Psoriasis in children

In children, the treatment of psoriasis should begin as soon as possible, and strictly stick to it. So thoroughly, should follow the advice of your physician skin care.


It is very important to follow the principles of a healthy lifestyle, to help the immune system to deal with psoriasis.

The name tag on the skin can represent a serious problem for the child, therefore, should be taught to care for affected skin and treat it.

In 15% of cases of psoriasis starts in childhood and in 30% of cases— up to 20 years. It is a chronic skin disease with a genetic predisposition. The impetus for the development of the disease serve the surrounding factors (for example, change of season, the friction of the clothes of the skin, infections, emotional stress and the application of some medicines).

The clinical manifestations of psoriasis in children up to the same as adults. However, in children with psoriasis, often leads to the atypical form, which can lead to diagnostic difficulties. Some children dermatoses with the defeat, on the buttocks, over the centuries, and scalp, may be very similar to psoriasis.

Fortunately, we are not all children that suffer from psoriasis, I had to experience it for yourself this attitude, however, this story shows how hard it can be to the everyday life of the person who is sick of psoriasis.

How to manifest the psoriasis in children

In children with psoriasis most often takes one of the following ways:

  • A defeat, knees, elbows or on the scalp, which typically has a persistent nature (flows without exacerbation and remission).
  • Small plates red, covering sometimes the whole body, go for several weeks. Many children, psoriasis causes aversion. Plate to deliver the children to a great inconvenience, cause confusion and lead to severe psychological effects. Teasing by other children even more to aggravate the situation.

If Your child has psoriasis, do all you can to free him on the boards.

How to help the child, who suffers from psoriasis?

The child should be evaluated and how before you begin treatment. You must comply with all recommendations of the doctor, and do not forget to regularly applied on the skin is noted to them the cream. Treatment pass, until the catch plate will not disappear completely.

When the defeat of the stop of applying the same treatment and follow the same recommendations as the adults. Until the skin is not cured, the treatment is carried out edge careless. It is best to avoid using fashionable shoes that can damage the skin stop. However, after sending the aggravation of this requirement can be soften a little.

What types of activities may involve the child?

Social well-being and physical fitness of a child to have a very large value, so if he likes to practice sports, leave, involved, and more.

Encourage the child to participate in sports games, so that it can maintain a high level of physical activity; ask about how varied interests, however, do not forget to follow to the skin in certain areas of the body was not frequent rubber band. Excessive stretching of the skin (for example, when the child for a long time riding a bicycle) can trigger psoriasis.

It's not worth depriving a child of possibility to swim in the pool. To relieve the irritation caused by the chemicals contained in the water, enough to put on the irritated areas of vaseline. The affected area should be carefully dehumidify it, gently, wetting them with a towel.

What type of diet is recommended for children who suffer from psoriasis?

In obese children it is possible to psoriasis filling of wrinkles or blemishes of the skin are subject to stretching. Do not let your child to compensate for the shortage of positive emotions too.


You must also maintain in good condition the immune system of the child. Because the immune system of the child, and in general your whole body, not completely formed, for its full functioning is extremely important to a balanced diet.

For the immune system is very harmful to cigarette smoke, make sure that, for the child has not had contact with cigarette smoke and, even more, I have not tried to smoke itself.

What can I do to help the patient with psoriasis to a child?

A native of a sick child should give you all the love, that is only capable of, and in the whole being, for he, one of the pillars. However, this does not mean that the child may allow the use of her illness for manipulation of adults or psychological blackmail. In addition, it is very important that the child has not grown in relation to their disease, such as some serious defect.

Because the sense of self-confidence of the children often depends on its appearance, the ridiculous on plates in the skin of the patient of psoriasis, a child, can cause heavy psychological trauma. Train your child not to respond to these comments. The participation of the child (and his best friend) in discussions with their teachers, helping them to learn how to communicate.

Emotional stress (regardless of cause) can exacerbate the deadline for psoriasis, so, when the worsening of the disease is recommended as soon as possible, seek help from a specialist or a psychologist.

Forms of psoriasis children

Infant psoriasis is a little different from that of the adult, and in 30% of cases, accompanied by itching. However, during childhood, and psoriasis have some of the features. Thus, children, especially, can often occur the phenomenon of Kebnera, which consists in the appearance of psoriatic eruptions in areas of injury or irritation of the skin. For example, these eruptions can be found in and around scars, remaining after the vaccination, or injuries arising from a bicycle accident.

The development of psoriasis at a young age does not speak about the worst prognosis. In the same way, the development of a heavy psoriasis to have a child does not mean that as an adult, he will also suffer severe psoriasis. However, as the psoriasis— chronic disease, are likely to continue to have Your child for a lifetime, periodically sharpen and will go away.

1. The conventional ways of

Diaper psoriasis

Although psoriasis can develop in childhood, he rarely appeared since the birth. However, the newborn develops a special form of psoriasis called napkin psoriasis. The main manifestation is the defeat of the buttocks due to irritation of the skin due to its contact with the urine and faeces. Because this type of injury can be a lot of other reasons, for the diagnosis of psoriasis in this case is not an easy task. With this location of the injury is difficult to be sure that this is a manifestation of psoriasis, but it is not the normal dermatitis, similar to psoriasis. With older children, psoriasis have to differentiate with dermatitis in the folds of the skin, the buttocks, and scalp.

