What is psoriasis?

What is psoriasis The basis of psoriasis is:
  • the excessive multiplication of cells;
  • An interruption of the keratinocytes;
  • The occurrence of infiltration of inflammatory in the dermis.
Talking about chronic character, it should be noted that if a young man appeared in a small portion of these charges are responsibility and soon disappeared, which means that and in 20 years he can come back to see the badge. Psoriasis is "sleeping", but does not cure, and its behavior resembles that of a man who many years ago "cured" of alcoholism, but for obvious reason prevents any type of alcohol consumption: after all, and after 30 years of sobriety, it is possible to indulge in a drinking spree.

The cause of psoriasis

The cause of psoriasis The incidence of psoriasis, which is very high: even the successful countries of Western Europe, it occurs in 2% of the population. To begin with, the disease can, at any age, but the premiere occurs more frequently in his younger years, and only 1/3 of patients occurs after the age of 40 years. It is believed that the presence of relatives with psoriasis significantly increases the risk of its occurrence, and there is a disorder autosomal dominant type of transmission genetics of a defect (or is, not related with the ground). But, more often, the cause of psoriasis are found on the impact of a series of adverse factors that contribute to the restructuring of the body. List the most important causes of psoriasis:
  • Chronic stress, emotional surge, unfavorable the social climate;
  • Microbial and virus infection, prone to chronic diseases downstream (for example, steptokokkovaya infection );
  • Direct physical influence on the skin (excess friction, pressure, common инсоляция);
  • The lesion of the skin.
  • The hormonal imbalance. Often occurs the psoriasis when you enter the period of puberty, and fewer and fewer at the menopause. This is related to the influence of the thyroid, as well as the hormones of the adrenal cortex;
  • The reception of some medicines. Such action is observed in the salts of lithium, used in psychiatry, противомалярийного tools of chloroquine;
  • Alcohol, mainly beer. It contributes both to the more severe form of downstream, the disease, and fundamental, to its beginning;
  • Obesity or excess body weight. There are undeniable facts that show that the people who took their weight back to normal after many years of plenty, the psoriasis has virtually disappeared, and even psoriatic arthritis
  • Climatic factors contribute. Psoriasis goes on in the sea, the heat, the atmosphere of the sun. And here is a continental breakfast, a moist and cold climate can contribute, such as the onset and progression of the disease;
  • The infection of HIV. This disease is conducive to the emergence of several diseases, that "like" the defect of the immunity system, and psoriasis is no exception.
What occurs in the skin, or the pathogenesis of psoriasis the pathogenesis of psoriasis "Drive" psoriasis is skin these charges are responsibility, in which flows the immune inflammatio, as well as in the joints when psoriaticheskom arthritis. In blayshkah discovered many substances, such as, for example, the pharmaceutical leukotrienes that attract leukocytes in the nursery inflammatio. Resulting from the interaction of keratinocytes with immunokompetentnymi cells occurs dining inflammatio, with the assignment of mediators inflammatio. In psoriaticheskih blayshkah, and articulate net psoriaticheskom arthritis this TNF-alpha, or tumor necrosis factor. The tumor itself here, which is the historical name. It is well known that the FLN actively participate in different types of chronic inflammatio.
In the skin, many changes occur inflammatory that can cause extremely characteristic for psoriasis divine triad of signs: stains, terminal of the movie, and a bloody dew.
  • When the light poskablivanii of platelets (for example, nail), occurs the characteristic crushing and flaking flaking.;
  • In some circumstances (for example, after the bathroom, already wrinkled skin), it is possible to raise the tip the scales, and to withdraw it in the form of a gray – yellow, like parchment, a thin film, which sometimes comes in the square in 3-4 кв. see the symptom of the terminal of the film;
  • If in place of a film image poskoblit still, occurs the emergence of small drops of blood, similar to dew, which is called – a.
This can lead to the fact that in the ulcers during the night, the patient stryahivaet with sheets of dough отмерших scales that resemble the mixture of the flour with wheat bran, and the sheets may be drops of blood. This symptomatology is typical of the acute phase.

Psoriasis — the initial phase, photo

When the psoriasis plaque affect all dermal layers. When the psoriasis the initial phase these charges are responsibility after the complete development, is no different than one of your major highlight of the conventional plates, but in the beginning has the following characteristics:
  • occurs on the surface unchanged smooth leather bump, diameter 1 to 3 mm;
  • their clear boundaries;
  • intense colour, red or pink, sometimes cianótica, especially when psoriasis on the legs;
  • the surface becomes friable, are formed of overlapping scales, having silver-white shade;
  • plate fuse, as a result, there are the large eruptions.
With the phenomenon Kebnera , or with the primary lesion of the skin, many times and it begins to psoriasis. Where are located the eruptions? The symptoms of the initial phase of psoriasis can be seen on the "favorites". These include:
  • The surface of the elbow and knee joints (sometimes – back, this is called "inverse psoriasis");
  • The sacrum;
  • Volosennaya part of the head. Lifting the hair, it can be seen on the edge of a red frame of the skin to aggravation, slightly protruding to the line of growth of hair: "psoriaticheskuyu crown";
  • Psoriasis A "like" if you install behind the ears, along with the growth of the hair, and inside of ear shields;
  • In a way, less affected by the large folds of skin.
In some cases, the development of the plates causes a strong itch. Many times, it is, along with the redness of the skin at the periphery speaks of a phase of psoriasis, when they appear new flakes.

