The scalp psoriasis: causes, symptoms, treatment, prevention

The follicle psoriasis is a pathology of skin, for which is characteristic of duration and chronic recurring conditions. Currently, this form of the disease is more prevalent. She is accompanied by a characteristic symptomatology, that allows professionals to without the application of laboratory instruments and techniques to diagnose the disease. Despite the fact that the scalp psoriasis is not a mortal danger to the patients, it is very complicate your life.


the causes of psoriasis of the scalp

Psoriasis is incurable and the end is not studied of the disease. For many years scientists from different countries of the world have carried out the study aims to identify the cause of the development of the disease. Today, could not define the exact etiology of psoriasis, in addition to bad heredity. The scientist was able to prove that the disease is genetically transmitted and develops in people under the influence of factors stimulating. There are a variety of internal and external factors, able to cause the development of this form of psoriasis.

These include the following:

  • The diseases that have infectivity etiology.

  • A stressful situation, the constant psycho-emotional tension.

  • Violation of the rules and the mode of feeding.

  • Adverse weather conditions (accommodation in cold regions).

  • The abuse of alcoholic beverages (tobacco).

  • Pathology, in development in the organs of the digestive tract.

  • Long-term purchasing medicines.

  • Any damage in the integument of the skin: chemical, thermal, mechanical,.

  • Abnormalities in the functioning of such systems such as the endocrine immune.

Forms of the disease

forms psoriaza

Fibrous psoriasis can occur in two ways:

  1. Light. For men skin covering the head are the unique foci of the lesion, which have small dimensions. The surface of psoriatic plaques covered with small scales.

  2. Heavy. People totally affected general characteristics. On the scalp it can occur a great line-up of psoriatic plaques, which are large, dense structure and large flakes.

Modern medicine highlights the various stages of development of this pathology of the skin:

  1. Fixed. In patients in the process of development of the disease does not appear new psoriatic plaque, but the oldest of the precipitation does not disappear.
  2. Progressing. At this stage people existing psoriatic plaques are moving out of the scalp, and affecting the front area of the head, ears, neck and t. d., in Parallel, the they join a new rash, it enhanced the symptoms.
  3. Regressive. In patients in this phase of the current of the disease begin to disappear gradually the characteristic symptoms. In the local psoriatic plaques are formed pigment spots.

The location of the foci of injury

the location of the foci of injury

The follicle psoriasis is a pathology of the skin, which is diagnosed in almost 60% of the people who applied for dErmathologam with complaints of manifestation of symptoms characteristic. If the disease is not timely treated, then people will have to face serious complications.

As a general rule, if this form of the disease psoriatic arthritis plaque appear in the following areas:

  • They are surprised with the curtains of the skin, above and behind the ears. Foci of injury, distributed in the lobes.
  • Psoriatic plaques covered fortIlona the front and a seating area.
  • They are surprised with the curtains of the skin on the back of the throat.
  • Psoriat- diffraction rashes appear in the ranks between the hair.


The first sign of development of this form of pathology are characteristic of eruptions on the scalp. The people who will notice-if any type of rash, you should immediately consult a doctor for advice. They should not attempt to perform the treatment, as this will lead to severe complications.

Usually, this form of psoriasis developed in phases:

  1. Initially, the coverage of the skin appear papules, which has a pink hue. Its surface contains flakes. Very rapidly occurs its transformation in psoriatic arthritis plate. In the initial phase of the current illness, people don't notice pronounced symptomatology. Many patients do not pay due attention on isolated precipitation. With the development of the pathology in the skin coverage appears to bark, which is often accompanied by irritation and itching.

  2. In the next stage of the evolution of inflammation, increases the irritation and intensifies the itching. Patients begin to comb the areas of injury, due to the fact that in their places appear the wound, scratches and cracks.

  3. When the progression of the pathology, psoriatic arthritis platelets to increase in size, its structure compacted, and the surface becomes more rough. In patients occurs exfoliate scales, leaving the hair accumulates a lot of dandruff, has Benesovatth staining.

  4. In the next stage psoriatic flakes quickly increase in size and acquire the appearance of flakes. Is enhanced the itching, the patients begin to very comb the skin, which leads to the worsening of the flow of the disease process.

  5. General features lose their natural elasticity, and tрandвмandрthtXia even when the light of the physical impact. In the head of the patients appear heightening and plates covered the entire Valoistth dining.

  6. If the people will not be approved the drug therapy, the pathologic process spread to other parts of the body.

Have small children the disease develops in the following way:

  1. Initially, in the scalp redness.

  2. The next step is the retting (the curtains of the skin to soften).

  3. Begins the process of exfoliation psoriatic scales.

  4. In certain places they form foci of accumulation of the scales. If the disease develops in children of lower age range, in its early manifestations resemble opreastand. Many mothers begin to self-correct this problem, which leads to complications of the disease.

Diagnostic activities

methods of treatment of psoriasis

Before assigning the patient to the therapy course the medical dermatologist should perform a series of diagnostic activities, and to differentiate the disease from other pathologies of the skin, with similar symptoms. Typically, at the reception, the specialist performs the following spectrum of action:

  1. It is carried out an inspection of the damaged integument of the skin.

  2. ВыслушandвandюtXia the complaints of the patient are defined for all the symptoms.

