The treatment of psoriasis - the most effective medicines and home remedies

Any disease of the skin requires a special treatment, but there is one thing an effective remedy for psoriasis? When to use each one of the proposed therapeutic drugs must pass a series of exams to select the current price reasonable amenities. The disease significantly spoils the quality of life, and the term pathology leads a person to use drugs for life. Learn what are the medications when psoriasis are considered to be the most effective.


What is psoriasis

The skin disease chronic type of non-communicable character called scaly stealing, or psoriasis. Described dermatoses auto-immune characterized the nature of the occurrence. Externally, the disease is manifested by rise above the surface of the skin patches of red color, not overly dry. When the disease can form plaques – mixing among themselves, papules that become the areas of the inflammatory process and the location of formation of new capillaries small size (when angiogenesis – excess of its training).

The treatment of psoriasis

The proper treatment one can obtain only after precision in diagnosis and research laboratory. The doctor will monitor the effectiveness of treatment techniques, which allows the patient to achieve a long remission. For a system of treatment of patients, it is necessary to drink plenty of mineral water. When therapy originate from the individual characteristics of a particular adult or child. Of that treat psoriasis? The treatment will be assigned based on:

  1. the age of the patient;
  2. characteristics of the pathology;
  3. history;
  4. the severity of the disease.

Common methods of treatment:

  • internal medical therapy;
  • physical therapy (are selected the specific procedures);
  • outdoor therapy;
  • alternative methods of treatment (ozone therapy);
  • the climatoterapia;
  • diet therapy.


Chronic pathology is not treated completely, but when properly permanent schema therapy can stop the manifestation of unpleasant symptoms, for a long period of time. The drugs are able, not only to eliminate came the discomfort, but also to produce the alignment, the healing of the skin of the integument. In the treatment of fast effect are assigned sprays, injection, lotions, creams, ointments, herbs.

The ointment

cream psoriasis

Removing the redness, itching and irritation help special ointment of psoriasis on the skin. In the case of applications hormonal tools is essential to find the dosage and to to respect your. These ointments can cause the development of severe pathological conditions – infectious and necrotic skin lesions of the integument. The data of worsening difficult to treat. Care apply medical ointment based on solidol, oil, salicylic acid.


Unlike ointments treatment cream are less visible anti-inflammatory effect. However, it is better they are absorbed by the skin. Cream for psoriasis it is applied to dry the affected area two times a day. Depending on the severity of the disease, the duration of the course can take up to months of continuous treatment. The cream does not contribute to the risk of the occurrence of atrophic processes, which implies the possibility of their prolonged use, however, before you start the application it is worth consulting a dermatologist.

The medicine

Resolve the manifestations of psoriasis can be complex and therapeutic use effective of synthetic drugs. The pharmaceutical companies offer to their consumers the neutralization of external, visible, internal and symptoms of psoriasis. Improvement of medicines occurs when the application of a tablet, and a special diet, led by a healthy life style and check of literacy of the funds for exterior applications.

The therapy psoriatic arthritis symptoms the skin is carried out according to the principle:

  1. First prescribe drug treatment of outdoor steps with a weak effect.
  2. The future development of psoriasis are assigned the strongest of the tool, for example, hormonal pills.


The treatment of the acute phase of development of infectious processes accompanied by intake of antibiotics. Any course drugs should be given only after a professional to consult with your doctor. To correct the negative impacts of antibiotics in the stomach of a person must be parallel to the take probiotics. To choose the most effective antibiotic, delivered in the laboratory of analysis of bacterial seeding to determine the activity of the bacteria in the substance of medicine. More often than other apply to medicines of the penicillin, macrolide and cephalosporin, do not.

Folk remedies

folk remedies

Excellent results in the treatment of psoriasis and dermatitis, show the popular drugs. In effective provisions apply only all-natural ingredients, and that reflects positively on the health of the patient. Between the vegetables of funds apply:

  • bay leaf;
  • herbs rates (st. john's wort, violets, daisies);
  • celandine;
  • nuts;
  • tincture of agrimony;
  • barley malt;
  • the juice of dandelion and burdock.

The following are presented the most effective preparation of natural recipes tools:

  1. Garlic. Take 1 to the head, smash-and-pour teeth in 2 hours and 200 ml of boiling water. The height infusion chilled to dampen the cloth and apply it on the parts.
  2. Propolis and butter. Add 200 g of propolis extract and the same amount of oil, butter, previously melted. Put the mixture on fire and heat a quarter of an hour. Cool and drain the tool, rub the affected area three times per day.
  3. The milk with the juice of the grape, burdock, linseed. Taking such natural ingredients: burdock it is necessary to root, from grapes charge only the leaves. Components pour in the milk of 200 ml, to heat, boil 5 minutes on low heat. Cool it, make lotions.

The best cure for psoriasis

The only effective medicine for the treatment of psoriasis does not exist in connection with the individuality of the organism of each person. Judging by the comments, some patients have noted improvement after the application of infusions, pills, herbal broths, UVB (the impact ultraviolet), PUVA therapy (phototherapy), homeopathic means. How to choose for themselves an effective remedy? The diversity of drugs for the treatment of psoriasis is divided into 2 groups: the exterior, of national application.

The choice of medication depends on personal preference. Check the options of the destinations in the table:

Outdoor For the intake of
the stickers biological products
the ointment retinoids (vitamin E)
shampoos antimetabolites (antagonists of folic acid)
oil the anti-histamines
cream antibiotics
gels immunosuppressive
sprays corticosteroids


In the vastness of the pharmaceutical market there are a large number of effective drugs local impact. When there is no remedy can be found with ease pharmaceutical. Buy medicines for psoriasis can be in greece stalls or to buy in the online shop to order by catalog. The price of medicines with the same name varies when you buy: it depends on the manufacturer, location of sale, the form of release.

The information provided in the article leads to the evaluation of character. The article does not call to self-treatment. Please contact our qualified staff, the doctor can provide a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.