The psoriasis patients

Dermatological a problem that has plagued the greater part of the population, many times, the psoriasis patients, who suffer, that they attribute all types of fiction. It is worth immediately discuss common myths and focus on some points.

the psoriasis patients

Unknown as held rumors about the subject, there are already a lot of time to excite the public. In fact, they have no foundation, as well as the anomalies of the skin type at the genetic level can vice-versa push the body to the birth of malignant cells.

For example, psoriatic disease, and cancer of the skin covering are related to a subtype of the diseases, which arise as the consequence of a failure of intracellular development and growth. Can be, for this reason, psoriatic very sensitive concern to health, as well as fear of the cancer development process.

Experts claim that when you compose a medical tactic against psoriatic disease, it is sometimes necessary to prescribe complex medicines. They negatively affect the immune system, causing changes in the phase of cell renewal of the dermis.

There is another point which has a negative impact on the health of the patient of psoriasis. To improve the state of the skin to aggravation or at the stage of remission, almost always attach to multiple sessions of light therapy. The patients suffering from the disease of all life in the third age can contract the planocellular cancer.

From here one can conclude that the people who are being treated for psoriasis, the opposite if you are in the risk group. With all your side of them hides a danger, because in medical practice, not only use light therapy, but it and resort to the help of hormones.

They are easier to get to know

This proposition is incorrect because the illness generates many complex. Especially for women, after all of the aggravation can happen, and in the summer. Then they are required to wear clothing closed, to deny yourself in to visit the beaches. Respectively, to familiarize yourself with the problem to be difficult.

Some people may experience disgust because of strange spots on the body. If they do not realize that it is not contagious. It is worth mentioning that even women are not willing to accept a man, a carrier of the defect of the skin.

Notes that psoriasis is able to pass by inheritance, though not always, but this tendency is present. For this reason, those who consider marriage and the institution of the descendants that may prevent the development of already ortum relationship.

Of course, if you have this delicate disease will be difficult to have a relationship, because of some complex. However, the patients of a dermatologist is not tired, and have a relationship with someone who suffers from this disease. They know many of the details in a partner state and do not suffer from misunderstandings on the part of your half.

the psoriasis patients, who seem more youthful

Have benefits

Some patients have psoriasis is very complicated current, because they have the right on the conception of disability. This feature will help them get products of drugs and reduce the cost of medicines.

In addition, when you receive the inability of the patient that is soon to appear additional benefits for the payment of public utility services, sanatorium treatment, transport and commuter public. Depending on the region the list of privileges can totam.

To get a group of invalidity must be good condition of each patient psoriatic disease reducing taxes won't be able to. For example, the basis for presentation of documents may cause a degree of disability of long duration in the midst of the recurrence of the disease.

The direction on the passage of the commission gives to his doctor, he signs the documents. Often, the patient can count with 3 group of disability. Considering the current conditions of the examination, it was a good result.

Look young

And this is just the truth! Due to the accelerated cellular exchange and growth, the regular updating of the dermis. The skin looks very different elasticity and lack of wrinkles accentuated, even in adulthood.

In more, the majority of patients who regularly use moisturizers, and not only to the worsening of the disease. Therefore, individuals that have well cared for and healthy, especially in women.

Renewal accelerated skin assumes the existence of an easy lifting effect. Therefore, without the help of new products cosmetology the data of the patients has the ability to look very good.

It is clear that, when the disease is battered the face, the look can leave to be desired, especially in the acute phase. For this reason, when the first signal is immediately go to a dermatologist and start curative therapy. So there is a chance to avoid the explicit recurrence and terrible appearance.

Noted that people with psoriatic plaques, you can not use any brand and range of cosmetics. To they release the preservation of options that improve the appearance. In this case, creams and lotions does not occur from an allergic reaction, because they have gone through a careful selection.

Do not get sick from HIV

Psoriasis and HIV infection may be a person, psoriatic problems are not protection dangerous disease. Both diseases cause problems with the immune system, in this case, they are very relaxing.

If infected with HIV, a patient diagnosed with psoriasis, who do not envy him. The disease leads to the heavy nature and flowing that it is incredibly difficult. The similar patients are almost completely absent from the natural resistance of the body against various infections. General features are morbid, is celebrated the swelling, itching, redness.

The doctors know that, if a patient with HIV are psoriasis, this phenomenon believe unfavorable prognosis. For this reason, patients seek to be more pure and constantly see your skin in search of flaws. If it is celebrated the dryness or flaking, his need for lubrication child cream.

And, again, the myth has been debunked, as well as psoriatic can contract HIV. Your dermatology, the problem is not a barrier to the infection.

the psoriasis patients do not get sick from hiv

More live

To some extent, this fact has a foundation, because people with this disease are required to follow a diet and a healthy lifestyle. Because health becomes stronger,the stressors almost absent. This is not directly related to psoriasis, but rather, occurs because of the introduction of restrictions, contributes to the stabilization of their state.

Moreover, the wounds of those who suffer from psoriasis, that are cured with very quickly. The same happens with wounds or internal injuries.

The judgment is very questionable, because the time of life depends on external factors and general state of health. Is psoriasis does not give any stock additional inventory to extend the life cycle. This is why it is best to take care of themselves, and not kid ourselves with illusions.