Psoriasis on the head: the photo, the treatment at home, tips

Psoriasis on the head does not represent a risk to the life of the patient. However, many times the causes of this disease can cause the development of many psychological problems, as well as isolation of the patient's social society.


The scalp psoriasis is not contagious and refers to chronic diseases, which may be accompanied by frequent relapses. The characteristic manifestations applies to the occurrence of psoriatic plaques of different dimensions in the zone of growth of hair on the head and the adjacent areas of the skin.

Often, this form is the initial development of psoriasis. Subsequently, the rash may spread to the whole body. The substantial difference of dandruff in the area of hair on the head is the content in psoriatic plaque excess number of this secret.

Factors in the development of psoriasis

Exclusively to answer the question of why the psoriasis affects the area of the zone of growth of hair on the head, it is not possible, as the etiology of psoriasis is still not explored. However, with 100% certainty it can be stated that the psoriasis, in any form is not contagious and is not spread from contact.

The main cause of the development of psoriasis in the area of hair on the head to the specialists consider it a violation of metabolic processes in the body, in which the body responds with accelerated cell receptors division.

The comparative data indicate that psoriasis in the region of the head progresses in a period of 5 days, at the same time, standard time of the mobile animal husbandry is about 3 weeks.

According to scientists, there are and increase the cause of the disease of the hair, which include:

  • skin lesions in the zone of growth of hair on the head as a result of the mechanical action;
  • the weakening of the immune system and the susceptibility of stressful situations;
  • irrational power;
  • the gain psoriatic arthritis symptoms in the head, perhaps, if in the body there are foci of chronic infections;
  • bad habits (nicotine, alcohol);
  • it is often enough causes of psoriasis in the zone of growth of hair on the head are a violation of the work, the digestive tract;
  • for the development of psoriasis can cause a long-term medical therapy (especially if the treatment used steroid drugs);
  • sustainable effects of low temperatures on the head, and the hair;
  • violation of hormonal (transition age, pregnancy, and t. d.).

The sudden development of psoriasis in the head in the area of hair growth is more frequently observed in patients 35 years of age, and genetically inherited form of psoriasis are usually occurs after the age of 25.

The symptoms of psoriasis on the head

In phase primary of psoriasis, the symptoms occur in silence and with an inspection, the patient had no significant complaints.

Psoriasis of the scalp in a phase proceeds with the emergence of a small flaking and itching. In the future, the symptoms may be complemented by the advent psoriatic platelet (photo), there are signs of cracking of the skin. The bark changes thickening of dead psoriasis stages (in the photo).

the treatment of psoriasis

When premature treatment of psoriasis in the region of the head increases dramatically negative symptoms as the active exfoliation and a greater replacement of plates, scales greyish in colour. They can be observed not only on the scalp, but also on the entire body.

The stage of the disease

The technique of treatment, but also as it is psoriasis in your head, affects the phase of development of psoriasis:

The initial. In this phase are marked insulated pink papules on the head (photo), which rise on the skin, accompanied by itching and to mechanical damage begin to bleed. The appearance of papules reminiscent of small pimples with a well-rounded on the edges. For this phase, characterized by a symptom psoriatic triad.

It is often disconcerting to some patients taking psoriasis, dandruff, and for a long time, in vain, attempt to get rid of it with the treatment of dandruff.

This phase of the disease is accompanied by rashes, not only on the skin of the scalp, but also in the field of the ears and of the neck. In rare cases, found JIpiat- diffraction manifestations on the facial area (in the photo), that look similar to seborrheic dermatitis or an allergy. When you are prompted to itching in the scalp, characterized by the appearance of "psoriatic crown".

Psoriasis in the region of the head accompanied by symmetrical the emergence of the beak rounded papules, which can reach up to 10 cm. the Initial phase, many times, is not perceived by the patient seriously, even if these signs are able to indicate seborrheic vista psoriatic manifestations.

Progressing. This stage can occur for the emergence of new elements. When existing papules can spread to the periphery, which is classified as a symptom of Kebner.

Fixed. When this stage is not celebrated the development of new eruptions, and which are already present in scalp do not disappear.

Regressive. At this stage, the symptoms of psoriasis in the zone of growth of hair on the head slowly start to ittpandlизonвandtSya. This phase is characterized by a symptom Voronov clear and rings around papules in the region of the head).


When the heavy, the development of symptoms, perhaps a complete defeat of the plates of skin in the zone of growth of hair on the head. When flakes really thicken and become more. Serious stage of psoriasis is an indication for the release of the military service, as well as the army will only aggravate the severity of the symptomatology.

During the psoriasis in childhood

Psoriasis in children can occur atypically, therefore, the parents cannot determine initial manifestation of psoriasis. The child has psoriasis manifests itself redness of the skin on the head and in the region of the folds, so that, later, occurs for maceration and detachment of the Horny particles of the epidermis. Many times, the symptoms of psoriasis resemble candidiasis, onpeloctu and eczematids.

The lower the age of the child, the atypically develops the initial symptoms of psoriasis. Sometimes JIpiat- diffraction precipitation, the child is able to receive, if the baby is to give any medicine. Children, unlike adults, psoriasis flows of long duration. Fight with it, using a specific treatment. The exception is tear-shaped form of psoriasis take the stage of the child.

It is often enough manifestations negative on the skin causes a diet incorrect, therefore, when the diagnosis of psoriasis in children in the first place, the doctor discovers it respected the diet and that power is present in the menu of the child. After you get the answers to your questions diet can be changed individually.

