It is difficult, but healing: good tool for psoriasis

Today, this skin disease is considered one of the most intractable. For him, the characteristic chronic, with periods of strong aggravation. Therefore, the main goal of treatment is the translation in "sleep mode" – remission.

There are many effective drugs for psoriasis to alleviate the symptoms. They can be divided into two groups:

  1. medicines for oral administration;
  2. tool outdoor applications.

The drugs are prescribed individually depending on the type of pathology, characteristics leaking and the specifics of the patient's body.


Psoriasis on the skin

The cream is considered to be one of the most effective ways to get rid of the symptoms of psoriasis. Its components are the substance, the oil, the emulsifier and the water. Thanks to a slight fat content is guaranteed the impact of the drought on the epidermis. Given the choice of one tool in particular manifested symptoms.

A cream with vitamin D

Calcipotriol is a kind of synthetic vitamin D3. Can be applied simultaneously with hormones. Leads to a powerful effect. The cream does not have the skin of atrophic impact. To get the best result possible through a combination of the treatment with UV radiation.

Cream Akriderm

Has the following properties:

  1. anti-inflammatory drugs;
  2. antiexudative;
  3. antipruritic;
  4. allergy;
  5. the edema.

By the substance is related to the corticosteroid betamethasone dipropionate. Inhibits phagocytosis, reduces the permeability of the tissue, warns the swelling.

Kremgen is a combination of a mixture of psoriasis. It is well relieves the inflammation, itching, corrects the signs of allergy. The Local application allows you to avoid the oppression of the activity of the adrenal cortex.

From other popular tools should be called:

  1. Mesoderm;
  2. Uniterm;
  3. Triderm;
  4. Betaderm.

The ointment

Medicines in the form of ointments used for the treatment of psoriasis,divided into two groups:

  1. hormonal;
  2. a method of non-hormonal.
The main advantage of the hormone, or corticosteroids, is effective and rapid resolution of symptoms. However, their use is often the cause of the occurrence of the so-called effect of the cancellation, in which the effect of the drug ends, and the refusal of your application turns out to be problematic.

The essential hormonal deficiencies and ointments of psoriasis applies to the existence of a large number of adverse reactions and contra-indications. They have a negative impact on the liver, endocrine system, kidneys, heart and blood vessels.

From glucocorticosteroid medicines for psoriasis are better means with the following force components:

  1. Triamcinolone – enters in the composition of ointments, such as: Berlikort, Kenalog, Ftorokort, Nazakort, Triakort. Have an anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, antipruritic action. Side effects: irritation, itching, eczema, with prolonged use – atrophic and infectious skin lesions.
  2. Flumethasone, fluocinonide acetonina, fludkortonol contains in the composition Lokasalena, Highlight, Lokakortena, Flukorta, Flutsinar. Main steps: antipruritic, antiexudative, anti-allergic. Side effects: burning, itching, skin atrophy, hypopigmentation, traction, system of infringement.
  3. Mometasone – is an effective drug, which is included with the following means of psoriasis: Skin Light, Momat, Uniterm. The action in the same way the drugs of the previous line.
Psoriasis on the nails

Less efficient, but the safest is to use non-hormonal ointments. Most commonly prescribed for:

  1. Salicylic acid ointment;
  2. Davobet;
  3. Kartalin;
  4. Belosalik;
  5. Akrustal;
  6. Plate of zinc ointment.


Gel-tools of psoriasis are intended for the treatment of:

  1. psoriasis vulgaris in open skin coverage;
  2. pustular forms of psoriasis of the skin;
  3. psoriasis of the scalp;
  4. psoriasis of the nails; psoriasis of the joints.
There are also universal medicines for the treatment of many varieties of disease.

Gels are administered by oral and local application. The first (for example, Ksamiol gel) are used for the resolution of symptoms in areas. Its action is manifestavit peritis manly of the affected skin gel structure. The main function medicines for oral use, is the elimination of toxic substances from the body, especially accumulating in the stomach and in the intestine.

One of the popular and effective ways for psoriasis is Enterosgel used for the treatment of the organs of the digestive system, the kidneys, the liver, the state, which determines the state of total immunity and the skin.


