What to treat psoriasis of the scalp

Psoriasis is not a contagious disease, which have factors of occurrence of that:

  • Frequent mechanical impact on the epidermis of the head in the form of friction, rubbing, intense combing.
  • The use of cosmetic products for hair care, providing irritating to the skin.
  • Allergic reactions, featuring the constant appearance.
  • The dryness of the hair and the skin covering the head, manifested in the form of dandruff, which is the cause of the development of seborrheic psoriasis.
  • Frequent stress and a state of depression.
  • The presence of non-communicable diseases type.
  • A sudden change in life style, manifest in the abandonment of bad habits or follow a strict diet, as well as weather conditions, moving from home to another climate zone.
  • Hereditary predisposition.
  • Hormonal failures.
  • Inadequate and lack of energy.
  • The abuse of addictions.

The clinical picture of the disease depends on the variety of psoriasis:

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The most common form of the disease, diagnosed in almost 90% of psoriasis patients. It is characterized by the following features:

  • skin inflammation, staining of the head have the color red, which top covered in grey skin, other than dry and a large amount of scales. On a stretch of defeat observes a local increase of the temperature;
  • grey dermal layer, with the facility lends itself to removal, and the red skin under it quickly injured and bleed.

Such patches of affected skin are called psoriatic plaques. They have the tendency to increase in size, merge with the other plates, thereby forming the entire cluster.


Manifests itself in the form of skin lesions, similar to drops, in which is celebrated the dryness, redness, and swelling. The main cause of the development of teardrop psoriasis is streptococcal infection.


The more severe form of psoriasis, characterized by the appearance on the skin covering the head of bubbles or vesicles full of transparent fluid of the pustules. The skin around of data of injuries he acquires the redness and the swelling. When the form pustular psoriasis is large the probability of the occurrence of worsening, when a liquid inside the bubbles change purulent content.

Psoriasis in the head of any one of the three types can be cured.


The development of scalp psoriasis is characterized by the following stages:

  • Progressing. The initial phase results in the emergence of a large number of small formations, with a tendency for exponential growth and the union.
  • Fixed. This stage can occur in the cessation of the growth plates, which begin to be charged all the time.
  • Regressive. Notice the resorption of the plates, reducing the flaking of skin covering the head, an education, acquire a pale view.


Magnifying glass

Therapeutic measures aimed at the elimination of psoriasis, are characterized by complexity, involving, simultaneously, internal and external, the impact on the disease. The main tools of psoriasis on the head are:

  • Doctor drugs. If you have moderate or severe forms of the disease psoriasis is treated doctor.
  • Physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is good if established in the treatment of psoriasis. Today the most proven and effective methods of physiotherapy impact.
  • The phototherapy. It is a way to inhibit the signs of psoriasis by ultraviolet rays. More positively established PUVA therapy, suggesting an effect of ultraviolet light. The irradiation is performed after the reception of a photosensitizer, a drug that increases the sensitivity of the skin of the integument in the light. After his admission becomes possible the penetration of ultraviolet rays into the deeper layers of the skin, which allows for an effective cure the disease.
  • Cryotherapy. Method is characterized by short duration the influence of the cold affected the skin, the stains of the head.

The essence of the realization of procedures of cryotherapy is the following:

  • the patient sits in a special device;
  • the camera starts the cold gas with temperatures up to -130 degrees. The result is an immediate cooling of the skin, as well as the stimulation of natural protective processes;
  • in this position, the patient is placed within a few minutes.

The effect of the cryotherapy is reached after you pass the complete course consists of 30 sessions. Every day can be made up to 4 procedures that contribute to the resolution of the itchy and pain, process of inflammation.

Laser therapy

In this case, the laser is used. Its advantage lies in the hospital, the impact on the affected area of the skin without touching healthy areas. The procedures are different security:this manifests itself in the absence of the scars and the accompanying pigmentation after the treatment.

Shampoos in the treatment of psoriasis in the head, in the hair are divided into several categories:



The compositions necessarily contain tar of birch, willow and conifers such as pine, juniper. The data help to:

  • the removal of the excess of sebaceous glands manifestations;
  • skin cleansing the dead cells;
  • remove the cream has the consistency of oily;
  • remove the inflammation and itching;
  • suppress the growth of fungi microorganisms.

They have a sedative effect, which deal with the itchy sensations in the skin.


A powerful effect against the fungus is achieved through the reinforcement at the beginning of the application of shampoos itchy sensations. By the substance in question, a group is ketoconazole. Shampoo with this ingredient:

  • sanitizes foci of fungi;
  • soothes general characteristics;
  • healing the affected area.

Shampoo suitable for dealing with any types of injuries fungal infection of the scalp.


Medical (the category of shampoo is characterized by the presence of:

  • the salicylic acid;
  • urea;
  • ihtiola;
  • zinc and others.

They have pronounced antibacterial and moisturizing to the effect. Therapeutic shampoos presented in wide range.

Folk remedies

To remove the manifestations of psoriasis often use recipes of traditional medicine. We call attention to the more available for the application in the home:


  • Essential. Often used features essential essences are: ylang-ylang, oregano, myrrh, sandalwood, geranium. The oil of buckthorn - not less effective in the treatment of the disease. Has a calming effect, restoring it-general features.
  • The flaxseed. The flax seed oil contributes to the cessation of the processes of inflammation, relieve swelling, healing of the affected areas head.

Mentioned oils are made from the masks to the head:

Recipe 1:
  • burdock oil in amount couple of tablespoons of the mixture with 5 drops of ylang-ylang, and chamomile;
  • the mixture is heated and rubbed on the epidermis of head;
  • the mask for 40 minutes, after which it was washed with shampoo.

A positive result is manifested according to the healing of the skin, improve the structure of the follicle, preventing hair loss.

Recipe 2:
  • the grape seed oil in the amount of a teaspoon mixed with a tablespoon of the pulp of the grape;
  • added 10 drops of etheric essences of lemon;
  • oil mixture rubbed on the affected area and during half an hour;
  • after a time the mask of the uterus.

Tar soap

Special popularity of soap results in the following properties:

  • improving blood circulation;
  • the destruction of pathogenic bacteria;
  • the disinfection of the affected areas;
  • remove the painful and itchy sensations.

Tar soap can have a drying effect. It is necessary to consider the patients with a greater by the dryness of the scalp. Also it pays to be prepared for the fact that the soap has very strong smell.


Recipe for the treatment of psoriasis: the onion is cut, wrapped in a gauze and overlap on the affected skin for a few minutes. After all the head need to wash them with cold water in the place of location of the plates cause the healing ointment.

The diet


One of the main causes of psoriasis are allergic reactions. During the period of treatment, it is important to follow a specific diet food:

  • the exception of the diet alcoholic product;
  • the presence of the fractional power, involving eat small portions, and support a break of three in three hours;
  • the minimization of the consumption of salt;
  • the rejection of food smoked and pickled;
  • the exception of diet artificial additives such as dyes and preservatives;
  • frequent consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits products;
  • daily consumption of products milk type.


With the purpose to prevent the appearance of psoriasis on the scalp is useful:

  • Avoid the sunburn.
  • Time to diagnose and treat any disease.
  • With careful washing and combing the hair.
  • Periodically, carry out the washing of the head, through a prevention treatment shampoos.
  • Adhere to a healthy diet and full of energy.
  • To avoid the stress.
  • Choose products of care of skin of the head and the hair according to your type.

Despite the fact that the scalp psoriasis is a serious disease, your treatment can be quick and painless. Important – the following medical recommendations and closely monitor your health, alert you to any pathological manifestations.