psoriasis the initial phase of the photo

As well as the psoriasis manifests itself in the initial stage, You may ask!? Wavy during the psoriasis is caused consistent changes of certain phases of its manifestation, development and current. Psoriasis has 4 phases of its development: the Initial phase (or initial phase) Progressing phase Fixed phase Retrogressive phase. Psoriasis in the initial phase: the photo in your hands and feet are Among the first symptoms of psoriasis in the initial phase include the emergence of small papular elements, epidermal-dermal in nature (see below in the photo).

In the initial phase of psoriasis in the photo papules seem small, with a pin head in the shape of a semi-formations of balls of soft pink color, a shiny surface. A few days later, they are covered in silver-white scales, that are easy to remove. These demonstrations called pinhole psoriasis.

Psoriasis in the initial phase is characterized by the appearance of new elements small, for the psoriasis or the growth of existing first signs of psoriasis.

How to manifest the initial phase of psoriasis photo

Following progressing the phase in which growth takes place and the fusion of eruptions. The first signs of a stage is the nature of the bark, which covers only the central part of items, leaving peripheral pink toyota corolla is a symptom of the growth of psoriatic elements. The seconds signal of one phase is the presence of the phenomenon of isomorphic psoriatic reaction (symptom Kebnera). It lies in the fact that, when applied to an injury to the affected skin of the patient after 7-8 days in this place, exactly the harmonisation of the configuration of the lesion, appears a typical psoriatic arthritis item.

how to manifest the initial phase of psoriasis photo

Practically the presence of the phenomenon of Kebnera installed linear psoriatic items that appear after a trauma, such as, for example, after scratching a strong itch and t. p. Finally, when a phase patients feel a bit of itching of various intensity, which is not generally common to other stages of the process. The duration of the progressive phase is individual. Normally, progressing stage lasts from 2 weeks to several months. It was during this period that the best way to apply the method of non-hormonal ointment of psoriasis prevention and treatment additional.

The fixed phase of psoriasis replaced by a progressive one, and can continue indefinitely. She can go to the end, the retrogressive phase of psoriasis, or to transform into a progressive. Its characteristics are: termination of the emergence of new elements the dermistoz and make a pause in the growth of available cards.

At this stage, it is enhanced to bark, it becomes a character typical and covers the entire surface of the element. Half of the patients, develops the so-called pseudo-atrophic beater Voronov. In this case, on the outskirts of the items appears narrow (1-2 mm) border slightly discoloured on the skin and easy folding in this sheath, is like a silk paper.

the fixed phase of psoriasis

Retrogressive stage of psoriasis is the final stage psoriatic cycle. She is accompanied by a decrease of the shell, gradual atpthe glassing of items in its centre and its consequent full resolution. When you do this, can result in a picture from various shapes (arc, trapezoid, ring).

In this case, the psoriasis is called geographical. Can be another path of resolution of items in which he begins from the periphery to the item. No scar or atrophy is not formed. On-site allowed elements can appear hyper-pigmentation or spots without pigment (pSoriatnical psevdoleykoderma). These changes are of a temporary nature. It should be noted that such a division is, to a large extent conditional. In some cases, it is difficult to install immediately the stage of the process. In this case, the diagnosis of psoriasis is installed after observing the patient.