Psoriasis photo symptoms and treatment in adults and children

Psoriasis is one of the most common diseases of the skin diseases. The reasons for its progression a lot, therefore, the psoriasis picture, symptoms and treatment in adults need to learn the ropes. This will help determine the causing factor and to take the most effective measures for its correction.

psoriasis the initial photo

Psoriasis: what is

So what psoriasis is and why it appears, and how to treat it? Psoriasis is a frequent pathology skin, the main symptom of which is monomorphic rash, with a view of nodules of pink or reddish in color with scaly silver-white on the surface. The disease duration of chronic, characterized by periods of remission and recurrence.

Psoriasis - what is it from the point of view of etiopathogenesis? Is polyethiologic skin is a disease with the progression of which are marked bright clinical symptoms. For that appears how to treat this pathology? Is the cause of the disease is important when you assign the most effective measures of therapy.

Psoriasis in children and adults leads to the formation of high levels of the dry skin patches of red color, but in some cases visible skin lesions not observed. The eruption in the body when this disease got its name - psoriatic arthritis plate.

More often than when the psoriasis is celebrated the itching in the hands, in the area of bending the elbow, rash on areas of the folds of the knee, as well as of the precipitation in the buttocks, that is, in the areas of greatest friction and pressure. Psoriatic plaque sometimes appears on the palms of the hands, the scalp, in the area of the external genitalia and feet. Rash on the face is not the characteristic sign of the disease, but it can also be observed. If the answer to the question, it itches if psoriasis , is affirmative.

Psoriasis has wavy-term. There may be periods of exacerbations and remissions. Recurrences may be caused by a lack of appropriate treatment, stress, alcohol abuse, when the eruption of a child and an adult, and gradually spreads. The severity of a pathological process can vary widely, likely locations of damage, and the total coverage of the skin the integument of the plates. With the passing of time, the eruption of the adult progresses to involve all the new areas of the skin of the integument. It is worth mentioning that it is possible and isolated defeat nails in the feet or hands, which stand out of a kind of pathology.

Psoriasis: causes

The disease usually manifests itself between the ages of 18-25 years of age, when you have one or more stimulants reasons. The itching, the photo that you can see in the article, receive in any part of the human body to stress, endocrine violations, diseases of the immune system. Is not dismissed and the role of heredity as a causal factor in the occurrence of psoriasis.

For the disease "psoriasis" because it is characterized by:

  • hereditary predisposition;
  • a stressful situation, psychological state over-voltage;
  • endocrine disease;
  • the metabolic effects of the pathology, among which is especially dangerous shortage of silicon;
  • parasitic infestation (ascariasis, giardiasis, defeat of high-or pork tapeworm);
  • infectious disease of viral nature.

If there is a suspicion of psoriasis, symptoms, and causes of the most important components for the assignment of effective measures for therapeutic correction.

Psoriasis: it is contagious or not

In many patients the question is contagious and psoriasis for the other, if there is something that is dangerous illness to your loved ones? This is a very common question, as people affected by the diseases, are very noticeable clinical signs. It is necessary to understand that psoriasis is not different contagiousness, that is, is not transmitted to the other. The causes of the disease are strictly individual, and is only possible by way of transmitting hereditary.

To better understand how to cure psoriasis, one should study not only the causes of the disease, but also its main clinical manifestations. Whereas psoriasis, a picture of symptoms, treatment in adults need to allocate the main forms of the disease.

The psoriasis picture: an initial phase in the head

the initial phase in the head

Psoriasis of the scalp is one of the most common forms of pathology. The intensity of clinical manifestations can be different: the psoriasis causes the formation of thin whitish crusts with the bark, or even thick plaque-like rashes, so that is also typical of a scrub.

As it seems to psoriasis in the head? General characteristics of the scalp hyperemic, especially if fried and platelets peel at the same time. The symptoms can go out of the line of growth of hair. When the psoriasis manifests itself on the face in the frontal area, eruptions can be observed on the ear sinks and the back of the head.

After you identify such pathology, such as psoriasis on the head, the treatment is the doctor taking into account all the clinical features. Psoriasis in children the initial phase of which involves the same characteristics as in adults, should be confirmed by a specialist. Only once literate, the diagnosis can be placed in the correct diagnosis and pointed to the correct treatment.

Psoriasis on the head should be distinguished from seborrheic dermatitis. An important signal is the tone of eruptions - in the case of psoriasis, whitish, and when seborrhea - yellowish. This difference is crucial for the differential diagnosis.

Psoriasis of the nails

In some cases, the psoriasis reaches not only the skin, but the nails of the hands or feet. Maybe isolated from a defeat, does not affect the skin of the integument. Many times, due to ignorance psoriasis is confused with the fungosas defeat of nail plates, which can be wrong and ineffective treatment.

