Psoriasis in adults

Despite the fact that this disease is known in medicine for a long time, the exact causes of its occurrence are not yet installed. There are several theories about the conditions necessary for the onset of the pathology, each of which has supporters and opponents.

psoriasis in adults

From psoriasis appears in adults, and what theories there are for this purpose?

  • Some scientists are convinced that the cause of this disease is the hereditary predisposition. It is caused by the presence of genetic mutation, a characteristic of all psoriasis patients. The greatest danger that the psoriasis manifest itself, accounted for 2, 5 and 6 generation.
  • According to one of the theories, psoriasis appears due to a violation of metabolic processes. In particular, it is a failure in the process of exchange of fat and nitrogen.
  • Chronic stress or serious traumatic the stressful situation can also be the cause of the development of the disease. There is a plethora of cases that demonstrate the emergence of symptoms of the disease, after the death of a loved one, separation, loss of a job and PR.
  • Hormonal changes can act as a catalyst, call the first signs of psoriasis. For example, the evolution of the disease may coincide with pregnancy, the birth of the child, the beginning of the climax.
  • If he has autoimmune disorders, this can also be a pre-requisite for the development of the disease. In addition, according to the immune system theory of the emergence of this disease, psoriasis is a condition autoimmune disease.

In recent years, shows the relationship of psoriasis with obesity, metabolic syndrome, hypertension, increased cholesterol.

In some cases (especially the assumptions – the burden of heredity and PR.) psoriasis can start as a result of the following factors:

  • constant friction and microtraumas skin integument;
  • when the change from warm weather to the cooler;
  • when it is not the nutrition and the general exhaustion of the organism;
  • by abuse of alcohol and smoking.

Psoriasis in adults: symptoms and treatment

Depending on the shape, the degree of severity and the location of the disease, the symptoms of psoriasis can be different.

  • When the vulgar (the board) in the form of psoriasis on a person's body appear characteristic rounded skin rashes, which are called plaques. First appear easy to redness, withPRoverdoses the itching. Later, its surface is covered in grey, with a hint of an appearance that reminds of paraffin shavings (plate received the name of "cuts with wax or lakes"). The skin around them blush and chips, your location, the temperature may rise. Location the vulgar form of the disease may be any one of: uneven psoriasis appears on the face, head and body.
  • The main feature of the feedback in the form of a particular disease is the disease of the skin crease, to the outer side of the thighs, the armpits, the leather in the chest by the glands. The rash appears red spots, withPRvozdushniye the bark.
  • Guttate psoriasis is characterized by the appearance in the body of small pink or red rash, similar to a drop.
  • Dermatitis psoriasis located on the scalp, behind the ears, near the lips and nose, sometimes on the chest and in the upper part of the back. When the skin appear silver-grey, in flakes, dried, resembling dandruff.
  • Pustular psoriasis presented education in the body of the patient to fluid-filled blisters, the skin around which the blush and swell. After the pustules burst, and in their place are formed, dense and fragrant. In some cases, this form of the disease can be very dangerous not only for health but also for the life of a person – for example, when pustular psoriasis.
  • Exudative psoriasis characterized by the appearance of eruptions on the skin, soaked in the exudate, with the development of weeping sores and scabs yellowish. Skin rash accompanied by itching, which can lead to acne and even more the entry on the pain of an infection.
  • The most dangerous form of psoriasis is psoriatic erythroderma. Typically the itching affects a large area of the body(90%) and accompanied by a-peel, pruritus, contributes to pain, increased body temperature, increased lymph nodes, especially in severe cases – to peel off layers of skin.
  • Psoriatic arthritis manifests itself in the defeat of small and large joints. In most cases, from it, suffering from the joints of the fingers of the hands and feet. The skin over them becomes stretched, red, and hot to the touch. The main distinguishing feature of this form of the disease is the alteration of the shape of a finger, they become unbalanced, the more short and thick, looking that closely match the sausages. If the disease is not treated, it can evolve, taking the man's disability.
  • When psoriasis of the nails of its surface in the winter, it becomes dark, yellowish, or white color. In some cases, the nails can get from scattering or longitudinal expansion.
  • Sometimes psoriatic violation not only applies on the skin and the joints, but also in tissue, that are located more deeply. In such cases, the person feels pain and discomfort muscle.

