Nail psoriasis: symptoms and treatment

It can be accompanied by minor injuries, and the proliferation of psoriatic plaques all over the body – depends on the severity of the leaking, the form of the disease and the stage it is in. The disease is characterized by the alternation between periods of exacerbations and remission and can last for years, and tens of years.

psoriasis of the nails

Semiology nail bed psoriasis

Despite the fact that psoriasis of the nails is considered the disease itself, sometimes, it manifests itself as a vulgar extensive psoriasis or announces its appearance.

About half of the cases, simultaneously, can occur psoriasis of the nails and skin.

The symptoms of psoriasis of the nails may vary depending on the area of the attack. The pathological changes part of the root (the extracellular matrix) are reflected in the length, shape and to a certain extent – thickness nail plates, and the pathology of a shop (cable connection of the layer that serves as the base of the plate) to affect, especially, in thickness. Taking into account these characteristics, the disease can manifest itself in the following ways:

  • The form of thimbles, with the joint and a momentary loss of the insert; so it becomes like a hook. In the horn the appearance slots, and dispersion of depth, located in a chaotic order. The curious thing is that education, in the variety of their fingers differ in size, shape and color. Pressure to the "thimble", causing sensations of pain;
  • When the distortion and violation of the integrity of the nail, accompanied by the change of color and withdraw from the base of the finger. Complement this unpleasant image crept under loose parts of nail air bubbles and dirt, mixed with dead epidermal particles;
  • When in communication with the damages blood capillaries under the nails appear cyanotic, brown or red translucent patches or strips, and the adapter itself blurred and changes appearance, speak about psoriasis under the nails. In other words, the dark spots on the nails, when psoriasis - a sign of nogunhas bleeding. When the accumulator impact on the patient's fingernail is possible the appearance of pus.

From various other, not-so-common manifestation of the disease note when the nail becomes rough, becomes irregular, and without gloss; with painful infiltration, which affects the bearings.

In addition to the physical discomfort and permanent pain sensation together with the itching, psoriasis of the nails in the feet, especially psoriasis of the nails in his hands, is the most notable, make with that the patient mass psychological suffering and negative emotions because of the bad appearance of their own members. This causes millions of people on Earth if you ask: how to cure psoriasis? How to retrieve nail from their reef of vista?

Characteristics of diagnosis

Many times the diagnosis of psoriasis is made difficult by the fact that many of these signs have and other dermatological disease, in particular some fungal infections. Such confusion can occur, for example, if the body of the man does not have the feature cards, allowing exclusively to judge about the psoriasis.

Then, psoriasis of the nails or a fungus? How to distinguish between psoriasis of the nail fungi? The main difference consists in the nature of the disease. The fungus is contagious and can spread easily from healthy patients, by direct contact or through the use of common items of daily use. The psoriasis patients, which in this respect are not dangerous.

With respect to visual or other tangible differences, you have more than one. When fungal infections of the scales around the dead nail easier to separate from the skin, which is not typical for the first phase of psoriasis. More: separation of the nail from the base when the psoriasis does not imply the deformation and not accompanied by pain, as candidiasis, or ringworm. Another difference of psoriasis – the absence of unpleasant odor, characteristic of candidiasis.

Psoriatic lesions may occur in other skin diseases, such as the pink ringworm, seborrheic eczema. What's more, its appearance and, probably, disease totally "other history" of pulmonary hypertension and heart failure, diabetes. Psoriasis of the nails or it can develop also in the context of stress, chronic fatigue, emotional shock, ingestion of beta-blockers (medicines and other medical funds.

Certainly, the establishment of an accurate diagnosis is the prerogative of an expert. Many times, the availability of certain external signs, is not enough - it is necessary to perform a differential diagnosis with the use of other research methods. For example, the analysis of (sowing) scales of the areas affected, direct scanning electron microscopy.

All of this suggests apparent: when the first suspicions about psoriasis of the nails of the fingers of the hands or feet, you should immediately contact a qualified service technician! Read more about whose functions include the treatment of psoriasis in hands or feet – a little below.

The cause of psoriasis of the nails

In medical circles the psoriasis is considered one of the most mysterious, and not until the end of the studied diseases. Despite this, experts agree that the main reasons that have the disease, two:

  • The pathological changes in the immune processes that prevent the full multiplication of the cells, and the normal fermentation of substances. For this reason, failure in the development of the epidermis: little developed it particles, become isolated, they begin to grow and multiply, which involves the thickening nail surfaces. The reaction of the organism to this condition, usually, it is implied the inflammation;
  • Genetic factor. Some dermatologists it is, tend to in the first place. The cunning of the disease is that the "bad" heredity can be a long time not to make known and under the influence of factors stimulating manifest, suddenly, contributing to the transformation of the slow phase of acute illness.

The strongest trigger of psoriasis are:

  • Hormonal disorders;
  • Failures in the functioning of the organs, directly affecting the metabolism (liver, thyroid, the organs of the digestive tract and others);
  • Destroying the immune system infectious education;
  • Mechanical damage to the layers of the dermis;
  • Dry and dull weather conditions, in conjunction with the immune system weakened body.

