Psoriasis on hands photos and the treatment of the initial phase

Psoriasis on hands – the chronic disease of the skin up to the end not studied, today, special of change in search of an effective treatment may not occur. Pathology of occurrence of psoriasis on hands is up to 80% of the total of this type of disease. Psoriatic patches or plates, can reach any area of the skin.

Paris in the hands

On the one hand, psoriasis hands, so that it does not threaten the patient's life. However, if you start the treatment and bring about a serious disease, it can cause serious complications, that are not so harmless. For example, the psoriasis can affect the major joints of a person, cause psoriatic arthritis, negatively affect the functioning of the musculoskeletal system.

These effects can end up resulting in loss of earning capacity and the state of invalidity. Treat psoriasis on the hands is quite difficult, however, if the quality of integrated treatment it is possible to significantly increase the period of remission.


What is this? This research there are several hypotheses for the appearance of this skin disease. However, with full confidence, to establish the cause of the disease is not yet possible. In accordance with the scientific formulation, there are two likely to the appearance of psoriasis:

  • a way;
  • dysfunction of the skin.

A form of psoriasis manifests itself in the random formulation of a variety of substances that affect the epidermis. The second reason for the occurrence of psoriatic plaque is the ripening unnecessary cells, respuant healthy tissues. There are some speculations that psoriasis has hereditary of a causal relationship.

The main triggering factors leading to the occurrence of the disease are:

  • diseases of the digestive system (especially the liver and the intestine);
  • hormonal diseases (reduction of the level of melatonin, the increase in the concentration of growth hormone, prolactin, insulin);
  • the burdened heredity (psoriasis, diagnosed you previous generations);
  • allergic the prayer of the body;
  • skin diseases (allergic, fungal, and t. d.);
  • injury to the skin (including insect bites, and tattoos);
  • stress, IPthosannastü of the nervous system;
  • infections (HIV, in children, frequent COLDS);
  • purchase of medicines;
  • the effect on the skin of the hands chemically active agents (household, outdoor medications, and t. d.);
  • toxic effects on the body (alcohol, tobacco);
  • childbirth in women.

Psoriasis on the hands implies not only aesthetical discomfort, but also physical problems, as well as when the disease is large the likelihood of atrophy in the small joints, and, consequently, reduction of its integrity and sensitivity.

psoriasis in the hands of stage

It is an insidious disease can affect how the hands, and burn the skin between the fingers and the palm of the hand. It is important to begin to treat psoriasis in the initial stage, this is when the first signs. Otherwise, increases the risk of developing psoriatic arthritis and spread to other areas of the body.

The symptoms

Psoriasis in hands and symptoms develop gradually. In the initial phase in local elevations appear papules. They are small and smooth, there is an increase in the skin. Covered education scales white, that's easy to get behind.

For the development of psoriasis in the hands is characterized by symptoms:

  • if ontdIratü flakes, the skin is enhanced.
  • exfoliate the skin that covers the papule.
  • appear small globules of point (drip bleeding).
  • the nodules develop, grow, acquire larger dimensions.
  • appear catch.

Psoriasis in the hands can be various: like single points of different sizes or detachment of the nail up to the total loss. The disease is accompanied by swellings near the joints, and for them. The skin on your hands dry, cracks appear, and inflammation

That the cure of psoriasis on the hands

In case of occurrence of psoriasis in hands treatment is comprehensive, since the local and the total of therapy, as well as compliance with the regime and diet. When prescribing drugs and procedures, the doctor must determine the stage and form of disease, so the treatment was really effective.

How to treat? The complex processing of events includes:

the initial phase of
  1. The overall treatment – patient are assigned to anti-histamines and anti-anxiety medications, reception иммунonмondUHLtonрonв. It is also assigned to the purchase of medicines to increase immunity, vitamins of group A, b, c, D.
  2. Treatment local – patient prescribed anti-inflammatory ointment, recurrent medicines. Medicines to improve the functioning of the digestive system. Perhaps the application кonрtикonсtерonиdtion of ointments.
  3. Physiotherapy – used techniques such as the paraffin appliques, PUVA therapy, UV-radiation.
  4. Medical (diet – a mandatory factor in the treatment of psoriasis on the hands, the palms of the hands, elbows, and t. d.

In the initial phase is very important, to not lose time to have recourse to competent professionals, who are familiar with the nature of psoriasis and can get help from a specialist. Patients with this disease, many times, they need the emotional fix, and consulting psychologists. To relieve the tension are assigned sedatives, tool easy-to-снontвonрным effect.

Ointment for the treatment of the initial phase

The tactics of treatment of the initial phase of psoriasis is changing gradually. Significantly for the application qitonсtandtикonв and hormonal medication, have serious side effects. To decrease the acute diseases experts ascribe the aromatic retinoids and method non-hormonal drug action (ointments, gels, sprays).

If the method of non-hormonal medicines do not work, then the treatment produce hormonal means.

PUVA therapy when psoriasis

PUVA therapy — photochemotherapeutic treatment of psoriasis. The basis of the method is the application of ultraviolet rays, and фontonсенсибилизandtonрonв, to increase the sensitivity of the skin to UV-radiation. For a complete cleaning of the skin of the псonриandtble badge is required before 20 to 25 sessions of treatment.

PUVA therapy is often applied when exudative, vulgar forms of psoriasis, including the location of foci of inflammation in the region of palmas. The method is effective in 85-90%.

Prevention of recurrence


This disease has the property of progress and зandtихandtü, therefore, about this should always remember and follow a few preventive measures:

  • the skin of the hands should be moisturized;
  • avoid exposure to chemicals;
  • comply with the right diet excluding nicotine and alcohol;
  • consume complex vitamins.

It's worth remembering that when psoriasis feet it is necessary to maintain the balance of moisture, as very dry, the skin of the feet can start to crack, which is the source of psoriasis, since it occurs a trauma on the skin. In addition, the skin of the feet should not be too oily, as this may also aggravate the disease.