The treatment of psoriasis in the popular house means

Success in the treatment of psoriasis popular tools it is possible to observe the following set of recommendations, presented in the general table. The treatment of psoriasis at home the popular media is the phrase many times to practice.

treatment at home

Because psoriasis is a difficult disease, not all home remedies can cure you in full, but to alleviate the unpleasant symptoms can perfectly.

In addition, the majority of professionals have a positive attitude to alternative medicine in fighting psoriasis.

Even healers believed that the fight with psoriasis should be carried out in a comprehensive way, that is, to treat the disease is necessary not only outside, but from the inside to the outside.

How to treat psoriasis at home?

For external use, can be the following medical-preventive tools, made with their own hands:

  • the ointment;
  • shampoos;
  • lotions;
  • rates of herbs for therapy baths.

For internal use, are made

  • teas and broths of medicinal plants;
  • powders, pills;
  • the multi-media.

So, to cure psoriasis at home is very real, but it is important to strictly adhere to the listed recommendations for the therapy performed, and only in this case, you can achieve a long remission.

Folk remedies when psoriasis head

psoriasis head

The treatment of scalp psoriasis, should be carried out comprehensively with the use of various drugs:

  • Commun agentibus the body is a multivitamin complex, minerals, immunomodulators;
  • soft means, normalizing emotional status and protect against the negative influence of stress factors;
  • local drug treatment to the open-air action.

Home remedies for psoriasis of the scalp, as and pharmacy of medicines, it is necessary to paint of truth in their own range.

These include a variety of shampoos, masks and ointments, whose task is the normalization of the microflora and the improvement of the conditions of the skin covering the head. Cooking can be a hologram in the home.

We have listed the main revenue of the group.

THE MASK. In looking proportions to take the liquid honey, tar, egg white and castor oil. Carefully mix all the ingredients and apply them on the affected part of the scalp. This tool inhibits the activity of pathogenic flora, reduces dryness and normalizes the activity of synthesis of sebum. Improves not only the state of the skin, but hair, they transform, becoming more voluminous and well taken care of.

Mix in the same proportion the cabinet of tar, mayonnaise and castor oil. It is advisable to take mayonnaise own cooking without roofing products, which can trigger additional irritation of the skin. Home mayonnaise should contain just the three components — chicken egg, natural vinegar and vegetable oil.

Obtained from the mask applied in the foci of lesion and the hair for 20 minutes. After that, should be carefully cleaned the head using tar soap or shampoo. After washing the head without additional funds for the skin to apply do not need. Treat psoriasis in the head in the same way, every day, until you get the desired result.

ointment for the hair

THE OINTMENT. 20 grams of herb celandine grind up to a powder state and join with the same amount of anserem or pork fat. Tool to put in any water bath and torment for an hour on low heat. Ready-ointment with celandine to cool and lube it precipitation on the head.

Put in enamel dishes of 500 grams of good butter and 50 grams of propolis. Put the ability in any water bath and the torment of not less than 30 minutes. Then, as a means of acquiring consistency homogeneous and harden, you can deal with the outbreaks of the lesion, 3 times a day.

OIL COMPRESSES. If the disease, with the scalp began to drop the hair, in aid of the oil compresses.

In equal quantities to connect burdock, castor and olive oil. Cause the received tool for the hair and the skin, wrap in cellophane and with a scarf, leave the compress throughout the night. To cure the loss of hair, enough for two oil packs per week.

The treatment of nail psoriasis

When psoriasis of the nails, especially, suffers from the appearance of the nail plate as a result of their delamination, and excessive dryness of the skin on your hands.

This form of pathology in need of special treatment with the tools that are enriched with calcium and beneficial about the role regenerative nails, which have been lost in consequence of the disease.

sea buckthorn oil

What are effective recipes of folk medicine for the treatment of psoriasis of the nails are known today? Great home success will enjoy the following:

  • THE DECOCTION OF THE BARK OF THE OAK. At its base, sells the trays for the affected with the disease nails — a beautiful way to deal with this pathology. Daily application, in brief, will give a positive result: to stop the lamination of plates, the skin around the nail, become more healthy and moisturized. More than 2 to 3 weeks to use the broth is not recommended, as after this period, it will start to dry the skin.
  • THE SEA BUCKTHORN OIL. It is used for the feeding and regeneration lost the appearance of the nail, giving them a more healthy appearance. Apply the oil can be optional, the multiplicity of use is not limited.
  • MULTIPLE TRAYS. Also positive impact on damaged disease nail plates have bathtubs, therapeutic, home-made starch-based corn or oat flour. Both these means with success strengthen your nails, resolve their excessive porosity, improve the appearance.

The treatment of psoriasis on feet

Leather in the feet, as the rest of the body, requires greater attention and care, seeking the solution to dryness, and flaking. How to cure the disease at home?

Each day affected and healthy spots on the legs should be carefully hydrated with oils or pharmacy cosmetics. Especially need to dampen the clean skin after taking a bath or a shower, due to the poor work of the sebaceous glands.

If this is the rule to ignore, flaking and dryness increase and become provocateurs of pain, the well-being of a person who suffers from psoriasis, which, noticeably worse.

Which recipes are appropriate when the location of the disease in your feet? List them.

