Psoriasis in the body — what is it and what remedy

Psoriasis is a chronic non-communicable disease, which is mainly manifested by the defeat of the skin. In most cases, when the psoriasis on the patient's body are formed in areas of chronic inflammation, that are covered by the elements of the rash (depending on the type of disease that different parts of the body are covered dry papules, red spots or pustules).

General information

Psoriasis – the most common type of chronic skin disease, which can manifest at any age. The main part of the patients – that we have people with light pigmentation people from 16 to 22 and 57 to 60 years.

According to the data of recent research, psoriasis refers to the system of auto-immune diseases, but in the end the reason for the development of the disease is not installed.

The disease can be mild, moderate and severe (a severe form often accompanied by psoriatic arthritis, which can lead to the inability).

Types of

Psoriasis in the body depending on the type of rash can be:

  • Vulgar (simple, as these charges are responsibility or common). It is the most common form, in which, in different parts of the body appear dry, a little elevated above the surface of the skin smaller, dense, red, and hot to the point (papules). Papules in the majority of cases occur in areas of the skin, which are of friction (loin, stomach and t. d.), mechanical injury, burns, or exposed to low temperatures (of the hand). To the extent that the development of the disease papules mingle in the large, covered silver dry flaking platelets, and when the serious form of the condition of the plates are formed integer insert ("wax lake").
  • Pustular. This severe form of the disease begins with the appearance of a body of small bubbles that contain transparent sterile liquid. The skin at sites of injury blush, thickens, otekaet and easy to exfoliate. If the disease is limited, the rash appears mainly on the extremities and arms, and when generalized in the form of small pustules that merge into larger and spread throughout the body.
  • Pinhole. When this form of the condition items of the itching spread all over the body. Psoriasis on the back, thighs, legs, neck and stomach is manifested in the form of numerous red or purple, small dry spots, which resemble a point or dropper. This form is the first time that occurs the patient after migrated streptococcal infections.
  • Reverse (psoriasis bendtfiles has been of surfaces). Elements of acne to form a particular disease, are soft, red spots, not chip-and almost does not rise above the skin. So, typically, manifests itself psoriasis in the buttocks (in the areas of folds), groin, under a breast and underarm. Inverse psoriasis can oslonatSya fungal infection and withtraptcockboy PIOdermia because of the increased sweat and friction in the area of defeat.


The emergence of пwithориаtичеwithкой itching in the body is associated with an inflammatory process in the skin. The inflammation causes the rapid multiplication of the cells of the skin, the expansion in the top layer of the epidermis of the small capillaries and the death, the top layer of the skin.

The reasons for the development of the inflammatory process, finally installed, but it is known that psoriasis cause some factors:

  • stress situations (mental or physical, stress);
  • the dryness of the skin;
  • household, cosmetic and other external irritants;
  • smoking, consumption of alcohol, excessive hygiene, mechanical trauma (factors that influence the state of the skin);
  • the use of certain medications (beta-blockers, anticonvulsant medications, and dp.);
  • climate change;
  • infectious and allergic disease.

The symptoms

Psoriasis does not lend itself to complete healing, but the symptomatic treatment, which is carried out in the initial phase of the development of the disease, helps to prevent the spread of an inflammatory process.

As it seems to psoriasis in the body, in the initial phase of the disease, depends on the type of disease:

  • When (vulgaris) psoriasis as these charges are the responsibility in the body appear small pale pink papules that resemble an allergic skin rash. The skin around the papules acquire the swelling, appears itching, papules gradually transformed into plates, which are covered by the cells (silvery scales).
  • When пуwithtwisnom psoriasis on the body appear brilliant red areas of inflammation, in which appear small, filled with liquid bubbles, gradually increasing in size (usually the primary elements пуwithtuletnogo psoriasis appear on the buttocks and in the genital region).
  • When KaplavadNoah way in any part of the body appear red dots (may be similar to droplets), of size not more than a grain of lentil.
  • When the feedback form psoriasis natural skin folds appear red spots with a glossy surface smooth (characteristic for psoriasis similar plate scales absent).

Elements of acne can look like a drop point or a rounded plate. Rashes can use a single character (usually these items of acne are positioned in a symmetrical fashion) or form a ring, arc, and "maps" with jagged edges.

Under the influence of stimuli on catch gain salience and become cherry red and, when заwithtby Arel psoriasis can occur withинюшноwithtü elements rashes and express infiltration.

For psoriasis is a typical corrugated – periods of eruptions, their growth and intense bark of the change of hospitalization and regressing stages (new elements are not formed and available gradually disappear).



The diagnosis is made based on пwithориаtичеwithкой triad that occurs when the light poskablivanii the affected area. Are the observed phenomena:

  • withterinosho point;
  • terminal of the film;
  • map of bleeding.

In doubtful cases, a biopsy of the skin.


Psoriasis in the body is treated with the help of:

  • Place of medicines. In the initial phase, it is possible to apply non-hormonal ointments (sulfuric acid, salicylic acid and sd.). Psoriasis in the body it is effective in the ointment to the base of the tar. In the absence of an effect to apply ointments containing corticosteroids.
  • Systemic therapy. Apply the retinoids, which reduce the speed of multiplication of skin cells, immunosuppressive drugs, which reduces the activity of the immune system, and), braking, suspension growth of the cells of the skin.

Treat psoriasis on the body of pets at home can be of different ointments, lotions, creams, trays, of broths and infusions.

A good effect has fotkimiotArabia (PUVA therapy). Also use magnetic therapy, treatment, bee venom and other methods of physiotherapy.