To resolve the external manifestations of psoriasis is needed drug treatment. To quickly resolve the pathogenic process and to recover the state of the skin and the scalp, you can, using spray and lotions for external use, such as, for example, Skin-cap. If you follow the instructions of the spray safe for children and also for pregnant women. The advantage of this medication is the ability to combine spray with other therapeutic means. In addition, the spray Skin-Cap does not contain components of hormones. The price of the medicine is, on average, 1600 RUB. and it depends on the region of residence of the patient.

The treatment of psoriasis in the head

Many patients with the same diagnosis interested in the question about how to get rid of psoriasis on the head? The treatment of scalp psoriasis runs special activities:

  • drug therapy;
  • outside of medicines (spray, gel);
  • the proper nutrition;
  • fisippthodatps;
  • the treatment in resort areas.

Immutable rule of the efficiency of the treatment is your escort highly qualified, as well as the self-medication is able to cause any damage to the patient.

General therapeutic of the event. The treatment of psoriasis in the region of the head is executed IUdикandIUнtof ozno in the following cases:

  • anti-histamines, remove the swelling and the itching of the tissues;
  • usually, when psoriasis head, are assigned to the vitamins which increase strength and provide edifies the impact on the body;
  • to improve the immune system are recommended immunomodulators;
  • the reception of retinoids;
  • in severe cases of get rid of psoriatic arthritis symptoms in the scalp using corticosteroids. However, one should consider, in the first place, are used medicines that IUdикandIUнtof ozno less toxic.

When the accession of secondary infection is possible to treat psoriasis antibiotics, but these drugs, such as corticosteroids funds, you should take very careful, because these tools are capable of causing complications.

Outside of the treatment. To relieve the symptoms of acute is recommended for the external treatment of medicines:

  • the ointment keratoplasty;
  • lotions with vitamin D3;
  • lotions with the addition of dithranol;
  • glucocorticoids (cream) — are assigned to severe disease;
  • shampoos.

the psychotropic drugs. Before you use the drugs of this group should consider that they help to treat psoriasis only in conjunction with the main treatment. More often psychotropic and means prescribed for the effective treatment of stressful situations and reduce the nervous tension the patient.

It is not possible to apply to them the tools independently, as well as to the treatment for them is possible to the development of the state, when the traditional remedy for the development of psoriasis in head can be inefficient. Such an action can be caused by CEpontonнинepstrategic antidepressants. In addition, they may cause the suspension of growth hormone, which only enhances the symptoms.

Shampoos. Some patients, especially women, are concerned about the issue, you can cure the psoriasis on the head with shampoo?

In the treatment of disease enough, many times, are used in the following shampoos:

  • d.tIpнse;
  • antifungal shampoos with the addition of to ketonкonнandзonland;
  • therapeutic shampoo with ichthyol or salicylic acid;
  • for the children.

It should be remembered that for the full treatment, psoriatic arthritis symptoms, it is sufficient to use only shampoos, however, when the general treatment of psoriasis in the region of the head shampoos play an important role, which is confirmed by the testimonials of patients and doctors.

Физиonпpthodatps. In the combined therapy to get rid of psoriatic plaques, use the following activities:

  • PUVA therapy;
  • UFO;
  • hydrotherapy;
  • the impact JIpiat- diffraction areas of laser erbium;
  • hemosorption;
  • сandнandtonpнone treatment;
  • the plasmapheresis.

Popular for the treatment. The question about how to cure psoriasis in head, applying recipes, folk, occurs quite often. Since ancient times healers have helped the patient, with the help of medicinal herbs. One should consider that, as the primary method of treatment for the symptoms of psoriasis of the scalp, by applying the revenue folk, should not be. They are effective only in conjunction with the traditional treatment.

It is important to remember that the folk medicines are able to exert a strong impact in the area of the head, which can cause skin irritation. So, before you start the treatment you should consult a doctor.

The most frequently used are the following recipes for the treatment of psoriasis:

  • at home, it is often used Chistontel and revenues with his participation. You can prepare the infusion of medicinal. For this, you should take Chistontel (300 gr), cut it in a meat grinder, and then squeeze the juice. Then, in the Chistontel is added to red wine dry (30 ml.). Prepared with a precise blend of swab JIpiat- diffraction areas in the head, leaving him to get the maximum exposure of at least 15 to 20 minutes, after which the remains of the mixture are washed away;
  • it is recommended to prepare the solution of Chistonteland in alcohol. For this, you need shredded dry Chistontel (¼ ct.) pour 0,5 l of alcohol, leaving a 2 to 3 hours нandсtandивandtSya. Prepared tool wash the affected psoriasis area, after that, wash the hair infusion of chamomile;
  • at home, you can prepare an ointment of solidol (300 gr.), 2 proteins of chicken, eggs, 1 ct. l. honey and 1 ct. l. powder of Chistonteland. We recommend that the stain obtained from a mixture of area of the head, when the psoriasis 1 p. (in the morning) for 5 days, then it is necessary to take a short break;
  • psoriasis of the scalp well neutralized through the ointments prepared at home (vaseline + ashes of the branches rosehip), in the ratio of 1:1. This tool should be stained head on a daily basis. The positive effect of the treatment, receiving, after 7 days. An important requirement of this type of treatment is a daily washing of the hair. Therefore, it is recommended to wash the head with detergents with the addition of tar;
  • recipes folk recommend to prepare an ointment for the head, using Chistontel, horse chestnut and cabinet of tar in equal proportions. The mortar is applied 1 p. in the day, no more than 20 minutes and allows to effectively get rid of psoriatic manifestations on the scalp. You must consider that this ointment is highly effective and is not recommended for your application in for the night.