The stage of the disease

In general, abnormal patterns of expression of, in the future, grows in psoriasis, passes through three main phases:

  • The first of them is characterized by the decrease of the nail, appear transversal or longitudinal strips, of deepening, stains;
  • In a second phase, the nail thickens, changes tone, acquiring a yellowish color, gray, brown color. Sometimes, it is accompanied by hemorrhagic manifestations with the appearance of a blood trait and purulent foci;
  • In the last step, the card appear oily stains and platelets. The nail completely atrophy and starts to flake. Many times, these negative manifestations will join all types of bacterial and fungal infection.

How to treat psoriasis of the nails?

The treatment of psoriasis of the nail is long and meticulous process with the application of complex mechanisms. The doctor picks a regimen of systemic therapy, taking into account the individual characteristics of a given clinical case.

What influences the choice of a treatment plan?

the treatment of psoriasis

The main factors of which depends on how to treat psoriasis of the nails of the hands and feet:

  • The clinical picture of the disease and the stage of your current;
  • The degree of neglect of the disease;
  • The likelihood of a recurrence;
  • The presence of associated diseases and related restrictions;
  • The private service of portability of the patient to certain medications.

Drug treatment

Usually in the early stages of the disease are applied to local drug.

Creams and ointments

Basically, this medications containing corticosteroids, which are tools of the anti-inflammatory and anti-septic effect, as well as a cream. Wide application and found also special inks for psoriasis of the nails. In fact, part dermatologists believe even your successful alternative to the integrated system of treatment.

The use of corticosteroids during the defeat nails when psoriasis is prohibited when the virus diseases of the skin, such as, for example, when encircling lichen, and also when syphilis, tuberculosis. In addition, its disadvantage is the possible side effects such as stinging, itching and redness of the skin.

The medicines that contain vitamin D3

Its function consists in the braking division of abnormal populations of cells. Here also there are contraindications, for example, in the case of violations of the content of calcium in the body. In addition, they are not recommended for children. As a sister to the possible application of coal tar (fly in the soup).

Special medications

Pencil, ointments and other medicines, the united common the property of inhibiting cell reproduction and lead to a strong weakening of the nail bed psoriasis.

To the air free of substances

Are different anti-inflammatory properties and inhibitors division defective cell properties .

In addition, moderating the impact of Horny cells that have salicylic acid, contributing to its easy removal, in solution 1% 5-fluorouracil (or in the form of a cream) is placed under the bandage.

We believe that it is necessary to emphasize once more: all these medicines have many negative effects, so use is only possible when the doctor appointment strictly individually! Self-medication with such drugs can cause irreparable damage to health, and is strictly forbidden!

Medicines used when the treatment system

The same applies to the system of the retinoids, in charge only in cases absolutely against-indicated in pregnant women, as well as for diseases of the liver.

Complex treatment also involves the intake of antidepressant medications, helps to reduce the itching and have a positive psychological impact, as well as complexes of vitamins and minerals, compounds of selenium, zinc, calcium.

A good effect to give treatment physical therapy – hemosorption, phototherapy, diathermy, photochemotherapy. Very effectively sanitation-treatment, especially if you pass by the seaside.

The application of the latest biological

Of the most recent developments, please note-if special monoclonal antibodies able to unite with the cells of the immune system and destroy flawed psoriatic cells, modifiers selective with the impact and blockers of factors of necrosis used under the most severe forms. In some of them, clinical tests are still in progress.

The application of popular methods

The best result of the treatment of psoriasis of the nails folk means gives, when the disease is just starting to develop. Animals doctors have been treated with the patients of psoriasis, all types of bathroom, unguents, accessories, swabs. We offer you some recipes popular treatment for psoriasis of the nails at home:

  • Oat flour and the corn starch in the amount of two tablespoons of soup mix in half a liter of warm water and cooked lotions impose on the affected area;
  • Quietly impact bathroom with a base in infusions of oak bark, succession, chamomile, sage, cocklebur;
  • Checked the time of therapy with the help of vegetable oils – before you go to bed should be lubricated nails with olive oil, sunflower, corn oil;
  • A great wound healing, hemostatic effect have aloe and sea buckthorn, and agave will help to moisten the affected area and removing the inflammation;
  • Useful bandage gauze onion pulp, mixed imposed by the patient to the nail.

The treatment of psoriasis of the nails home involves many other ways, with the application of copper sulphate, sodium carbonate, however, in all cases, without the need to consult the doctor can't do!

Preventive measures

To combat this insidious and hard-to-receptive treatment of the disease should always obey the preventive measures, in particular:

  • Careful to observe the hygiene of the hands and feet;
  • Protect hands and feet from direct contact with chemicals;
  • Prevent hypothermia and infections, take care of your own immune system;
  • Protect the plate from nail against mechanical damage;
  • Be careful when you use centers staff, do not use synthetic materials for nails, and use therapeutic antimicrobial polishes;
  • Have a special care during the exacerbations of the disease, calling attention to, and including, for the diet - with the exception of the diet in fats, flour, sweet products. In the menu, to prevail the fresh fruits and vegetables, fish dishes, dairy products, liver.

"Remember this! The biggest enemies of the therapy are alcohol and tobacco!

The definitive and irrevocable psoriasis does not disappear. Even when it seems that their signals are not observed, the risk of recurrence is saved permanently. Unfortunately, we have to say: psoriasis is a disease with which you must put up with for the whole life. Another thing, that, by adhering to a healthy lifestyle and following the summary fiche of health instructions, the likelihood of increase in the expectation of periods of up to tens of years!