These tools are considered to be quite effective when used at the stage of remission. They are designed for a routine of care affected of the skin. Sprays for psoriasis do not contain components of hormones. Have an anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, antiseptic and moisturizing action.


The basic component of spray Skin Cap is turned on pyrithione zinc. It is used to treat the scalp:

  1. effectively eliminates the symptoms of psoriasis;
  2. restores the protective layer of the skin;
  3. improves the structure of hair;
  4. it inhibits the growth of fungi, pathogenic bacteria, viruses.

The duration of treatment is 3 to 6 weeks.

Spray 999

This medicine is used for daily care of the affected skin psoriasis. Has an anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, moisturizing effect. Does not contain hormones, does not leave fatty acids of traces or brightness.


The oil of bergamot

Along with the drugs today in the treatment of psoriasis are widely used oil. This therapy is not new: the oil with the seasons used Russian villages. The main drawback of this method is the possibility of the occurrence of an allergic reaction in the form of redness and itching due to plant origin components. To correct any symptoms of psoriasis used two types of oils:

  1. essential oils;
  2. food.

The first group the most effective tools are the oil:

  1. oregano;
  2. bergamot;
  3. jasmine;
  4. cedar;
  5. lavender;
  6. the carrot;
  7. chamomile;
  8. mint;
  9. cumin;
  10. the bark of the tree.
An excellent means of manifestations of psoriasis is sea buckthorn oil: eliminates the inflammation, irritation, stimulates regeneration of the skin.

From food is one of the most commonly used is linseed oil, stimulating the regeneration process of the skin. It is effective, even during the execution of a form of the disease.

The olive oil prevents dryness and flaking of the skin.

Burdock – a great tool in lesions of the scalp. It improves the local circulation, restores the skin in the area of the damaged lamps.

Homeopathic remedies

For the treatment of psoriasis are widely used homeopathic remedies. Your prescribed individually after examination of the patient. Homeopathy is found to be effective only when the condition for the appropriate selection of tools and dose.

Medicines herbal
  1. Psorinohel and ointment Psoriaten – complex medicines used in different types of disease.
  2. Acidum formitsikum – applies to strong irritation of the skin, itching, burning, redness, which are reinforced with the cold weather.
  3. Arsenicum albumin is effective in the case of a thin plate of the shell.
  4. Arsenicum yodatum – recommended for the treatment of the elderly, debilitated patients.
  5. Gidrokolite – applies to strong peel, and education of the rounding of the foci of injury in the body.
  6. Kalkareja karbonika – use incrassatum est peel.
  7. The oil – is effective when psoriasis of the nails.
  8. Calcium – prescribe, when the disease affected his joints.


In an integrated system of treatment of psoriasis of the scalp, an important place occupies application of special shampoos. Along with the traditional (for example, containing tar) are used highly tools.

All the shampoos that can be divided into the following groups:


Includes pine, juniper, or cabinet of tar, contributing to the removal of irritation, itching and flaking of the scalp. The tool also contain special anti-fungal components.


These shampoos are designed specifically to combat the fungal infection. Their active substances and additional components that consume a variety of fungi. The most famous of this series, is Nizoral.


Help fight the infection. Contain zinc, salicylic acid, or Ichthyol. From this, a very popular series of a shampoo with zinc Skin-Cap has antimicrobial, antifungal action.


Are excellent tools for the psoriasis have a healing action on the scalp, eliminate dry, and strengthen the hair. The most effective: Friderm Balance, Nature, SULSENA, "Harmony clean metals".


Containing components of medicinal, ideal for the treatment of psoriasis in children. Thanks to the lack of odorant, dyes, non-irritating to the skin. From popular tools can be called from: Djonsons Baby, Nippes, "I and my mother".

The salt of the sea

One of the effective means to resolve the symptoms of a disease is considered to be the salt of the sea. It revitalizes the skin, stimulates the regeneration, has antiseptic effect. To get rid of a occur when the psoriasis plaques and scales prescribe the bath with sea salt. They tone the body, relax the nervous system. Remove the emotional tension contributes to the healing, because the aggravation often happens is at the bottom of it.