Possible symptoms of lamination and dispersion entanglements. Serious probably the detachment of the nail. The involvement of the nail of a pathological process can encourage incorrect care, the action on the card factors aggressive, when the procedure of manicure and pedicure.

What to treat psoriasis of the nails, services of the doctor in the reception. First, it is confirmed the diagnosis of psoriasis of the nails", the treatment is assigned after. It is important to combine such as location, and the therapy system. The treatment involves application of ointments and medicinal, varnishes, holding trays for hands and feet. The correct course of therapy to choose the doctor after the examination.

Psoriasis of the nails

Psoriasis: the photo in the initial phase, in the hands and feet

Psoriasis affect general characteristics of the members. Frequent location are the general characteristics of the brushes: the back of the palm of the hand and interdigital skin patches. Psoriasis on the hands seems rough callosity reddish tint.

Often manifests psoriasis on the elbows, the initial phase (photo) that affects the rear elbow surface. This form of pathology as well treatable and is different favorable current.

The emergence of psoriasis on hands can be caused by leaving the rules of personal hygiene, the action of professional hazards: many toxic substances capable of performing a pathological process.

Psoriasis on the legs reaches the extensor surface areas of the thigh and leg. First, the rash appears on the knee, then applies to other general features.

It is typical huge of an exfoliation and, in some cases, the rashes appear on the feet and cause omozolelosti. As it seems a photo the defeat stop, shown below. Psoriasis on the legs can be called injuries, violation of hygiene, the erroneous use of the selected shoes.

After you have studied the photo symptoms of psoriasis, the treatment, in adults it becomes more understandable. The main therapeutic course assigns a doctor, but did not rule out the application of the recipes of traditional medicine. Many medicinal plants have high efficiency in the fix clinic the symptoms of psoriasis.

The treatment of psoriasis in the popular house means

the initial phase, in the hands and feet

When there is suspicion of the disease, many are wondering, how to treat psoriasis in the house. However, it is necessary to understand that self-medicate is very dangerous, and correct measures of therapy can only catch the doctor after the examination and other diagnostic events.

The professional should establish the general health state of the patient, the stage of the disease, the presence of factors stimulating and characteristics of the human body that suffers from psoriasis. Essential to improve the conditions are: the normalisation of external conditions, the needed rest, a brief hospitalization.

As to the application of remedies in the treatment of psoriasis, before using any prescription need to consult a doctor. Self-medication can cause a worsening of the state and the emergence of various complications.

Among the most effective drugs for the therapy of psoriasis experts pointed out:

  1. Celandine. The treatment of psoriasis celandine in the house suggests the use of the juice of this plant. This therapy is possible in the summer, during the period of flowering celandine. Regular lubrication psoriatic plaque juice of celandine contributes to an improvement of the state of the dead skin of the integument.
  2. The bark of a walnut. In the period of exacerbation of psoriasis in a good effect the bath-based infusion nut shell. To prepare the infusion must pour 500 grams of the bark of a litre of boiling water, let stand. Then, pour the solution in the bath, which should be taken during half an hour.
  3. The root meadowsweet. The ointment on your base and prepare as well: the root pounded into powder, it is taken half a cup of raw materials, mixed with petroleum jelly. This composition should boil the water bath for 15 to 20 minutes. Apply can be cooled.
  4. The peroxide of hydrogen. The treatment of psoriasis hydrogen peroxide, effectively, only in the case of outdoor applications. It's not worth using this substance as an internal tool: it is a way of reception can hurt the body! The peroxide you can apply to the lubrication of the plates, the pre-must dilute in water in a ratio of 1:3.

To adjust the psoriasis, the treatment should include not only folk methods. It is important to observe the course of therapy, called a doctor.

The diet when psoriasis

It is important in the case of psoriasis, ensure the diet. The inclusion of healthy foods and the exclusion of possible allergens contributes to reduce the duration of recurrence of the disease and quick to achieve remission.

One of the most efficient diets developed a american scientist John Pegano. It applies, not only in the treatment of psoriasis - a diet showed efficiency and other skin diseases. The diet Pegano assumes such phases of health:

  1. Purification of the body. Download diet, the cleaning procedure of the gastrointestinal tract. Recommended mono: the three days of citruses or apples, fiveday mix of fruits. The reception enterosorbents helps to detoxify.
  2. To establish the power mode. To do this, examine the list of products allowed for the admission, as well as a list of prohibited foods.
  3. The recovery of the spinal column. Applies a special set of exercises.
  4. Regeneration of the skin. It is important to clean the skin, apply the means of their recovery.

The basis of the mode of food in this diet is the observance of the acid-base balance, balance. The composition of the diet should be 70 to 80% alkali-forming products and 20-30% acid. It is also important to drink daily not less than a year and a half gallons of drinking water.