The diet when psoriasis: table of products, a detail that may not is, when the psoriasis

The basis of the diet if You have psoriasis is the maintenance of acid-base balance in the body. And alkaline reaction should be much more than acid.

the diet when psoriasis

Therefore, the daily diet products when psoriasis should consist of 65-75% of alkali forming, and from 25 to 35% of acid. In the first place, alkaline-forming are the vegetables and fruits. The acidic products that contain proteins, starch, fats and oils — meat, cereals, milk cream, cheese, potatoes.

In the first place, the power when the psoriasis involves a large consumption of water, per day it should be consumed in 7 to 10 glasses. Better yet drink only distilled water and juices.

Of the many recipes and diets, cogitavit, and selected in a process of study of this disease, more easy-to-understand and simple-to-understand remains the diet and the development of a correct nutrients from the diet completely in a position to meet the needs of to eat.

Try and decide which is the diet when psoriasis is ideal for You.

Diet and nutrition when psoriasis

Then, some rules and recommendations power supply when the psoriasis, and that should consist of the correct diet:

  1. So that the daily ration into three parts consisted of fresh fruits and vegetables. First of all, it is a salad of beet, carrot, and cabbage. It is also the basis of the diet must add the celery root, the onion, the garlic, the cumin, the fennel, the cucumber and the Dr.
  2. Another part of the diet should consist of protein (seeds, raw nuts, protein, chicken, eggs, lean meat).
  3. And the last part of the daily diet when psoriasis — wheat, barley, peas and beans. The positive point is the use of natural products for sweet dates, raisins, dried apricots.

What can not be, when the psoriasis

In the first place, the diet when psoriasis should be without citrus fruits, chocolate, milk with great fat. There is large amounts of honey and products, that include red pigment, for this reason, we refer to the tomatoes, bell pepper, strawberry, and other — these foods that do not exist when the psoriasis in any case.

the diet when psoriasis, which is

The proper nutrition when the psoriasis — the surety of good skin condition, therefore, the need to deny the use of sour, acute, smoked, sweet. It is worth also to pay attention to the consumption of salt, and try to reduce your consumption and other salty foods.

Prohibited products in psoriasis, are those who may have an allergic reaction, which is desirable in the treatment of psoriasis. It is worth to pay special attention to the alcohol when the psoriasis, its use should be limited drastically.

That is when psoriasis

The most useful in nutrition when psoriasis is the use of vegetable oils with polyunsaturated fatty acids in the composition. These acids are necessary to ensure that the anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic processes in the body.

To maintain the functioning of the liver, you should eat food with enough fiber. Also fiber is essential for regular emptying of the bowel, to maintain a balance of minerals and software normal metabolism.

Therefore, products important in psoriasis will have a variety of salads with olive oil, porridge of buckwheat and oatmeal, vinaigrette, beef liver, cheese, cottage cheese.

To maintain the fortress walls of the vessels, the health of the skin, nails, body needs vitamins and when psoriasis is your need increases significantly.

The diet is to psoriasis patients should also include the vitamins A, B, and D. in Addition to maintaining the health of nails, hair and skin, vitamins, psoriasis, organizes the state of the nervous system.

The diet when psoriasis is, necessarily, must be included a beet. It contains b complex vitamins, precursor of vitamin a, and a large number of organic sodium, iodine, zinc, manganese, plenty of iron, magnesium, and t. d.

Fasting, when the psoriasis

the diet when psoriasis is that it is not possible to

The diet when the psoriasis includes a mandatory fee for cleaning of the body, and this will help us to starvation when the psoriasis (a week about 20 or 30 hours of fasting). Try to select a day in which nothing will eat, and drink, in addition to distilled water. After a day of fasting, in the morning you can eat a salad of beet, carrot and cabbage, drink the tea of psoriasis, and then again scheduled diet.

The result after fasting, and diet when psoriasis is obvious, and after 2-3 weeks you can feel the improve the state of the body. Do not forget that alcohol is not valid.

When the behavior, when constantly observed the diet when psoriasis can be noted how to change the state of the skin and will not be more disorders that prevent the free, a quiet life, without explicitly visible traces of psoriasis.