The initial phase of psoriasis

Psoriasis ─ a skin disease that is difficult to treat, especially in the later stages. The effectiveness of therapy depends entirely on how much the execution of a form, the patient sought medical help. If this is the initial phase of psoriasis, then get rid of rashes on the skin will be more easy.

the initial phase of psoriasis

This disease is not possible to cure fully. You can just make a quick and long state of remission, if appropriate to begin the competent early treatment. Because from the development of psoriasis no one is saved, it can first appear at any age, every advisable to know the their first symptoms.

Symptoms: as it seems to psoriasis in the initial phase

To recognize psoriasis in the early stages of its development, it is important to know the main signs of the disease. You should be alerted:

  • The appearance of rashes in the body in bright color, with sharp edges, especially at the site of skin injury (cuts, burns, burns). Occur, they can be after 1-2 weeks after the damage to the integrity of the epidermis.
  • The bark eruptions in the central part of the plaque.
  • It appears in the skin of education itches. But this symptom is characteristic not for all patients. Manifests itself about 50% of the cases, if the person has a weakened immune system.

First, the papules are very small. Its diameter is equivalent to the size of the head of a pin. They have полушаровидную how shiny the surface is (smooth). After a few days of precipitation begin to grow and covered the layers of color clear with silver-беловатым a touch.

A triad of unique symptoms associated the psoriasis, the chance to see, exposing flakes with surface eruptions. They are the following:

  1. Stearic stain ─ flakes are disposed of without difficulty, even with minor impacts on them.
  2. Terminal film ─ after the removal of the top layer noticeable reddish skin. She is thin, moist and bright.
  3. Drops of blood ─ after scraping scales in its place to form the drops of blood that reminds us of the dew.

The initial phase lasts usually a few weeks. Developing further, papules grow to 5-8 cm, fuse together. They form a conglomerate, covering large areas of the skin.

Локализоваться psoriasis may in different parts of the skin. Often, it manifests itself in the following places:

On the elbows

In the area cubits was the more likely to is formed the uneven form of the disease. The first symptoms ─ the red precipitation of small dimensions, the surface begins to peel off. The skin, very it becomes rough.


Initial of psoriasis on the foot also начитается with small unique eruptions, more progresses in number and size. Mainly the first papules appear on the cervix or on the feet, but may be any other surface of the feet.


Psoriasis of the skin can occur even in babies. The first eruptions appear usually in folds of the skin. This is especially characteristic for children up to 2 years. Still, they may be formed in contact areas подгузниками. Normal пеленочного dermatitis psoriasis is more crisp outside and the vivid color (red).

In children older than 2 years appear normal papules with surface scaly. Mostly they occur at the ends. The scalp of rainfall surprised only by the realization of a child of 10 years. With this age the clinical manifestations of the disease, such as adults.

In the great majority of psoriasis cases child develops after the boy suffered стафилококковую the infection.

In the head

Often, psoriasis occurs on the scalp or on the skin coverage: in the nape of the neck, behind the ears. To papules, which are manifested in the head, characteristic of itch. They often wet and covered in cracks.

On the nails

In studs, and a plaque of psoriasis reminiscent of the fungus. It develops as follows: first appear the longitudinal grooves or the teeth of a point on the edge of the nail. Then, distribute them to advance towards the root. Nail plate, tarnish and thickens. If the disease progresses, the nail may отслоиться completely.

In the face

On the face psoriasis occurs rarely. Is атипичное its manifestation. Papules red begin to form over the centuries, in носогубных folds, around the eyes, in the region of the eyebrows, on the face, in the form of a fine grating. Sometimes, they concern the precipitation of skirts, lips, and even the mucous membrane of the cheeks, tongue.

In your hands

Papules begin to appear, mainly in the разгибательных the ends of the hands, especially your fingers and elbows. They resemble the small wound. Often, the rashes are formed on the palms of the hands (in this case, they exist and the point of support of the feet).

The treatment of the initial phase of psoriasis

the treatment of psoriasis

To get rid of rashes you can use the traditional methods, and also in folk medicine. Consider the most efficient of them.

Folk remedies of treatment

In folk medicine, it has a lot of recipes to help get rid of psoriasis at an early stage. The aims of treatment improves the immunity, the lifting of the inflammatory processes, itching.

For the cure of eruptions are used apiculture products, oak bark, chamomile, calendula, needles, чистотел, a succession. In your base doing the healing, compresses, baths. Also the folk medicine provides for the internal cleaning of the body. Patients are encouraged to drink the decoction of the kalina, lemon, raspberry, rosehip, vitamins and teas. Effective regular with the bath sea salt. Need to moisturize the affected skin natural oils: olive oil, облепиховым, apricot, peach.

Using recipes folk, it is important to obey to comply with the proportion and dosage of the ingredients. It's not worth to rely exclusively on methods of medicine, not conventional. Its best used as a complement to the main treatment. Psoriasis ─ severe disease, therefore, the need to request qualified assistance of their physicians in a timely manner, so as not to prevent the development of phase phase.

Treatment of prescription drugs

The program of treatment of psoriasis for each patient is developed individually. When selecting the method of therapy the doctor takes into account the current state of the person, the location of the papules, the frequency of appearance of rash.

To get rid of papules the doctors can assign the following treatment methods:

  1. The use of local medicines (ointments, balms, shampoos, gels):
  • have отшелушивающее action ─ tar, ихтиоловая ointment, drugs salicylic acid basis;
  • цитостатиков (medicines antineoplastic);
  • ointments, innovative, making the irritation and the inflammatory process;
  • aromatic retinoid.
  1. Physiotherapy methods:
  • paraffin;
  • UV-radiation;
  • сульфидные and радоновые of the bath;
  • PUVA therapy;
  • электросон;
  • the therapy laser.

Self-medication in question is strictly prohibited. Method of therapy you should choose the doctor.

In the treatment of psoriasis should be given great attention to food supply. It is important to strictly follow diet: avoid sweets, alcohol, coffee, жаренных, flour, smoked and savoury dishes. The basis of the diet should be cereals and vegetables, dairy products and fruit (citrus), as well as oils of vegetable origin.


The reasons for the development of psoriasis can't be established. But you know that cause this disease can malfunctions of the immune system, infections, stress, and other factors. But you can adhere to the preventive measures that minimize the risk of developing the disease. Doctors recommend:

  • To avoid damage to the skin (scratches, bites), hypothermia and burns.
  • Regularly moisturize the skin.
  • Беречься of infectious diseases.
  • Minimize the amount of used alcohol.
  • Avoid stress, negative emotional states.
  • Stop smoking.
  • Consciously taking the medication.

Especially carefully the recommendations should join the people that already suffer from psoriasis. This helps to prolong the period of remission. Psoriasis ─ is a chronic disease, from which it is impossible to get rid of fully. But if you start treatment in a timely manner, in the initial phase, it is possible to avoid the development of a more sophisticated way. For this, it is necessary to know the typical symptoms of the disease. When it occurs the first sign, even doubtful, you need to seek medical help.

Psoriasis - how to get rid of?

Judging by the fact that you are now reading these lines - the victory in the fight against psoriasis is still not on your side... And have you ever thought about the cardinal methods of treatment? It is understandable, after all, psoriasis can evolve, causing a rash-covered 70-80% of the body surface. Which leads to the chronic form. Red пузырчатые blisters on the skin, itching, cracks on heels, exfoliate the skin... All of these symptoms are familiar to you first-hand. But perhaps it is more correct to treat is not an effect, and the cause?