Psoriasis on the nails of the hands and feet + photo

Nails when psoriasis, are surprised with almost 50% of the patients. They appear to pit stains. Also your free margin grows the evil, it becomes yellowish , that may cause suspicion of fungal disease. The own body of the nail changes colour, it appear if transparent areas, which have received the name of "oil".
More often defeat nail says about what the patient has psoriatic arthritis, that is, the propensity to its development.
Clubbed psoriasis can not all nails, but only in the legs or arms. And even in the case in which it can occur arthritis of the thumb, the nail in the hand would not be reached exactly where the pain in the joints. Can be мизинцы, and twist the pointing fingers. Direct communication does not.

Phase of psoriasis — the deterioration, the stability and the kicker

All the problems and disorders that accounted for the progression of the disease when worsens the symptoms. In each patient aggravation it takes individual character. Sometimes, the aggravation occurs in response to the "good works". For example, a patient of some years of smoking. Deciding that it's bad, it affects the current psoriasis (and with reason), he plays, but after a month adds 5-8 кг. as a result gets significant worsening, which arose in the increased weight and "neglect" the fact that the success of the fight against smoking. The worsening of the In spite of being a "special path", there are some common symptoms:
  • The deterioration appears after colds, sore throats, stress, spree;
  • Occurs the appearance of new spots;
  • In the old points expands to the born area, point to "grow";
  • Thickens the layer of scales;
  • Intensifies the itchiness on the skin. In the living room, where lives the patient with psoriasis, it is best to put the clear laminate and linoleum, because it is less visible flakes of skin that appear in large number after the itching of plates;
  • When severe forms it occurs the gain in pain in the joints, it appears the general ill-being;
  • To a phase characterized by a phenomenon Kebnera. Any injury to the skin turns into new plates.
The stable state Reduction of signs of worsening of psoriasis — plaque don't change, a lot of itching does not occur. "Bark" with the patient are played a little. In blayshkah ceases the growth, forming a "psevdoartoficheskyi" frame, that can disappear and resurface from worsening. Regression More often than improve the state begins with the center of the board. There begins the disappearance of scales, appears a new skin. The peripheral zone of growth, remains pale and inactive, in consequence, arise "garlands" of the rings and the fancy of all kinds of stains. If the rash has completely disappeared, so many times on this site occurs the area of the skin with low pigmentation. Often the regression psoriaticheskih rash develops during the summer, when the patient is in the sun. Worsening, on the contrary, appear in the spring and in the autumn, when the skin suffers from the lack of sun.
  • When it is fully регрессе eruptions more often remain as "remnants of platelets," which are located in the region of the elbows and knees.

Types of psoriasis in the skin

Types of psoriasis The normal, skin there are several types of psoriasis: seborrheic, экссудативный, psoriasis, skin folds, and also to the palms of the hands and soles. Psoriasis of the nails, as a rule, by itself, does not occur.
  • Себорейная way very similar to that of the same name dermatitis. Flakes are located on the scalp, behind the ear, on the chest. The precipitation have vague border, they are impregnated with tallow and have fatty, thick, and loose flakes;
  • When экссудативном psoriasis (which is more common in obesity) exudate, which is present in the form of flakes, a little varies from the symptoms. As a result of the flakes lose the silver-tone, glued, become yellow and resemble fries;
  • When psoriasis of the palms and soles, which is most common in people involved with the legwork (chronic trauma), and sometimes the eruptions are isolated. Often develops hyperkeratosis, ;
  • Psoriasis of the skin-wrinkles, mainly, develops when strong pathology, for example, diabetes. Platelet occur around the navel, below milk by the glands, in the groin, and in folds inguinal.
Sometimes psoriaticheskie eruptions occur in the genitals. In the case that they are the only symptom of the disease, and psoriasis in the body does not, then you may encounter some difficulties in the differential diagnosis of psoriasis and урогенитальных infections. Severe forms of psoriasis We will examine briefly with generalizovannimi forms of psoriatic process is psoriaticheskaya aritrodermiya , pustuleznyi the psoriasis and the arthritis.
  • psoriaticheskaya aritrodermiya – it is nothing, as a progressing stage of psoriasis, the exciting of the entire epidermis.
The skin becomes hot, raises the global temperature up to high digits. In the context of the aritrodermii no longer distinguish the figure of the previous psoriasis: everything merges in a total of inflammatio. This condition can cause aletrolitnye violation, and heart failure.
  • When Pustuleznom psoriasis characteristic is the appearance of пустул, or ulcers.
These ulcers initially sterile, composed of neutrophils, but, then, you can инфицироваться. During the disease is also severe, with signs of inflammatio, жжением and contributes to pain in the skin, the total reaction, changes in blood, increased ESR. The pustules merge together and occur purulent the "lake". Pustules are in different stages of development, and may also develop serious complications (injury of the kidneys and of the heart).
  • Psoriatic arthritis is a pain, once more, his hands and feet.
Sometimes, it occurs pandaktilit – finger inflammatio, resembles a "sausage", the skin over it has cianótica shadow. As a rule, initially, occur skin lesion, and then are surprised with the joints. Also are surprised by the articulation, the backbone atm нижнечелюстной joint.
The involvement of joints, skeleton says about unfavorable during the disease. In severe cases the end of the phalange fully destroyed and occurs mutiliruyushaya form of psoriasis.

The treatment of psoriasis — medicines, ointments and techniques of therapy

It should be firmly keep in mind: the complete healing of the psoriasis is not possible, and the universal cure for psoriasis does not exist. But you can get reception over the life of the remission, normal-being, and the total lack of cards.