Any person, faced with the symptoms described above, the question is: how can be cured if the psoriasis in adults? Unfortunately, the answer is yes, it does not. This disease is chronic and, at the time, medicine is not unable to supply a tool able to completely rid the patient of psoriatic defeats.

the treatment of psoriasis

Remember: the establishment of a diagnosis and prescribe treatment is the prerogative of the doctor. Self-medicate is not possible, as it may cause the deterioration of the health status and the transition for the psoriasis in more severe form. To know an accurate diagnosis and recommendations for therapy, it is necessary to resort to a dermatologist, who will perform a physical examination, will bring together history and prescribe laboratory tests.

The essence of the treatment of psoriasis can help to reduce the intensity of the symptoms of the disease, sharing strengthen the body and prolong periods of remission. For this, usually is used a comprehensive approach, which includes the acquisition of medicinal products for inside, outside the application of ointments and creams, diet and the way, the use of techniques of physiotherapy, and PR.

Treatment of psoriasis in adults, involves the use of drugs in the outdoors – hormonal and non-hormonal ointments, gels, creams that help reduce hyperemia, itching and flaking. To assign a hormonal means, the doctor evaluates the relationship of the use of its use and possible damage. This happens because the drugs in this category have an impact not only on the skin, but also in other organs and systems, and over the irrational use can be fraught with health problems. The benefits of hormone what it is about your performance.

After the stabilization of the health status of the patient hormonal drugs usually replace, assigning, instead of them, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs the tool. This can be ointments and creams, having as part of birch or pine tar, grease, herbal extracts, zinc, vitamin D, the oil, the salicylic acid. An important role in the treatment of psoriatic arthritis defeats, is assigned to the retinoids – suburban medicines, with the composition of vitamin E.

As to the drugs for oral administration, the patient can be given antihistamines, hepatoPRotector, vitamins and minerals, sedatives, immunomodulators, enterosorbents, anti-inflammatory medications and antibiotics (if there was wound infection, which arose in the place of the itching). With the heavy weight during the psoriasis is assigned to a therapy system.

In addition to drug treatment need to pay attention to nutrition. Daily diet should be rich in fruits and vegetables, fibers, grains, crops grains, lean varieties of meat and poultry, fish and seafood. From the menu, you must delete the simple carbohydrates, refined sugar, soft drinks, bread from wheat flour of superior quality and rich, sweet, alcohol, artificial colorings, preservatives, trans, emulsifiers, flavourings, smoked and salted dishes.

Well-established methods of physical therapy, such as PUVA therapy, electrophoresis, phonophoresis, cryotherapy, laser therapy, magnetic therapy, electric. Positive results can be achieved through the application of techniques of therapy and hirudotherapy. To achieve a noticeable effect is also possible due to climate change: many patients have pointed out the reduction of symptoms of psoriasis after a long stay the sea.

The treatment of psoriasis in adults in the house

The assignment of medical therapy may be completed with the use of tools of folk medicine. However, it is necessary to understand that psoriasis is a serious chronic disease, the treatment which can not be limited to Grandma's methods. In addition, before you start the use of tools of folk medicine, one must consult a specialist.


As effective methods for the treatment of psoriasis at home it is worth to highlight the adoption of baths with salt, food soda, corn starch, decoction of herbs or oatmeal. It is also necessary to observe the ability of self-cooking at home ointments and policies based on tar, chicken eggs, plants and other ingredients.

For the treatment of plaques and eruptions are widely applied vegetable oils – olive, burdock, linseed, sea buckthorn. They all have vitamin-rich composition, have the mitigating factor of the action, help fight itching and the bark.

How to take care of the skin when the psoriasis?

To decrease the symptoms and prolong remission it is important to ensure proper maintenance of skin:

  • To wash, bathe or shower, need to use the water, whose temperature is 36-38 degrees. It is very hot, the water is able to enhance the skin peeling.
  • It is recommended sponges and replace them soft. Clean preferably soft towels.
  • If the precipitation are located in open areas of the body, it is not possible to mask them with the help of cosmetics as this can lead to increased acne.
  • If you have boards on your feet it is advisable to use special, orthopaedic soles, reduces the pressure on the feet.
  • The need to abandon the narrow synthetic and woolen clothes, replacing it with the more broad, made from natural materials.

And if you follow the recommendation of a physician, eat well and take care of the skin, you can achieve a significant reduction of symptoms and prolonging the periods of remission of psoriasis in people of a mature age.