The treatment, symptoms and causes of psoriasis on the elbows (photo)

Psoriasis on the elbows is enough to the common form of the disease. Statistics show that the frequency of occurrence of psoriasis on the elbows higher in people of middle age. The main feature of the manifestation of the disease are psoriatic arthritis of the precipitation on the extensor surface of the hand.

psoriasis on the elbows

The symptoms of psoriasis on the elbows

When the psoriasis on the elbows treatment should be started immediately, until the disease has not translated into more severe and complex phase.

There are specific symptoms, allowing time to find out at the elbow for signs of disease, and the more fast possible to cure psoriasis.

  • When psoriasis cubits photo patients give clearly to understand that, in this part of the hands are formed inflammatory rash, which may have different diameter;
  • The precipitation tends to peripheral growth;
  • The initial phase is accompanied by the fact that the elbow is covered with isolated rashes;
  • If you do not begin to treat the disease, the only catch will blend in, making it a great education on the elbows;
  • On the surface cubits appear flakes of silver color, it is easy to remove even small mechanical impacts;
  • If the scratching of the plate on the elbows, cleaning and thin-film, under which opens a piece of skin pink-red. It can manifest itself in great drops of blood, which is called the phenomenon the red dew;
  • Sometimes on elbows may appear papules with mild surrounding, and without scales;
  • The disease cubits characterized by the shedding of waves, that is, may crush the aggravation and, then, the reference and the newly-worsening;
  • When the education the diffuse losses cubits, and the lack of adequate treatment, comes the implementation phase of psoriasis. Heal long form of the illness is problematic;
  • Sometimes, a disease that the patient is not healing, it is complicated to the manifestation of arthritis;
  • If you start in a timely and effective treatment cubits, to get rid of all the symptoms of psoriasis can be within 1-2 months;
  • Most of the people who have psoriasis on the elbows, indicate the presence of pruritus;
  • How to treat psoriasis on the elbows? Cure this illness is not possible. But if the right assign, so, what to treat psoriasis and to comply with the prescriptions of a doctor, the disease can be prolonged, enter the state of remission.


When you are prompted to psoriasis on elbows how to treat and what to use, you can say only the doctor. For this, it is necessary to identify the possible causes, which have caused this disease.

The real reasons why that appears psoriasis cubits, have not yet been identified. But there are factors that affect the wake up of the disease. This is because the disease has not believe in the hereditary type of the disease, the predisposition passed down from generation to generation.

To start the mechanism of development of psoriasis on the elbows can:

  • The presence of a genetic predisposition combined with external and internal impacts;
  • Malfunction of the systems responsible for the metabolic processes;
  • "Problems in the endocrine system;
  • Permanent or strong stress, anxiety, and nervous convulsions;
  • Problems with immunity;
  • The presence on the skin from mechanical damage — scratches, wounds and cuts.

Methods of treatment of psoriasis cubits

To get rid of psoriasis on the elbows, you need to attach to this effort, and patience. Cure the disease quickly, it will not work. In addition to everything, you'll need a fast shutter speed and a commitment to follow all the doctor's prescriptions and instructions for the purchase of medicines.

How to cure this disease in the elbows? For this, it is advisable to apply methods of integrated management of the impact on the disease. The complete treatment is composed of a variety of ways, each of which has its own characteristics.

  1. The local therapy. Provides for the application of treatments, ointments, creams or lotions. However, the tools of the place of impact, necessarily, selected in conjunction with your dermatologist. The initial phase of the disease, it is recommended to treat with simple medications, which are missing the hormones. They have no side effects and virtually deprived of contraindications, except of intolerance of the individual. And hormonal ointment potentially dangerous, and if you stop the instructions for use. Hormonal medication are only assigned during the initial stages, when other medicines do not help.
  2. Vitamins. The reception complex vitamin plays an important role as a tool for the treatment of psoriasis. To determine the lack of a body of substances, are carried out the corresponding analyses. In accordance with your doctor prescribes a specific vitamin complex. Abuse of vitamins also not worth, otherwise, its properties can result in unpleasant consequences to the body.
  3. The diet. The power supply is the basis for the success of your recovery. There are a multitude of special diets, and development nutritional status of the patient during the psoriasis. Repeatedly, man has lost, and psoriasis, just to access the more healthy lifestyle, eliminating harmful and potentially dangerous products from the diet.
  4. Photochemotherapy. The procedures are usually performed in the hospital. They are different and are assigned based on the current state of the patient.
  5. Physiotherapy. Also, it is the prerogative of a fixed telephone to a spa treatment, but can be applied to the treatment at home. List of physical therapy procedures and the periodicity of its realization determines the your doctor.
  6. Medicine popular. No longer is a popular tool that has proven its value in the treatment of various forms of the disease. Because many use exactly recipes, folk, preferring them to the purchase of the ointment. The beginning of ointment may not work worse than drugs. But and its use, necessarily, need to negotiate with your doctor. If he approve the methodology and it will be combined with the drugs, which appointed the expert, the effectiveness of integrated treatment can be seriously increase.

It is important to understand that self-medication, often leading to serious complications, to heal, which will be much more expensive and takes a long time. You at least need to hormonal ointment, injection and a series of extremely unpleasant and sometimes painful procedures.

To prevent deterioration of your state when elbow psoriasis, we recommend a doctor's prescription, and also to obey certain measures for the prevention of the disease.


The appearance of psoriasis on the elbows should come to you in a unique correct, the idea of immediate treatment. If you managed to beat the disease and translate psoriasis on your elbows in a state of remission, the duration of this period can be much longer.

For effect, observe the simple rules of prevention of psoriasis.

  • Minimize the number of stressful situations, experiences, and nerve relapse;
  • Stick-if assigned to a dermatologist and a nutritionist-mode power supply. If you know the characteristics of your body and sure that no allergies to these or other products, you can develop the power mode of a methodology for the Pegano;
  • Increase the duration of sleep. During sleep the body more efficient struggling with psoriasis. The duration of sleep should be 8 hours;
  • Try to completely eliminate the alcohol and smoking. Not only is this act in psoriasis cubits of height, but and the deliver of a number of other problems;
  • Pass prevention activities to prevent the psoriasis on your elbows;
  • To protect the skin cubits of chemicals and mechanical damage.

Psoriasis is quite unpleasant disease, the treatment of which consumes a lot of time and effort. But the neglect with serious consequences.