The salt of the sea

To perform the procedure, first, serves as a saline solution (1 kg salt + 2 l of hot water), then put in the bath. In the bath can be up to 20 minutes. Similar manganese procedures draws 2 to 3 times per week. They help and injury to joints.

The against-indications are high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease pathology. In this case, you can use the alternative method – withlby evye the apply on the affected skin.

The patches of psoriasis

Of the means more used in an integrated system for the treatment of psoriasis, it should be noted that the adhesive "Soft skin" and Qu annaide Xinmeisu Tiegao. They are different efficiency and ease of use. The adhesive paste on the affected skin, pre-removing the protective film. The procedure is repeated until the desired result is achieved.

The adhesives are specially developed for the solution of plates and eruptions. In its composition enter borneol, eucalyptus and camphor oil, methyl salicylate, fluotsionid. The tools have an anti-inflammatory, regenerating and anti-allergic action, causes spasm of capillaries, inhibit the proliferation of the cells.

Treatment with herbs

Traditional medicine offers to its effective revenue for the liberation of the psoriasis.

  1. The most effective is Chistontel. You should pluck up by the root, cut off, or break and derivatives juice lubricate psoriatic arthritis plate.
  2. Good help and infusion of agrimony. In addition to eliminating the symptoms of a disease, it normalizes metabolism, promotes the healing of diseases of the liver, of the organs of the digestive system, the gallbladder. A tablespoon of the dried herb full of 200 m of boiling water and infused for about one hour. Take 50 ml.
  3. Also use the ointment of the roots lamaznica. His fight into powder and mixed with oil (ratio — 3:1) and then with constant stirring, was heated on the steam bath. A cold tool is applied to the lubrication spots.

Chinese tools

  1. Chinese cream Psoriasis cream is highly effective manifestations of psoriasis. Contains camphor alcohol, vitamin E, white oil, deionized water, the root extract of Lithospermum, and the roots of an oak tree, one of the other ingredients. Due to the lack of components hormonal has no side effects.
  2. Lotion Fufang ("a Clean body", Compound Fluocinonide Tincture) has an anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, antimicrobial, antifungal, regenerating action.

The use of pills and injections

Tablets, traditionally used for the elimination of the psoriasis, have enough strong in action. Its application is possible exclusively by a doctor.


The classic form of systemic therapy, especially when such complex forms of psoriasis, such as erythrodermic, pustular, psoriatic osteoarthritis. The effect of the drug is the suppression of the accelerated division of cells. Is assigned in the form of intravenous injection or orally. The extended use of this cytostatic leads to irreversible liver and bone marrow.

The drug has a number of side effects such as:

  1. malfunctions of the organs of the digestive system;
  2. headaches;
  3. gingivitis;
  4. stomatitis;
  5. the pharyngitis;
  6. anemia;
  7. pyoderma;
  8. hemorrhagic syndrome;
  9. the thrombocytopenia;
  10. lesions in the kidneys;
  11. cystitis and t. d.

Is a solution used for detoxification of the body. Has antигипonксичeскone, regenerates. In that the main character of the substance is amber acid, which has antioxidant properties and increases cellular respiration. The medicine is infusion (give way).


Despite an ambiguous attitude professionals, continues to be one of the effective ways for psoriasis. Is a hormonal medicine of long duration of action. The action is based on properties of two components, one of which leads to a rapid but brief effect, and the second is released gradually, allowing the hormone level is supported, within a period of 10 days. Due to a set of side effects Diprospan use only when severe forms of the disease: Erietрondeрмии, pustatleзнonм psoriasis, пwithриаtичeскonм arthritis.

In the integrated system of therapy, are also used:

  1. vitamin the tool;
  2. гeпаtonпрonteкtonрs — to protect the liver (geptral, ФonсфonгlYves);
  3. the Omega-3 fatty acids;
  4. immunomodulators (Likopid);
  5. ENteрonwithрбeнts — for the removal of toxins from the intestine (Enterosgel);
  6. прontYvesonаlleргичeскиe medicines (Сatпрасtin, Тав.иl, Tsetrin).