How to get rid of psoriasis on the head: 6 ways to

Clean the inflamed heightening, covered in flaking skin, help the folk remedies, diet and hormonal treatments with sedative properties.

recipes of psoriasis

Powered by papules

Psoriasis is not passed on to the drip or sexually, but to cure it. The modern medicines just clean the symptoms and increase the duration of remission. But the remedies are powerless, if the person does not will review your diet, because the health and appearance depends on the quality of the products.

The patient with dermatological disease is contraindicated in chocolate, coffee, pastries, and drinks that contain cocoa powder. The exacerbation of symptoms leading smoked, and pickles, as well as the large amount of salt. Spezia slows down the fluid in the body, slowing the exchange process.

Wheals and the itching will disappear if the patient is to leave the roasted, sugar, animal fats and canned foods. To remove from the menu of savory and spices, soda, eggs and vegetables of red color. When worsening of psoriasis in head excludes:

  • sources of simple carbohydrates;
  • meat of any kind;
  • white and rye bread;
  • red fruits and fruits;
  • alcoholic beverages;
  • products with dyes.

The components that cause psoriasis, to replace useful dishes of fish, flax seeds and walnuts. They deliver the body of b vitamins and amino acids, which normalize the nervous system, restore the skin and accelerate the metabolism.

The metabolic processes are activated by sources of complex carbohydrates. These include cereals, bread, maize flour and dried chunks. In the diet of the patient with psoriasis introduce cultivated drinks: ., natural yogurt without sugar and additives, kefir, as well as curd. Useful salads of green vegetables, doubled the olive oil and fruit tones neutral: apples, peaches, pears, bananas.

The food of the worsening of psoriasis use of fractional. Between portions do three hours of a break. Necessarily drink pure water, that help the body fight inflammation, impaired metabolism, slag and toxins.

Induced the shape and cosmetics

People with dermatologic disease are not suitable to the normal shampoos and conditioners. Washing the fibrous part of the head in which formed papules and fries, recommend special anti-inflammatory means.

Suitable for children of shampoos that do not cause allergy, as well as treatments with sulfur, tar, zinc and salicylic acid. Supplements absorb into the skin, soothing the itching. The tool psoriasis reduce inflammation, moisturize the epithelium and prolong the maintenance of remission. To shampoo accelerated recovery, it needs to be correctly:

  • Dealing with damp hair, lather and leave for 5-6 minutes.
  • Apply the remedy at least 2 months, and the better – 3-4.
  • Wash the head with shampoo psoriasis three times per week.

Apply the drug twice: the first installment of washes the dirt, sebum and the epithelium, and the second saturates components anti-inflammatory drugs.

Shampoos complement of ointments. The initial phase of psoriasis deal with the media, in that there are zinc, naphthalene, tar. At the pharmacy you can buy low price creams and pasta.

Animals compresses

Peeling the flakes soften compresses components improvised. Hydrates the skin and removes the inflammation of the mixture of oils: olive, sunflower, almond, coconut and apricot. In a bowl, mix 2-3 component, and warmed the bath water. Massage movements, rubbing it in the fibrous part of the head, roll up polyethylene warranty. Oil of medicine leave the night and in the morning wash the remains of the bitten apple, diluted with water. 60 ml of the chosen drug charge 0.5 liters of hot liquids.

Cream for psoriasis is prepared from castor oil. Mix 15 ml of a component of liquid vitamins E, a and D. to Introduce, in hot oil 10 to 15 drops of each add-ins, and gently rubbed the mixture in an inflammation of education. The head wrap cling film and with a bath towel, to improve absorption of nutrient components.

The symptoms of psoriasis cleanse the flowers of clover. In the bag of coarse gauze, pour 6-7 St. l. dried plant. The billet soak 5 minutes in boiling water, and then pressed lightly. Warm poultice apply to sampleslemnomy phase until it has cooled down. The tea from the flowers of clover oral, but without honey or sugar.

Mustard mask to reinforce the blood circulation in the scalp. They reduce irritation, soothe the itching. The healing mass is prepared from mustard powder. In the dry, the product is injected into hot water in small portions, until you get a thick dough that resembles the consistency of pudding.

The mask of the thin layer and distribute from scalp. Treated the area to enjoy a movie, food, top-tie, wool scarf or scarf. Mustard medicine and kept until the emergence of a strong burning. The remains of powder wash herbal decoction, that soothe red skin.

Recipes with ChiStOTAlOhm

ChiStOTAl has anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties. Masks, broths and lotions from the plants reduce papules, soften the bark of the epithelium and quick to clear the symptoms of psoriasis.


The growth plate stops the infusion of the dry stem. In the mortar knead 50-60 g branches along with the leaves and buds. In a jar or bottle mix ChiStOTAl and 500 ml of alcohol, or the quality of vodka. An infusion of ChiStOTAland filtered through the week. The first 2-3 drops of medications cause in the wrist or forearm. If there was no precipitation or swelling, rubbing the fibrous part of the head. Dye to leave the skin until it dries and then wash your hair chamomile decoction. Drink herbal prevent irritation and burns.

The ointment of psoriasis is prepared from fresh ChiStOTAland. The plant tear in rubber gloves. Green branches pulverized in a grinder or blender. Measure 30 g of juicy pulp and mixed with the other components:

  • two whipped protein;
  • a glass of petroleum jelly to liquid;
  • 30 g of honey.

Eggs use fresh egg yolks in that the medicine does not add up. The products blended whisk until homogeneous. You can pre-heat the batter in a water bath, petroleum jelly became softer. But the temperature should not exceed 60 degrees.

Ointment rubbed pure roots, leave for half an hour. The tool, such as a dye, wash chamomile decoction, which neutralizes the juice ChiStOTAland and removes the itching.

Patients who do not have time for frequent compresses and masks, recommend medicine red wine. The alcohol mixed with the juice that you squeeze from 300 g of fresh ChiStOTAland. In the heat of the soaking solution, cotton fabric, served in the form of compress in a plastic bag and sleep. Lotion make the night, once per day. In the morning, the hair washed with pre-warm chamomile decoction.