The treatment of psoriasis in the head

Psoriasis is a non-infectious disease and has the chronic form. The disease has a lot of character, which repeats and mainly affects the skin. The scalp psoriasis is very common type of disease. When it while appear with red patches with a scaly film on the surface, settling on his head. When the patient feels itchy, and transfers it to the inflammatory process.

psoriasis nappy head

The cause of psoriasis

The cause of the development of the disease is considered a violation of the normal flow of the exchange process. Psoriasis is the result of the perception of our body from external factors, by which the cells of the skin are divided much faster than need. Authentically the causes of the disease have not yet been defined. There are several versions. But conditionally the causes of psoriasis are divided into two main groups:

There must be an inheritance for the theory

The inappropriate use of the immune system, the line genetics hereditary (manifests, not before 25 years). The second type of the disease manifests itself only in the 37 to 40 years of age and older. This type of psoriasis more commonly affects the joints and the nails, the less the skin with the hair.

Immune theory

This theory says that psoriasis can progress exclusively due to a malfunction of the immune system, that cause the third-party factors:

  • the consumption of alcohol;
  • experience brings us the stress;
  • damp and cold weather;
  • irrational power;
  • the infection.

The disease can have an impact on the internal organs and tissue, causing the psoriatic arthritis.

Exactly proven that the consumption of alcohol in any way prejudice the course of the disease and may cause irritation.

Forms of the disease

The appearance of a disease that you can see in the picture, its appearance and the area of distribution depend on the stage. We highlight two main forms of disease:

  1. Light. In the head, are small irritations, covered with thick scales;
  2. Heavy. The scalp achieved fully, the plate larger and thicker.
immune theory

Photo initial phase of psoriasis of the scalp.

Stage of psoriasis in head

The course of the disease, conventionally, are divided in the following steps:

  1. Progressing. There are new signs of the ancient irritation around (the phenomenon Kebnera).
  2. Fixed. New irritation are not observed, the old does not disappear.
  3. Regressive. The precipitation gradually disappear, in its place, sometimes, remain pigmented traces.

The disease depends on the time of year, is the year old way between the stations and more sharp in the fall.

The symptoms of psoriasis of the skin

The first sign of psoriasis in my head is characteristic of the precipitation. Initially, this papule pinkish hue, they can be round, and the top covered flake. papules gradually increasing and emerge from the plate.

Step-by-step the symptoms of psoriasis of the scalp:

  1. At the beginning of the skin lesions any clinical signs invisible. The patients do not realize the changes.
  2. Then, there is a small flaking that accompanies the irritation and itching.
  3. All processes are reinforced, the itch becomes strong, irritation clearly pronounced.
  4. Comb the hair to cause harm to the skin such as wounds and abrasions.
  5. The skin becomes rough, there are some major stripping plate to the head vinyl on your ears.
  6. Then start the division of epithelial cells and dandruff, loss of white color.
  7. With the passing of time, the board will become larger, thicker and start to resemble a white flakes appear bumps on the head.
  8. The skin highly becomes rough, hurting it very easily.
  9. Occur more strong indications: the bark of the plates with gray appearance and scales that fully cover the head (hairy part).
  10. The last stage output of the defeat behind the hair line.

The diagnosis of psoriasis in head

symptoms of psoriasis

To timely and properly treat psoriasis of the scalp need to put a sure diagnosis.

The initial diagnosis

The diagnosis is made according to the reporting of a person about to peel, scab and the inflammatory process. The doctor examines the patient for signs of psoriasis (plaques on the head, in the hair, inflammation, and t. d.).

The specific symptoms

The symptom withtaaronovich points: rolling mass of papule gives it whitish color, stearic adapter may fall out.

The phenomenon of terminal film: take out the dough with papule leaves in its place a bright крandwithнonвandtth surface.

The symptom Austrians (also called a symptom of a dew): bleeding in the form of small dots. If comb papule (after manifestation withterinosho spots or second feature film) is the place of bleeding.

The phenomenon Kebnera: occurring characteristic of precipitation, after approximately 10 to 15 days after the onset of the disease.

The symptom Voronov: irritation enter into a phase of regression, in the head of your perimeter, you will receive the stage clear the skin, in the form of spots.

As and the healing of psoriasis, which form on the head

To combat the psoriasis leather head region, you can use an event like this:

  • the therapy in general type;
  • the treatment with the application of local funds;
  • physical therapy and medicinal bath;
  • the treatment in the sanatorium.

Total therapy

Medicines for the treatment of the scalp:

  • Sedatives;
  • hemodez (is entered via instillation);
  • allergen medicines;
  • corticosteroids;
  • antihistaminic drugs;
  • );
  • pyrogenalum, ATP, or aloe vera;
  • aromatic retinoids a variety of vitamins and complex;
  • immunomodulator medications: dekapuc, leakadin. Thus, they can be IUtrouracil, splenin and tAKtIvin;

The use in the process of therapy cortикonwithtEroidtion of drugs or even qitonwithtandtikov held with severe forms of the disease. Apply antibiotics to fight psoriasis of the scalp, is only possible in the presence of infection in the skin.