  3. Is about the clinical history of the pathology.

  4. Studies psoriatic scales under the microscope.

  5. Is performed a biopsy, after which the collected material is transferred for histological.

  6. Is assigned to the laboratory analysis of blood.

Methods of treatment

After the patient has been diagnosed follicle psoriasis, your specialist will explain to him that the cure of this disease. As a general rule, for each patient is developed the private service of a integrated scheme of therapy, which includes a wide range of activities:

  1. Are assigned to the drugs administered by the oral route.

  2. Is carried out on-site treatment.

  3. The patient is translated on a special diet.

  4. Are assigned фandзandonпрonцеdURS, which must pass the exchange rate.

  5. Shows the visit of specialized health resorts, in which is practiced the therapy of the mud and mineral waters.

The doctor with the course of therapy may include the following groups of medicines:

  • sedatives;
  • antihistamines; and
  • immunomodulators;
  • allergens medicines;
  • the supplementation of vitamins and mineral complex;
  • retinoid (aromatic);
  • medications that are applied during the course of immunotherapy (nonspecific), for example, aloe vera, ATP;
  • corticosteroids;
  • цandtOStandtandкonв.

This category of patients can be given intravenous infusions hemodеfor (solution). Also experts, when there are indications can assign the introduction of andуtonкрonвand (carbonate). It is worth mentioning that such-like drugs) and corticosteroids are the written record of the disease, when more easy of medicines did not bring the expected therapeutic effect. In this case, when the pathology of the skin joined to infection (secondary), the course of therapy are included in the antibiotics.

Due to the fact that this cutaneous form of the pathology often develops in the context of psycho-emotional tension, stress and nervous disorders, the patients received prescription of drugs in special groups normotonikov, anti-anxiety, anti-depressants.

They have the following action:

  • To normalize the sleep.
  • Eliminate totally or partially, the anxiety, the depression.
  • Help to get rid of social phobia.
  • Relieve the tension and increase the resistance of patients stressful situations.
  • Reduce the intensity of pruritus.

The local therapy

In the treatment of the pathology of the skin, which is manifested on the scalp, dermatologists prescribe to patients the drugs to the exterior of the processing of the foci of injury:

  1. The ointment (agens). Shows the regular application of such ointments such as Salicylic acid, Naftalan, In sulphur-tar, Ichthyol.

  2. The ointment (glucocortandкonanddnye) are written to the patient, in this case, when there is serious illness.

  3. The drug, which are present various acids in high concentration. He enters the pharmacy, in the form of a solution, which is designed for external machining of the integument of the skin of the scalp.

  4. Special Shampoos, that have corrective action.


  1. During the realization of the integrated therapy of psoriasis, patients are assigned to exchange different фandзandonпрonцеdURS: Shows the completion of irradiation of the skin of the integument by uv light or laser (erbium).
  2. Are assigned to the sessions of PUVA therapy, hemosorption, hydrotherapy.
  3. It is recommended to make a course of procedures of plasmapheresis, and t. d.

Recipes folk

recipes folk treatment of psoriasis

To make the therapy complex Valoistwow psoriasis patients may parallel apply old methods. To choose the most effective and safe prescription of each patient should consult your dermatologist. To combat the incurable disease can help the following medical resources:

  1. Will the grass чandсtontелand (300g), which must be washed, прOSушandвandеtXia and is cut off. From the resulting pulp, you must press the liquid, to which is added dry red wine (30ml). The affected skin is necessary to treat this composition, leave it in 15-17 minutes, then rinse under running water.
  2. Of the youth of baskets sunflower (2pcs) it is necessary to prepare a tincture: they are crushed and poured out the white wine (100ml). Ability to close and she should stay in a dark place, two days. After that, from a mixture ontжandмandеtXia juice. This medicinal liquid, it is necessary to carry out the treatment of foci of injury. This recipe is ideal for those patients who psoriatic manifestations are accompanied by inflammation.
  3. Meet an inflorescence of elder (1.l.), are placed in a container and poured boiling water (450ml). НandсtandandвandtьXia the contents of the dishwasher should not be less than an hour and a half. After this, the mixture of прonцежandвandеtXia and cure of the mortar used after an hour after meals of half a cup.
  4. In bowl put natural honey (1.l.), to which is added a protein (1pc), a small amount of shampoo (infant). All the components thoroughly mixed, after applied on the foci of injury. After 25 erect minutes tool need to rinse under running water.

As the need to take care of the hair?

If the man was diagnosed follicle psoriasis, he must learn to properly care for this area. In the case in which the patient will comply with all recommendations of the experts, they are able to achieve good results in the process of therapy:

  • Fibrous is the part of the head should be washed only shampoos special.
  • During the time of combing your hair you should use a comb with bristles made of natural materials. The handling should be performed very carefully, not to hurt the psoriatic plaque, otherwise, they can get the infection.
  • Daily, patients should carry out the cleaning of all the tools that apply to products for personal hygiene.
  • Dermatologists do not recommend so sick of hair dryers, dye the hair, do the chemicals permanent, since these actions can lead to damage to the skin of the integument.
  • If the disease more severe, that is the perfect solution for a short hair cut, which will greatly ease as the treatment of outer skin of medicines and hair care.