  • RECIPE 1. 200 grams of good butter and 10 grams of propolis put in enamelled dishes and put on a small fire. Stirring constantly, bring the oil and honey until the year status. Received use ointment for the treatment of psoriasis on your feet.
    In the clay the ability to put the 20 grams of propolis, st. john's wort and celandine, 10 grams of marigold and a small amount of vegetable oil. Manual grind the tool until smooth. Store ointment need in a dark place.
  • recipe of psoriasis
  • RECIPE 2. To prepare this medicine will need scales, taken with the fish (you can pick up any one). A small amount of flaking rinse thoroughly with running water, carefully pat dry and chop up the powder state. The powder together with the cod, the ointment should resemble the structure of the fat, the cream.Apply the product up to 5 times per day, affected the skin of the feet.
  • RECIPE 3. Another tool with celandine. Dried and ground until the powder celandine mix with petroleum jelly, apply on the injured skin in the legs and leave until dry. The tool may not download in a few days — the therapeutic effect will only be strengthened.
  • RECIPE 4. Very effective ointment when the psoriasis is not just the skin of the feet, but also throughout the body. In dishwasher-safe glass need to put 50 grams of birch tar, 30 grams of honey, protein, fresh eggs, 10 grams of fish oil and boric acid, 20 grams of vaseline. Mix all the components of the future ointment until the end of the structure and lubricate the area of lesions on the elbows, feet, and other surfaces affected by the disease.

To improve the efficiency of these tools and to cure bright symptoms of the pathology, in addition to ointments need to take a shower with the effect of healing, soothing and softening irritated skin in the body. For the preparation of sol applies to the broth with celandine, chamomile, calendula, and other herbs.

Folk remedies when Palmar-plantar psoriasis

Psoriasis Palmar-plantar type, you can also stop and achieve a long remission with the people of revenue. The main advantage of the drugs based on the ingredients is your safety and the minimum number of undesirable effects (sometimes only allergy). Therefore, these recipes can be applied to the treatment of psoriasis for expectant mothers and in childhood.

There were many recipes that help this form of the disease. List them:

  • INFUSION FOR ORAL ADMINISTRATION. Take in small quantities recenter scidit airela leaf, nettles, corn snouts, elecampane, field horsetail and calendula (preferably, so that all of them were in the form of fresh, in this case, the efficiency of the stock rocket when Palmar-plantar form of the disease). The mixture of the plant material should be able to get a glass, pour in the honey water — St. tablespoon of honey in 500 ml of boiled water. Insist tool 3 days.
  • OINTMENT OF BIRCH TAR. Several testimonies indicate that it is an effective tool when Palmar-plantar in the form of disease, as in the phase of remission and exacerbation. To prepare the ointment will need a small amount of birch tar and unblown kidney birch. Pour these components are not refined oil in equal proportions. Received the tool of silicate foci of inflammation many times as you want (the more, the more effective).
  • OINTMENT CELANDINE. Raw vegetables and adipem fat to take looking at quantity and put to languish in the fire exactly at the time. The ointment can use immediately after it cools down. The tool is beneficial for Palmar-plantar psoriasis, clearing the curtains of the skin, promoting regeneration and healing, and oily, the base of the ointment creates an excellent moisturizing and nourishing effect.

Generic tools for internal use

We have listed the tool for external use, to strengthen the effect help medications, it is recommended to ingest with any form of psoriasis.

Your necessarily need to use in combination with outside resources, because they are mixtures of medicinal herbs are able to clear the circulatory system, normalize the functional activity of the organs of digestion, output of accumulated toxins, restore your immune system and the protection of positively influence the emotional attitude.

Perhaps, if all the virtues of internal and external funds that you need to treat psoriasis, a disease, simply, there is no possibility of a relapse!

Then, list what are the recipes for internal use, you can prepare your own hands.

a bay leaf
  • THE DECOCTION OF THE LEAVES. Crush the hands of 20 grams of leaves Lavrushka, pour 500 ml of water, bring to the boil. Received the juice drain out, and take in before eating half a cup. The course of treatment of not more than a week. Is the thing more easily available for use inside, as well as Sinus folium you can find in the kitchen of any housewife.
  • AN INFUSION OF "FIVE MEDICINAL HERBS". 4 St. soup spoons of inflorescences chamomile, 4 St. tablespoons herb st. john, 3 St. tablespoons of violet and 2 St. tablespoons of lingon mix. St. spoon the obtained mixture pour a glass of boiled water, for 30 minutes. In-the-box tool to add St. tablespoon of extract of siberian ginseng. The drink, the drug, in its entirety, preferably in the morning before breakfast.
  • INFUSION WITH CELANDINE. A tablespoon of herbs celandine pour a glass of boiling water and insist to cool. Drink in the form of tea, 3 times a day before meals. Make teas with celandine need of care, as well as the excess recommended dosage can be dangerous, because celandine is a plant poisonous.
  • THE TEA-ABOUT HERBS MEDICINAL. 6 St. tablespoons of strawberry leaf, 6 St. tablespoons of classes, 5 St. tablespoons of leaf of ribes, 4 St. tablespoons of herbs of burdock, 4 St. tablespoons of nettles, 3 St. tablespoons herb yarrow and 3 St. tablespoons of tri-color violet. Mix all the vegetable ingredients, the resulting raw materials to prepare a tea: St. tablespoon of herbs pour two cups of boiling water and insist 20 minutes. Drink the tea in half a glass 3 times a day before meals.