Attention! Misuse of medicines can aggravate the progress of the disease!

therapy in the treatment of psoriasis

Medicines for the treatment of psoriasis in head


As the remedies for the defeat of the sectors of the scalp use: keratoplastic tools, for example, theirtиonлonвth, or an ointment of sulphur and tar, in addition, use and нandфtandлandнonвth and salicylic acid ointment; глюкoncortICOIdnye mixture apply when onбonwithtRinnai form of psoriasis. A very good for the treatment of disease serves of SolkodEPM. The drug has been created on the basis of concentrates of different acids. SolkodEPM seems the solution, which is applied on the inflamed.

Psychotropic drugs

Treat psoriasis the head with these medications, of course, is not possible, but to use as a stimulator of the psyche can be:

  • the reduction of irritability, depressed mood, social phobia;
  • increase the resistance to the effect of stressful situations;
  • reduction of the influence of stress on the progression of the disease;
  • the recovery of sleep;
  • the reduction of pruritus (works of drugs with antihistaminic influence).

The data use of drugs is dangerous, there is a risk of worsening of the disease, and its transition to a new direction, that it is not possible to control the current methods of treatment. In the first place, this refers to the application witheрontonнинeргичewithкtheir means of antidepressants (флуonкwithetинand or analogous пandрonкwithetинand). Antipsychotics catalyze the production of the hormone responsible for the growth of the tissue and the prolactin in the blood plasma. These factors combine to worsen the general state of the patient and make the psoriasis head progress.

Shampoos as a way to fight against psoriasis of the scalp

To cure psoriasis, some shampoos, naturally, will not leave, but its use as a complement to the global and the therapy is very recommended.

Folk remedy of psoriasis on the head

folk remedies in the treatment of psoriasis in the head

to use the vernacular methods for the treatment of psoriasis in head it is only after the inspection of a doctor. Techniques are used such as hydrotherapy (the process, when the fish eat пwithonриandtичewithкиe card). But to apply this treatment option for people who have пwithonриandtичewithкandя crown impossible.

For them, there are numerous tools of folk medicine. Of course, not all doctors approve of such ways of influence on the disease, but the experienced doctors approve of all means that you can relax during the psoriasis. The most important process in the treatment of disease exfoliate the scales. You also need to moisturize the affected skin and, thus, reduce the inflammatory process.

The ointment of psoriasis on the skin

To prepare an ointment, it is possible and simple soap-based tar. For this we do the following:

  1. Take two tablespoons of soap grated and mix with the same amount of juice of garlic.
  2. Fill with the color resulting from a mixture of a glass of water.
  3. Cook the resulting solution on the stove.
  4. Once the water evaporates, and received the consistency will be similar to an ointment, we turn off the fire.
  5. After the tool has cooled down, apply them to the inflamed skin.
If the garlic does not, prepare an ointment, it is possible, and a soap.

Withdmarketing bath

Treat psoriasis head should be with the aid of fish pulp (scales, the young of fish and fish oil). But there is another way:

  1. Prepare a bath with water (temperature between 40 degrees C).
  2. Выwithыпьte in the water a package of sodium bicarbonate.
  3. More take a shower.
  4. Fold the head back, to the surprise of leather was in the water.
  5. Sit back, the procedure lasts about an hour.

Taking a shower best of the night, passing over three consecutive sessions is not recommended. After waking up, lubricate inflamed 9 of interest with a solution of vinegar, half diluted with boiled water.

It is desirable that after the drying, the vinegar carefully lubricate the skin to diesel fuel. Apply the tool using a cotton swab. Done the procedure, in a maximum of 2 times, the third time, treat the skin juice чиwithtonteлand.

Salicylic oil psoriasis head

The oil is prepared from the components as:

  • the own oil;
  • the tool for the application (cotton swab);
  • comb with large teeth.

Comb the hair as well, to the forehead and to the back formed on the separation side and its perimeter apply the oil. It is applied a fast tool and at the same time gentle movements. Later, along with the first we make a second side parting.

Everything is better to do 6 7 goodbyes. For the oil porting the whole head, need to do a light massage (2 - 3 minutes). Fantasize about the hair of the wig into the bathroom, after an hour of use, wash the head with soap.

Cook salicylic oil.

  1. Acquire any vegetable oil and salicylic acid in the form of crystals.
  2. Pour in the capacity of 100 ml oil and add to it an acid.
  3. Mix the content.
It is important to mix well the ointment!

Compresses chicory

compresses chicory

Tincture of chicory can be manufactured from components such as:

  • 2 tablespoons of chicory roots.
  • Fill in the roots of a glass of boiled water.
  • We look forward to a 15-minute walk away.
  • Filter the infusion when it cools down.

Wet cotton swabs or pieces of gauze to the solution and apply it half an hour on the affected skin. Is done the procedure one or two consecutive weeks.

Important! Self-medication is extremely dangerous for your health! To obtain the benefits of funds, popular medicine, talk with your doctor.