How to cure psoriasis is to always - the Treatment of allergies

The skin at the time of the exacerbation is covered by scales, shallow eruption. All of this accompanied by pain, strong burning, the itching, the defeat of the joints, muscle tissue and lymph nodes.

how to cure psoriasis is to always

Important! The development of the disease can cause the alcohol, stress, poor diet, and taking certain medications. In addition to decrease itching and rashes is needed the therapy, which includes treatment related with the demon, the compliance with preventive diet of the cleansing of the body.

Rational scheme of treatment of psoriasis:

  • Therapy the damaged site of the dermis. For this purpose, are used in solutions, creams or ointments that treat the traumatized plots.
  • In the absence of efficacy, the treatment is prescribed ultraviolet B type. The number of procedures depends on the negligence, the nature of the disease.
  • System of therapy. The intravenous infusion of medications and injections to prolong the period of remission. In difficult conditions, the possibility of the use of special medications.

Psoriasis – pathology systemic, therefore, the best supplement to the main therapy to make the appropriate food, denial of the addiction, the reduction in the number of stressful situations. This will restore immunity, strengthen the function of body protection, which help to reduce the manifestation of symptoms of the disease.

Home treatment: principles

No doctor is able to answer the question, is it possible to cure psoriasis forever, but there is a method that allows you to maximize the duration of remission. Relieve symptoms of the disease allow ointments, creams, gels, and solutions (OTC medicines), medicines, cleaning products, and bathing in the juice of herbs.

Quickly cure psoriasis, it will be only the fulfillment of basic rules:

  • the regularity of health care;
  • the fulfillment of annotations to medicines, the recommendations of a dermatologist and a chart of drugs;
  • when not pronounced symptomatology is best to use OTC drugs local action, herbal medications;
  • the treatment should be chosen according to the characteristics of an organism, the course of the disease;
  • before you apply the problematic place of ointment or cream, the skin need to carefully clean from scales and crusts (removing them, the patient increases the effect of drugs);
  • apply only a tool of local action or a remedy to avoid allergic reactions, in addition, it gives the possibility to determine their effectiveness;
  • between the courses of therapy take breaks and after some time of changing ointment price or reasonable courtesies to delete addictive;
  • discover, resulting it appears as a rash on the body, because, sometimes, psoriasis can be cured, eliminating a factor irritating.

Independent of the treatment of psoriasis involves the application of dermatology drugs, possessing excellent properties of anti-inflammatory characteristics. How to beat psoriasis through similar mixture: violet leaves from 3 colors and celandine 10-g. a glass of water. Put on slow fire, torment 20 mines. Take 50 ml, 1 time/day, before meals.

Many patients recover from psoriasis with the help of pet ointments. The most effective recipes:

  • Desk in birch wood tar – 60 gr., the vaseline – 40 gr., infusions sophora 0,5 bubble. Mix well, insist 12 days in a dark place. The tool to remove the psoriatic plaque, them daily to deal with patients space.

Independent of treatment, does not mean that the systematic consultation of a dermatologist are no longer needed. Only he, after the search you can determine how exactly to get rid of psoriasis for ever, if this is certainly possible.

Important! New drugs in the field of dermatology, can significantly ease symptoms of the disease, increase the duration of remission. But to assign them can only physician, taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient.

Physiotherapy and alternative forms of

For the resolution of psoriasis are used various of the physical therapy treatment. How to remove psoriatic plaque, without medical drugs:

  • PUVA therapy or phototherapy – the impact on the type of problem space through the ultraviolet radiation. 2 hours before the procedure, the ill person should take a reasonable price standard amenities, which increases the sensitivity of the skin to the rays. Psoriasis is defeated in 80%.
  • The plasmapheresis. Using the procedure of blood appear toxic substances, fungi, micro-organisms that cause disease, which reduces the work load for the kidneys, the liver, the body's defense system and vessels.
  • Cryotherapy – the impact on the affected area particular of a gas mixture at a low temperature.
  • Intravenous cleaning the laser pulses, which cleanse the plasma. The main advantage of the methodology – the lack of negative effects.
  • Hemosorption. The blood passes through the sorbent, promoting the elimination of toxins.

The therapy with the fish – one of the best and most secure methods of eliminating the psoriasis. Popular cleaning of the skin with the aid of small fish Garra Rufa. Beings eating the cells older, remove psoriatic precipitation, without the pain in a natural way. The massage improves the blood circulation.


Treated if psoriasis or not – depends on the severity of the disease, the individual characteristics of the organism. Any one of the methods of prevention and therapy should be coherent with your doctor.

How to prevent the regression

Prevention in all cases, it complements all therapy. The main task of the doctor – do not allow the repetition of psoriatic rashes on the skin.

Alert the development of the pathology after the remission will allow you to:

  • control of metabolic processes in the cells when the psoriasis;
  • the suppression of immunity with the help of drugs non-steroidal (are assigned to all the patients who underwent the treatment of psoriasis);
  • replacement of blood help acute during the pathology, warns the emergence of repeated eruptions.

Important! A positive effect on the skin have mineral water from natural sources and the Dead sea, saturated with different vitamins and trace elements in their natural form. Swimming in such lakes will restore the affected areas of the dermis.

The traditional and folk medicine, unfortunately it is not possible to answer with precision, can be cured if the psoriasis. The disease is auto-immune in nature, which makes it very difficult to fight with him. There are many medications and means of local action, which can reduce the symptoms of the disease. But, before you use any of them, you should consult your doctor.