Normal psoriasis

Children, like adults, can become sick usual, or psoriasis, which is manifested by red, clearly mobility areas of skin lesions covered with thick scales white.

The guttate psoriasis

The guttate psoriasis is more likely to occur in childhood. For him, is typical of the sudden appearance of small red peel papules, usually on the trunk, arms and legs. This form of psoriasis often develops after you migrated to the infection, such as otitis media or nasopharyngitis. Seeding from a swab of the pharynx, many times it detects the infection. The guttate psoriasis is often confused with diseases, accompanied by fever and rash.

2. Severe forms of

In children, as in adults, in rare cases are marked severe forms of psoriasis, including pustular psoriasis and erythroderma. Typically, the development of these forms of the disease requires hospitalization.

Pustular psoriasis

Pustular psoriasis in children is celebrated rare, but can occur immediately after birth. In such cases, it is called pustular psoriasis babies. It manifests itself in many pustules with sterile contents, and may develop as an independent disease or as a common complication of psoriasis. To factor this form of psoriasis can serve to infection, stress, vaccination or the application of some medicines. To confirm the diagnosis is sometimes possible only after the appearance of more clinical signs. Generalized pustular psoriasis, often accompanied by accesses of fever. Pustular psoriasis of the palms of the hands and soles has wavy current and, sometimes, leads to serious functional limitations.

Psoriatic erythroderma

In children suffering from psoriatic erythroderma, the skin getting red from head to toe. Redness of the skin may be accompanied by fever and pain in the joints. In some sites of the skin can be absorbed pústulasamu. This form may begin as independent of the disease or complicate other forms of psoriasis. The impetus for its development, it is often an infection or use of certain medications.

Psoriatic arthritis

Psoriatic arthritis in children is rare. It is manifested by a combination of arthritis with the defeat of the skin, in the form pustules or redness. Arthritis flowing asymmetric for the defeat of small and large joints of the fingers of the hands and feet.

The location of the injury

The defeat is practically in the same areas of the body that adults. However, the defeat on the face in adults (5,6% of the cases) is celebrated with much less frequency than in children (30% of cases). Rashes can appear on the forehead and cheeks, accompanied by redness of the skin, and are sometimes distributed for ever and ever; and the ears. The defeat person psychologically tolerated particularly difficult and can lead to isolation. In children the psoriasis attacks and other areas of the body, including:

  • Mucous membranes, especially the language, the epithelium of which can be peeling, due to the fact that the tongue is covered with spots, the shape and the size that each day change ("geographic tongue");
  • The palm of the hand and the sole with the development of hyperkeratosis (thickening of the horny layer of the epidermis);
  • The elbows, the knees, the loins, and the hairy part of the head — the most frequent location of lesions when psoriasis;
the ointment

The skin folds: if you don't count the flood of children under the chin there are skin folds, in other cases, the defeat of the fold skin on the neck is celebrated rarely. The skin underarms also rarely becomes the target of a defeat, unlike the umbilical areas where rainfall appear quite often.

Nails: one third of children who suffer from psoriasis child, are surprised with the nails. When you do this, the defeat of them captures all of the nails in his hands and feet. Nails covered with small recesses and become similar to a thimble.

Hairy part of the head: the defeat of the scalp when in children, psoriasis is not uncommon. However, it is important to remember that the children defeat of the scalp can be a manifestation of dermatitis, which, along with this captures the buttocks.

The approach to treatment

The children and their parents, it is sometimes difficult to hear, that the psoriasis has chronic, lasting, and reduces the quality of life. Even if it is possible to get an effective treatment to cure psoriasis is not yet possible.

Because psoriasis can be transmitted by inheritance, parents tend to blame yourself in the illness of a child, especially if they themselves suffer from psoriasis. The research**, conducted between 100pessoas with psoriasis, found that 11% of them do not want to have children, because they fear transmitting the disease. Parents may be upset, knowing that the psoriasis your child could be caused by stress. Finally, parents can feel completely helpless in front of this disease, not knowing how to help your child deal with it.

In this context, the dermatologist should try to give the child and their parents a real understanding about the disease, reminding them, in particular, that the hereditary predisposition is not the only cause of psoriasis.

Methods of treatment

Assigned to a dermatologist, the treatment must take into account not only the clinical form of psoriasis, but the desires of the child (if you are an adult, to express them), and your parents. The dermatologist should act in conjunction with the child and their parents, to choose the most appropriate treatment. Weigh the risks and benefits of treatment should be even more profound than in the case of adults, especially if you plan to use the resources for the implementation of the system. In connection with the toxicity of some drugs of choice suitable for children methods of treatment is restricted.

Child psoriasis usually deal with consistently, changing from one treatment to another every three months (as adults). In the summer, the defeat becomes less and less visible, thanks to the action of sunlight. New outbreaks of lesions treatment re-commence and continue until the skin in these areas will not be purified.

Local treatment

For the treatment of psoriasis in children often use only the location of treatment.

  • The most important thing - hydration of the skin, especially with the help of the moisturizing cream, and sun, with the addition of emollients funds.
  • When psoriasis effective ointment with glucocorticoids.

The treatment system

When there is a large or a heavy defeat or reducing the quality of life in connection with the psoriasis, the doctor may prescribe a medicine systemic.

The treatment system can lead to pronounced side effects, so, its advantages and disadvantages should talk with the child and their parents. Typically prescribe a short exchange that can be conducted under the supervision of a doctor.