in boiling water, leave for infusion. Temperature finished pine infusion for bathing should be 37-38 degrees. Hands or feet in half an hour dipped in the water. The procedure is best to give at night.

The bath clary sage

The sage refers to the most effective of the grass, applied when the psoriasis. The bathroom with this medicinal plant have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, astringent action. Therapeutic raw materials are dried leaves of plants. 100 grams of sage leaves, pour a liter of water, boiled for hours and leave 1 day for the infusion. Ready the broth added to the water for the bath.

Baths aromatic

Psoriasis help your bath with the base in the collection of the following herbs:the collection

  • тысячелистник;
  • melissa;
  • absinthe;
  • mint;
  • березовые or pine needles to the rim.

All components take the same proportion – about 20 grams. Your отваривают in 1 litre of water and pour into the tub. The procedure lasts about 10 minutes. It has a toning and cleansing effect. It is recommended for application in phase psoriasis.

Valeriána bath

Valerian has a slow, but constant action. The effect is mainly in the removal of increase irritability and tensions. For the procedure, you can use the liquid from an extract of a medicinal plant. Simply dumped into warm water in amount of 50-70 ml in 1 tub. Recommended temperature of water – up to 38 degrees.

Very effective treatment of psoriasis with the application of mixed sun.Such procedures allow to achieve, simultaneously, multi-action, due to medicinal properties used herbs.

In some cases the bath is contra-indicated

Aquatic therapeutic procedures should be performed when there are the following conditions and diseases:

  • pulmonary tuberculosis;
  • hypertension;
  • heart failure;
  • angina pectoris;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • the skin lesions are infectious, and fungal origin;
  • epilepsy;
  • later in the pregnancy.